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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am experiencing shadow artifacts on the ground at KSUN. It only appears on the ground texture in between the runway and taxiways and nowhere else. It disappears when unchecking the Shadows - Simulation Objects [Receive] checkbox. Any ideas? Thanks Ben
  2. At Stewart airport shadows are not received by the airport surface including runway. Only if I switch on "Simulation Objects receive shadows" then it's ok. Is this a known issue or do I miss something? Happens only at CZST. Thx, Karl
  3. Eagle County Airport, Vail, CO - KEGE Hi team, I turned off the Seasonal AI in the config, because I usually operated with 100% active AI. However, it appears the models are still casting their shadow. I don't really want to turn shadows off, as all the other shadows cast look good. Anybody know what's the deal with the AI shadows where the 757's once sat? See screenshot:
  4. Hello. After getting latest updates, the LOWI airport has strange dark shadows with certain opacity. I'm not sure where those shadows are coming from. How can I fix or disable that ( in case that is a feature ). The screenshot is attached below. To resolve the issue I've tried to start the flight at a different time of the day, e.g. morning, day time, evening, different weather, the shadows are constantly there. Also I have checked the The LOWI Control Panel, which is in the main FTX Central interface, but I couldn't identify which setting is responsible for the strange shadows. -- Sem
  5. Running KTEX in P3D 3.4. I cannot figure out why cloud shadows are having no effect on some of the terrain around KTEX. I have double checked the config to make sure I have OpenLC and Vector toggled to on since I am running both. I use the fully hardened terrain model in the config but tried the other options too but no dice.
  6. I have really enjoyed all my new scenery I purchased over the holidays. I would like to buy the Lancair aircraft from Orbx and want to know if that plane will show interior shadows in the cockpit when flying. Since I believe the old default planes did not enable interior shadows as far as I can tell, I want a plane that does and assume that a new plane from Orbx would. I am on FSX steam. Can anyone confirm interior shadows? Thanks. Pete.
  7. Hi ORBX team, I've noticed strange shadows cast by grass objects in KTVL, see picture (latest P3Dv3, latest libs installed, NA region applied, latest nVidia drivers, no nVidia Inspector / ENB / other graphics modifications). Vegetation Shadows are turned off. These grass shadows disappear when the "SimObjects Cast Shadows" option is turned off. But that removes other shadows as well, like those from static aircraft. This seems to be something specific with the grass in KTVL, I haven't noticed this in other places in the ORBX world. Also, the grass seems to be a bit too much translucent, other airports have more "solid" grass. Any idea what might cause this? Thanks & regards, Hans
  8. I have just installed YMML ver 2 and also YBAS. All seemed fine except when at YMML the aircraft shadow disappears once on the runway, otherwise it is there elsewhere at the same airport. At YBAS there are no shadows at all, on the runway and at the gate. I can see that other people on here have had the same problem but no fix that I can see. My question is..can I do anything to fix it? I have installed the latest Libs And yes I like my aircraft shadows to be visible on runways to stop the floating effect. Cheers and thanks in advance.
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