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Found 3 results

  1. Well, that is it! The first glider just arrived at the Fane Parish airport in Papua New Guinea… Before it is officially offered as a tourist attraction for the region, some attempts at taking-off and landing must be done. The first trial attracts a few people! The descent along the twelve degree sloped runway is a bit rough for the glider’s low wings, as there are some bushes that will have to be trimmed! The weather is nice and very warm. The only potential problem is the mountain ahead. Finally, the pilot cuts the link. He is free to go! The glider flies silently over the lush area of Papua New Guinea. Using the rising warm air currents, the glider gains altitude. Why not a pass over Fane? Here is another isolated village alongside a mountain. A last steep turn in order to realign for the approach at Fane Parish. The airbrakes are out and the speed reasonable. The sloped runway is just ahead, on top of the mountain to the right. Keeping just enough altitude on the approach to be safe. Now that the landing is a sure thing, it is time to use the airbrakes again to slow down as much as possible. Keeping in mind that this mountain airfield as a good slope, it is better to have a bit of extra speed. Nobody likes to stall a few feet over a runway! What an experience it was! But I’ll need some help to pull the glider up the slope! The flight was great, the view was worth every penny, and I think that this could become a new touristic attraction for the region and the more wealthy visitors… Cheers!
  2. Hi, In this set, The Ontario Provincial Government Twin Otter (C-FOPG) is approaching and departing Limberlost Ranch. I was wondering if the wings would clear the hangar and the best way to know it was to try it. First of all, a flight over the runway to get an idea of the situation. The tall trees near the threshold need some attention on approach. But once this obstacle is cleared, the rest is not complicated. The sloped terrain in Limberlost Ranch helps for the deceleration. Coupled with the efficient thrust reversers, the aircraft stops very quickly. Here is the tricky part. A bit of thrust, a bit of reverse thrust, a bit of thrust...Eventually, a 180 degree turn is made. Using the sloped terrain to accelerate, with a bit of flaps, and the Twin Otter is airborne in no time. Try it, it is a lot of fun! Cheers!
  3. G'day everyone, I'm delighted announce our latest airport for IPACS Aerofly FS2: Montery Regional Airport! Whilst everyone has been enjoying both Meigs Field and Innsbruck for Aerofly FS2, ORBX and IPACS have been continuing our close relationship with ongoing development behind the scenes. A classic ORBX destination that was originally released for FSX and P3Dv4, Monterey Regional Airport has been brought to life for the new simulator. Depicted as it was in 2014-2015, the airport surely ranks as one of the most scenic in California, and for good measure is located smack dab in the heart of the default IPACS scenery area. Because of this central location, Monterey is perfect for exploring the rugged coastal ranges of Big Sur, the famous beaches of Carmel and Pebble Beach, and flights into the dry valleys of central California. Better yet, Monterey is the ideal home base for short regional flights in the exceptional new freeware Q400 to San Francisco, Los Angeles or Palm Springs. For those not yet to experience high-fidelity scenery in Aerofly FS2, expect to find extremely dense building and vegetation cultivation, incredible crisp terrain textures (all the way to the horizon!) and effortlessly smooth performance. For the first time in AFS2, we also introduce ultra-high-res 5m digital elevation mesh (DEM), which will ensure an even higher level of immersion. All this provides the perfect groundwork for Monterey's famous sloped runway - there is over 30m in elevation drop from east to west! Monterey is a beautifully scenic city located a short distance south of San Francisco, along the Central Pacific Coast. With a strong Spanish heritage (note the influence in some aspects of the airport architecture), Monterey is also home to a varied calendar of well-known events and locations; the annual Monterey Jazz Festival, PGA Pro-Am Golf and several championships at Laguna Seca Raceway ensure an interesting mix of aircraft at KMRY, whilst Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf and the myriad of golf courses are just some of the interesting POI's to explore within the coverage area. With an exciting approach over Cannery Row and downtown Monterey (not to mention the steeply sloped short finals over the Navy Golf Course), the airport is home to a wide variety of airliner and GA traffic, being served by American Eagle, United Express, Alaskan (Horizon) and Allegiant Air to destinations around the Western US. The majority of the airport, however, is devoted to several large corporate FBOs - there is clearly a huge amount of wealth attracted to the area, as there is no limit to the busy business jet traffic at KMRY. The airport is carved into the side of a hill, so you will note that the terrain drops away quickly at each end of the runway; this also provides for some interesting airside architecture, with the multi-level terminal and control tower set at different elevations to the apron. This is the first of a few ORBX Aerofly airport projects currently in the works; I chose Monterey to start with given it's central location within the Aerofly world, the beautiful location (which makes the most of the advantages of the new AFS2 terrain engine), and it's size - the perfect airport to explore using any aircraft in the AFS2 fleet. FTX MONTEREY REGIONAL AIRPORT for AEROFLY FS2 FEATURES: - Highly-detailed rendition of KMRY airport - Incredible ground textures at 30/60cm - Ultra HD mesh at 5m resolution - Amazing sloped runway – 30m difference! - Ultra-crisp terrain textures. Defined mountains, roads and rivers all the way to the horizon, no more blurries. - Entire city of Monterey and surrounds - Incredible performance on even mid-range systems - far superior to FSX/P3D - Amazing Virtual Reality integration: optimised for performance and smoothness, best-in-class. - Extreme high-density vegetation and building cultivation - Animated PeopleFlow2 technology - Volumetric grass - 3D night lighting for the entire city - Unique static aircraft and vehicles created specifically for Monterey - Over 20 custom POI around the city - Well-known icons such as Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf, Laguna Seca and more! COVERAGE AREA & SLOPED RUNWAY Lastly, it is important to note that these screenshots are work in progress, and there may be minor changes before the final version, though they should convey a good idea of where the development cycle is at. Also, this is exactly how the sim looks out-of-the-box! No tweaks, no edits, no display cfg changes, the only third-party addon is the Learjet 35 repaint (yes, those beautiful aircraft are default) - just FTX Monterey and AeroFly FS2, that's it! More details to come, in the meantime, enjoy!
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