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  1. As promised at the end of my last flight report, here is an aerial picture of Palm Springs airport. If you have sharp eyes, you can spot the San Jacinto tramway here. It is a pleasure to land on its platforms with a helicopter, Orbx details at the very finest! Here we look back at the sandy Palm Springs valley. Not many palms to see, does someone know where the name comes from? And just as we come over the San Jacinto mountains, sharp eyes can already spot the Pacific. For those who need assist spotting things in the distance, they have built the San Palomar observatories under the right wing of the King Air. Shortly after we are already descending over the waterfront at Torrey Pines ... ... and into San Diego. Quite busy the place, let´s see if we get a parking lot. PS: Wooooah, now Imgur shows ads before each upload ! Time to move to another platform - which one do you use?
  2. Time to escape the city of LA over the weekend. The coastal El Segundo dunes are probably not a quiet place to rest, ... ... just under the 4 runways of KLAX. And the Chevron refinery doesn´t make the nearby beaches much more attractive. Redondo Beach, a place not less crowded, ... ... and Long Beach also just wears this name, but not too useful as a hideway as well. But these details & sharpness make me enjoy p3d with only little doubts (click on the picture to enlarge). Huntington Beach, where Jurgen Klinsmann lives since decades. Some traffic ahead, as I begin to turn inland... ... and climb over the San Mateo mountains. Descending along the motorway to Banning, ... ... and the Morongo Casino. I remember there have been some advertising signs posted next to the road, but I can´t spot them from this altitude. What can be seen are the San Jacinto mountains and the desert behind. I forgot to take the obligatory landing picture at Palm Springs, but I promise to get you one from the start!
  3. Continuing my tour down the NA Pacific coast I took a vintage bird from Monterey, ... ... visited Cannery Road once again, ... ... and climbed out over Carmel. Some minutes later I dropped the noise of my engines over Hearst Castle, ... ... yes, it is here. Crossing the detailed coast over Morro Bay, ... ... and the Pismo Dunes, ... ... before I came down to Oxnard waterfront... ... and (downwind) along Beverly Hills. An ocean of houses next to the LA Olympic stadium. And compared to this, a quiet and peaceful runway of KLAX.
  4. A long flight, but one with a really diverse landscape. Starting out over Lake Tahoe, ... ... before we cross the Sierra Nevada on the way south. I love these shadows in the cockpit. The next famous lake on the route is Mono Lake. I think it looks much more detailed and coloured in MSFS. But the lake was only the starting point to cross the mountains towards a valley... ... a famous valley with a Half Dome. Yosemite Valley it is. Here we pass El Capitan... ... and catch a look back towards the valley entry. The flat (and dry) lands begin with the lakes Don Pedro and McClure. Crossing the Diablo Range... ... on the way to the Guadalupe flats, at the southern end of the San Francisco bay. We just hop over the coastal Santa Cruz mountains... ... before we descend into Half Moon Bay. Sure there are some sights left nearby which can be visited on the following flight.
  5. So, BUR is good, and the surrounding scenery looks great so far! I am however having some pretty profound issues with VNY that don't seem to have been reported by anyone else. I do not have any conflicting VNY scenery. Below is a screenshot when I search my P3D folder for VNY references: I have tried Vector AEC, tried disabling the APB file, the VNY height File, and the SCA scenery. For kicks, I also tried disabling the BUR package VNY files and leaving the SCA scenery intact which produced even worse elevation results. I'm at a bit of a loss on this one. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, The past month has been pretty rough, hope everyone is staying safe! Since we're all cooped up indoors and playing flight sims, I thought I'd take some time to finish up the Californian Channel Islands that never made it into the first version of Santa Barbara, so that you all have somewhere new to explore This update adds over 700 square kilometers of new coverage to KSBA, more than doubling the original coverage area. It also adds 3 lite airstrips for you to land at. These airstrips are super fun and challenging to fly into, and are a nice short flight away from KSBA. Alternatively, you can load your flight at CA97 Cristy Airstrip, but the other two, you'll have to go and find them! This will be released in the next couple of days. For all that have purchased KSBA already, hope this gives you something new and interesting to explore! For those that haven't, KSBA is still on discount until the 12th April, so make sure you don't miss out and pick up a copy here: orbxdirect.com/product/ksba The update will be free for all customers, so as long as you have the product you'll be able to get it COVERAGE MAP SCREENSHOTS Cheers, Misha
  7. Having just purchased North & South California in the sale I have been taking many different flights all over the place to explore all the new locations and airports. Here are a few from a beautiful VFR fight from KSBD to KMHV skirting along the mountains surrounding greater LA then hopping over and across the arid expanse of the Mojave passing Palmdale and Lancaster along the way. desert in the Real Air Spitfire Mk.XIV. Looking out over the wing towards Fontana claiming out of KSBD A couple of shots skirting round the clouds over the Angeles National Forrest.... I think I can almost see Matt Farah carving up the highway down there filming a TST video. A nice gentle decent over the beginnings of the Mojave Desert with Palmdale just coming into sight before lining up for the Visual 30 into KMHV.
