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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Just taking off from KMYF in the new Orbx Southern California scenery and noticed a significant step change on the runway as I went along. How can this be fixed?
  2. FSX. I have an issue when flying IFR into EGHA. There is one runway, 08/26 but when ATC directs me into 08, it says it is vectoring me into 26 and vice-versa. Does anyone else have this problem or is it something in my setup? Without ORBX EGHA installed it behaves normally. The Make runways program which I use for RAAS also reverses the runways with ORBX installed, but not with the vanilla FSX scenery.
  3. I decided to purchase as a test: Bar Harbor that being the first airport with this new Orbx shopping and purchasing interface. I successfully installed it and found that the runways are half covered with earth and kinda sunken down. So I ran the airport elevation correction thing in the FTX Global VECTOR Configuration Tool. I did this twice and it did not work. I also went into the Bar Harbor control panel and checked off, for one try, FTX Vector and FTX OpenLC NA and for anther try checked them on....no difference. I'm very upset because since black Friday prices are here I plan on spending over $250 and bar harbor was my test of the new purchasing system. That works great, if only the airport worked great. PLEASE help. It's disappointing to not have this work especially if I want to buy more products but now I feel a little doubtful. Please anyone tell me how I can fix Bar Harbor? Or I may not be buying anything else. VERY sad. Pete.
  4. I want to say I am very glad I went with FTX Global. I use hybrid at the moment (with FTX England) for short hops in the NGX e.g. EGHH to LFPG. The contiguous feel it gives the terrain is the best I've experienced, and frankly it has reinvigorated my interest in simming. Also in exploring, which brings me to my Topic. Many moons ago I co-piloted an RAF Beverly from Aden Airport up to small strip on the plateau called Mukeiras (OYMS). N.E of Aden. I felt had to try it again with FTXG and see if it in any way recalled the general ambience of that trip. I was blown away by the FTX desert textures. Great work there ORBX! But Mukeiras turned out to be a sunken strip. See pic. One of 9 or 10 other, mainly smaller fields in Yemen that have sunken airstrips/runways. On my set-up that is. Most of the larger ones were fine. I came across a similar problem a while ago when installing FTX NZSI and it was easily fixed as I recall. Any suggestions please as to how to fix this issue? I have Genesis World Mesh Global Mesh installed. Also a dedicated Yemen mesh from the same people. I have re-installed both. As my P3D setup is a recent rebuild from scratch I have no conflicting scenery areas or files. I have installed the latest Library and Core files but wasn't expecting them to affect this particular problem. Cheers, Gareth Sorry, couldn't find a way to attach the pic I took of OYMS Order # FSS0222979
  5. I have just installed YMML ver 2 and also YBAS. All seemed fine except when at YMML the aircraft shadow disappears once on the runway, otherwise it is there elsewhere at the same airport. At YBAS there are no shadows at all, on the runway and at the gate. I can see that other people on here have had the same problem but no fix that I can see. My question is..can I do anything to fix it? I have installed the latest Libs And yes I like my aircraft shadows to be visible on runways to stop the floating effect. Cheers and thanks in advance.
  6. G'day just wondering normally when landing at Sydney Kingsford smith IA I land at either runway 34L or 34 R but latley I have been asked to land on runway 16 L or 16 R is this normal? or depend on the size of what you fly???
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