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Found 4 results

  1. I'm just really partial to this aircraft. It has everything I'd like in a plane, AoA indicator, fully IFR equipped, and it's FAAAST! It also luscious curves A speedy flight from Twenty Nine Palms to PSP! Untitled-1 by ryan b, on Flickr The field I left is just a mere thought as I rocket over to Palm Springs Untitled-2 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-3 by ryan b, on Flickr Skyward! Untitled-4 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-5 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-6 by ryan b, on Flickr 268 kts! Untitled-7 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-8 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-9 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-10 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-11 by ryan b, on Flickr Overshot! Untitled-12 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-15 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-16 by ryan b, on Flickr Love this one Untitled-17 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-18 by ryan b, on Flickr Untitled-19 by ryan b, on Flickr
  2. Little one hour jaunt from Torrance (KTOA) to Palm Springs (KPSP). Can't do that in a car. Enjoy! Nick
  3. Hello ORBX Community, I've just recently installed the PSP scenery, and it looks fantastic. I should have installed this months ago! I am noticing one thing however - when flying at this airport, it seems to "stutter" my system (something I haven't had before). I can describe it as, the aircraft ebbing forward and backward slightly, as if something is pushing and tugging on it. It's a slight lag that I have never experienced before, and it also seems to have caused some blurries in the surrounding areas. This is the first time having these issues with any ORBX product. Any idea what I can do to fix these performance issues? Thanks!
  4. Hey simmers and ORBX staff! Writing to you here from Vancouver, BC. I've had KPSP for a few months now and, having flown there on numerous occasions in reality, I love it. Stellar modeling and, for the most part, spectacular texture work. The latter, however, I've found hits a wall in one particular area, and that's that of the runway texturing. I've cross-referenced maps, pictures and videos, and all tell the same story. In reality, the runway shoulders (as well as the west parallel taxiway) is far darker, as is common at most US airports. The shoulders in reality are near black (with yellow stripes) whereas in the ORBX rendition they are exactly the same colour of the runway. My second point was with regards to the overall look - the ground colouring RW (especially that of the runway pavement) is quite yellow-y and warm looking. Quite noticeably so, in fact. In FTX KPSP, however, the runway is very grey and cold - the same colour as the gravel surrounding it. Sorry for the long and obscure question there - might try to mess around with a few of the texture files and see what I can come up with (for personal use, of course), but I was wondering if there was any chance any of this might be able to be addressed in an official future update. Despite all this, again, love the scenery, and great work! Regards, Derek (RW) (sim)
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