  8. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall twice and I’m still having issues. The reinstall fixed the issue I was having in the FTX control panel where it wouldn’t let me choose “without static aircraft.” But the issue I’m still having is it won’t let me click the box to use “FTX Southern California Mode.” I check the box, but every time I open the control panel, the box remains unchecked. And I’m guessing as a result, I’m getting duplicate runway/taxiway signs on the ground. Sorry if this is a repeat post, but I can find a fix other than a reinstall.
  9. Getting ready at Sonny Bono Airport for a trip to the coast, once again with AS16 real weather - and hoping for californian sun... This is what I call a blurry VC, as already reported I have this impression since I changed from 4.1 to 4.3. I must try to change some settings (which I did not change actively)... At least we can get her in the air and leave Palm Springs with nice views. Passing the San Gabriel mountains... ... before entering thick overcast on descend. Again. These coastal clouds are a pain! While I was carefully descending, ATC announced a change of runway, just to increase my stress level a bit. I was not even able to capture a shot of the milk outside - just in the final seconds the runway came into view: Full brakes... ... and here we are, ready for some crab dinner at Cannery Road. But where is the sunshine?
  10. ... for a little lift from Monterey... ... over San Francisco Bay... ... to Half Moon Bay. Please proceed to the terminal. Now what should I do: Stay for a coffee or take the car?
  11. Up the coast from foggy San Diego (I had to cheat with the weather after takeoff ) ... ... over Carlsbad, ... ... and climbing into the San Jacinto mountains. Here we roll down into Palm Springs. I have the impression that my settings (especially the VC) got a bit blurry with the change to p3d 4.3 - though the setting is still on 4096. Anyone got an idea to modify the sharpness (be it in p3d itself or in nvidia)?
  12. Ready to move further westwards, to discover some of the orbx airports I have purchased since my last virtual west coast stay. This is the plane we are going to use, seen from the coffee bar in the United lounge at Houston terminal E: Cockpit preparations. Hurray! Just compare the registration of the PMDG bird with the real one above. We are serious simmers, aren´t we? A view over Houston, from the international airport to CBD. Texas in green. The cockpit in nice. Arizona in brown. Imperial Dunes, while already descending. The Gulf of California to the left... ... and the Pacific ahead, at the same time. Here you can see the use of freshwater in California. And here you can see... the visibility during final approach. A pleasure to all pilots... There is no vertical guidance on this approach, and the clouds just opened seconds before landing. So I was waytoohigh and had to pull the brakes... Made it. Then overheated the brakes, which caused blocking... so there is no gate screenie today.
  13. Hello, guys! Today was a flight to the beautiful places around the Kern Valley...
  14. Hello everyone. Today in Big Bear City Airport (L35)...
  15. Another marvel sceney to discover in California not far from the coast of LA: Back to my plane for returning to mainland
  16. Just a few snaps over Riverside and San Bernardino area enroute from AJO to VGT Nick
  17. Little VFR under the cover around Long Beach and Orange County. Nick
  18. So, about a year ago in early 2017 I took a screenshot of the San Diego skyline at night (as viewed from Coronado island) in P3Dv3.4 with SCA (no KSAN yet) and the buildings were gorgeous (very close to RW even -- see 1st pic below). Now, a year later, with P3Dv4.x, the buildings are not as dramatically lit as they were previously (see second pic, below). I've tried numerous various different settings in P3D and FTX Central (and even different times of the evening and days of the week), but have been unsuccessful in getting the beautiful lighting back. What gives?
  19. West to east was done in the P-51. East to west was started in the C172, had a couple of legs done in the C182, but mostly by Comanche, hopping via freeware airports. This is the last leg: Morongo Resort Shut down on Santa Catalina Island My next mission is up the west coast, via Orbx airports of course.
  20. Little getaway to the mountains of Socal. Santa Barbara (SBA) to Big Bear (L35). Enjoy!
  21. So, off to test my theory about flying blind in the C-130. Heading off from KPSP - "ain't got no distractions, can't hear no buzzers and bells" (think "Pinball Wizard"). Never knew what most of that stuff did, anyway <grin> I've turned round now, and going to head up the valley If you view this full size and zoom in you'll see the dinos just down below the tail Up past San Bernadino Across the hills and coming in over Anaheim And coming in now to Long Beach (KLGB) Not sure what's happened to my textures around here And down OK, I cheated a bit at the end and overran a bit, then slewed back, but all in all I was happy with that. I have Little Nav Map running on a secondary 19" monitor and that gives me speeds, altitude etc and I can get away with that, so I feel I've got my Herc back!
  22. Short little hop to the hills for some weekend outdoor time. Santa Barbara, CA to Kern Valley, CA
  23. LAX to Narita for an Xmas arrival: Leaving the basin Leaving the mainland for the loooong haul across the water. Just south of KMRY. Water, obviously Clouds (and more water) Chasing the sun. Sunset. It was there right up until top of descent. By the time I'd lost 7 miles it was gone, and visibility was down to 3 miles. Did this once in the MD-11. One day I might actually fly back. Next up on this trip is Singapore on SQ11. Soooo nice to not have to consider minor irritants like VAS after virtual 12 hours. Merry Xmas all.
  24. Left Oceano for a few practice instrument approaches into Santa Barbara runway 7 with a circle to land on 15R to finish it off. Enjoy
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