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  1. Hello, I'm experiencing this weird problem with all ground textures at LOWI, any known fix for that? Thanks Florian:)
  2. Hello, cannot take a flight from LOWI sim shuts down as soon as aircraft gets to active runway, happens with P3D V4.5 default aircraft or add on aircraft in fact any aircraft. Appreciate it’s Sunday maybe hear from you on Monday to troubleshoot BR Charlie
  3. There are huge "bumps" (sharp and unnatural) elevation changes on the runway of 36S in the Northern Califoria Scenery for XP11. It makes the runway unusable and I had to takeoff from the Taxiway. Other than that, I was thrilled to see that such a small airport had custom handplaced scenery!!
  4. Congratulations and great applause for the making of Ålesund area and Vigra airport (ENAL). In Prepar3D V5 everything looks very nice and real-life. If there was only one thing that could make it even more realistic, it would be to create the slope of the real runway in the scenery. The runway is relatively steep and deviates from the ICAO standard. Here is some more info and material regarding this: ENAL AD 2.23 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 1 DIFFERENCES FROM ICAO ANNEX 14 SARPS 1.1 Longitudinal slope of 1,4% on portions of RWY, REF AD 2 ENAL 2 - 1 and para 3.1.13. Some photos showing the slope here: https://www.airpics.com/?fq=photographer:"Linn Beate Andersen"&fq=location:"Alesund (Aalesund) [Vigra], Norway"&q=*:*&rows=9 And here's a video showing the nice approach and landing at ENAL.
  5. Hi All, I have recently started to fly online with VATSIM. I use Aivlasoft EFBv2 which is indispensable with taxiway navigation. However, last night whilst taxiing at EGCC from GA parking stand 8 to papa 2 holding point (not marked on Aivlasoft so had to use Navigraph chart) I came across a discrepancy with the taxiway letter markings. Basically, the route ATC gave me to the holding point was different in EFB2 and as a result I was all over the place and had to use the chart. Please compare pics below. Anyway, I googled this issue with EFB and they said on their forum page that the problem of incorrect taxiways is not the fault of EFB2 but with the software developer's BGL file it looks at to retrieve ground map info. Sometimes, they said the developers use old ground data and so EFB will display those. All my Orbx Libraries are up to date. I have even installed Pete Dowson's Makerunways hoping this would solve the issue but no joy. I have searched this forum for the same topic but no success. Can anyone help please?
  6. Hi all. Just built a new PC and installed everything from new, I went to fly from EGHF "Lee On Solent", the runway is not displayed correctly Fig 1. I have run Vector Auto Elevation and configured Global Base etc according to the guidelines. Also installed is FTX England and nearby EGHI Southampton airport. (sorry not having flown from here before I cannot say if it was like this before the new build.) Fig 3 is the same in Orbx TE Great Britain South. However all displays correctly in P3D v 5.0 as seen in Fig 2. I have 2 libraries one for each version of P3D. FIG 1 : - P3D V 4.5 FIG 2 : - P3D v 5.0 Fig 3 : - P3D v 4.5 Orbx TE Great Britain South
  7. Hello there, I`m new to this forum and to Orbx for XP11. Just bought the London City Scenery and noticed the Runway Edge lights are "under the Earth" The Light it self is weak to recognize at night. At daylight there are no Components of the Runway Edge lightning system shown. regards, Tome346
  8. 1OR6 Clackamas Heights, Oregon City, Oregon, United States Lat: 45.3714N, Long: 122.554W Elev: 544, Surface: Asphalt Has trees, houses and a road through the runway. Default X-Plane scenery is clear (11.41). Thanks
  9. I have a problem at YTST. There are trees on the runway. I remembered that when I landed here that was no problem. Look at my movie below at about 40:50. Anyone else also this problem? Have a nice flight, Wil
  10. Hello, Just had a similar issue to Comptom Abbass, EGAA Scenery corrupt, runway in deep vallet , apron surronded by green cliff like scenery. BestRegards Charlie
  11. Just landed at ENNO for the first time in P3D v4.5. The runway lights are very elongated, not sure if they used to be. Is this something that can be adjusted?
  12. Hi, Just bought and installed TEGB South, Central, and North, and it looks like all the runways are flat. Is this a bug, faulty installation, conflicting plugin? Or is this how TEGB is supposed to look like? Thanks in advance!
  13. We all know 9 ILS is used during fogged in days. But living there for years I know that 27 is used almost always. But the AI traffic and ATC insist on Runway 9 all the time. I tried changing it with the ADE file other forums mention with the latest version of Airport Design Editor. But the file I use (ADE_FTX_SCA_KSAN in FTX_NA_SCA05_SCENERY) only has half of the terminals (1 and half of terminal 2) and whatever order I put to have 27 as the sole landing designation is ignored. The scenery is awesome and I use it to bring up nostalgia but I can't get the aircraft to land that way. Even nearby Montgomery Field gives me 28L or 28R (as is usual in real life) without any mods or AFCAD addons. Am I using the wrong software, is it a not well known feature in FTX Central, or am I sniffing in the wrong rabbithole with the incorrect file?
  14. For some reason something isn't quite right with my EGHI scenery. It used to work but I've now found that it appears the default runway is showing through. I tried a reinstall and AEC to no avail. It's been so long that I don't know what has happened since that could have affected it. Using P3Dv4.3, Win10, Orbx everything! Thanks for any help. Chris
  15. Hi This problem appears to have been raised before but I am unsure as to how to resolve it! On a few occasions I have attempted the approach and landing in Valdez (PAVD) with the the Flight1's King Air B200 and can confirm that up to the point of touchdown the approach has been flown in accordance with Navigraph's PAVD LDA DME H approach. Immediately prior to touchdown, almost in line with the second VASI/PAPI row of lights, the rate of descent is 110 ft per minute at 105kts, gear down, flaps to approach. For some reason a crash is detected. It seems that the problem may be related to a "grass" issue which needs to be disabled in the .cfg file but i am not sure where to find that file. I have the full suite of ORBX scenery files as well as a number of airports, Global Vector, LC files etc . How do you turn the "grass" off? C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_PAVD\scenery\Orbx_PAVD_PLC_Grass_Objectflow.xml : (786) and having recently installed PAVD (August 2018) would that still be the cause of a "crash" Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
  16. Hi all, I have been noticing this problem at YBRM for a while now where it appears that runway texture or something is playing up a little (see attached images). It doesn't seem like the whole runway, just a few rectangular patches. No matter how far I fly (within sight of the runway) the rectangles can be seen over the aircraft. I don't believe it is aircraft related as it appears on all aircraft. I'm in P3D V4.2 I have uninstalled YBRM and reinstalled with no change in outcome. Hope you can help, Andrew
  17. Hey guys, I don't know if its normal, but when it is raining i don't get a wet rwy effect. So maybe it is not included in this scenery, but in this Video * it seems to be included (or is it generated by an other addon?). I've tested it with a default weather prefix (cold and rainy) and with my weather engine (FSXWX) I've included a screenshot, where you can see the missing (?) effect. I am looking foward to your answers - Sorry for my bad english, I am a german student - *
  18. All runway heading boards at Kinloss airfield EGQS (formerly RAF Kinloss) show the incorrect numbers (26/80). They should now read 25/07.
  19. Hi, So I recently purchased Fall City 1WA6 and installed it - the runway is grass? Thanks, Jim
  20. Hi, Issue has been raised several times and no response. The runway lights, and lighting in general at Skagit is very dim and hard to see from any distance. Could this be looked into please. Thanks Scott
  21. hello i have p3dv3.4 and alaska orbx installed on pacy airport i have houses on the runway who can help thx
  22. Okay, this is tiny, but for folks practicing real-world procedures, etc, it'd be a nice tweak if you guys every do any other updates to OrbX PNW... Specifically, Runways 13R and 31L at Boeing Field are now 14R and 32L. http://www.seattletimes.com/business/boeing-aerospace/pilots-check-your-bearings-boeing-field-catches-up-with-earths-magnetic-field/
  23. Hi Could you please help me with an issue. I purchased, 2 days ago, Meigs Field and Juneau. Meigs Field is amazing and looks great but Juneau has texture problems. When I start on the runway in Juneau, that runway has 2 textures or colours with a hard edge that shimmers and happens all over the ground at the airport. I posted this problem in a forum but it seems no one has replied to help. I don't know why no one has replied to help. I tried to resolve the texture thing myself by running vector airport elevation tool but that did not work. I then went to the folder with freeware airports to see if a Juneau FTXG file needed to be taken out but there was none there. I checked that I had an Alaska or Juneau add on scenery but I don't. And lastly I researched scenery library order but I did not see a solution there. Could you please help. I'm all out of ideas. Attached are screenshots of what I am talking about. Please please help, I want to buy more Orbx stuff but feel nervous and won't until this is resolved. Thanks for your help.
  24. I was wonering if anyone knows how to fix trees that are on a runway please and thanks
  25. Hi, Asking for other users opinions. In regards to runway lighting on fsx steam at certain airports. I have no lighting at all my Australian/New Zealand airports except one. Which has an objectflow file. I have tested each airport at different times of the day and no lighting down the runway only the papi and some limited taxi lights. The rest have no installer and object flow files. Those airports are: Orbx - FTX: AU YBBN Brisbane International Orbx - FTX: AU YCNK Cessnock Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YMML Melbourne International v2 Orbx - FTX: AU YMAV Avalon Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YBCS Cairns International Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YSCH Coffs Harbour Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YSCB Canberra Airport Orbx - FTX: AU YSTW Tamworth Airport Orbx - FTX: NZ NZQN Queenstown International Airport How can I get those files as I have followed all guidelines manuals and have installed the programs under admin controls etc? I find the FSX steam folder structure is different to my fellow users on this forum with other FSX products. Is there a different method to get it going? I did activate one in the Library after all the latest updates. But nothing has changed still no lighting and no object flow files. Any suggestions would be much appreciated And my system specs and order number are in the signature. Thanks Bryce
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