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Found 6 results

  1. This is probably the way Martyn travelled last October, but he was polite enough not to send us pictures of all his scenic flights. I´ll start to fill this gap now, beginning with his first leg in Oahu. Taking off from PHNL... ... and turning back westwards over the airport, ... ... before watching some historic sights at Pearl Harbour. Wheeler AAF... ... and the impressive Kuaokala Forest hills at the southwest end of the island. Kawela... ... and Kahuku at the northwestern tip of Oahu. Finally he watched the rugged beauty of the north shore on approach to Kaneohe. In Kaneohe it was time for a lunch break (Champagne, crabs, caviar and the like), before his travel continued.
  2. When NZ9 is pushed back in Honolulu you can already expect where we are going next. Instead of the regular 777 the equipment was changed today in favour of the Dreamliner. The routing is very simple: Direct to DATBE, then follow G347 to TARIB and then "just" land. Some other stunning views of the civilisation on Oahu. The 787 is a nice design. "Flying is hours of boredom, spiced with moments of horror" some say. After 3 hours a passenger reported sharp pain in the breast, together with panic-like rapid breathing. A doctor on board suggested to take him to a hospital asap, so we remembered the flight plan above and took a little detour to the left... Swains Island is a bit too small for us. The next surprise: Visibility on approach gets harder... ... but here we are: American Samoa. There must be a runway, ... ... ah, got it! Looks as if it was intended... Not intended was deboarding in rain for our passengers. No one had an umbrella at hand, and the airport was not prepared for them either. At least the medical emergency car was there. The heart attacked passenger was saved, and the others will have to spend a day in Pago Pago. Let´s see what they discover!
  3. After his morning flight and the appropriate lunch... ... Martyn looked around at Kaneohe for a friendly pilot to take him back to Honolulu city. He soon met Mr. Calvin, Theodore Calvin, who offered him a helicopter ride. At first they went to a place called "Robin´s nest" to pick up some friends, Rick and Thomas. By chance, the owner (a famous writer) was not there, so they equipped themselves with some more snacks and went off. The Round Top Forest Reserve looks great... ... and Honolulu is not less impressive. Diamond Head... ... and the attempt to drop Martyn at his hotel. But the platform was not solid, so he had to continue flying with these funny guys. Sightseeing and history lessons at the USS Arizona memorial, ... ... USS Bowfin, ... ... the landside of the museum, ... ... and, finally, Mighty Mo. There are also some more recent ships based here. The three veterans decided to use an uncommon landing spot; they probably have old friends out there. I just hope the Australian tourist was not arrested too long for getting off the helicopter here.
  4. Well, today it will be a climate change just for me and my passengers. We´ll take United flight 219 from O´Hare to Honolulu. Official departure time is 10:10 hrs. While the paxes have to wait in the departure lounge... ... the delicious food, especially the famous ice cream, is loaded... ... and we have to make our preparations in the office. Once again, O´Hare provides some navigation challenges for us. But we finally made it! Out of Chicago in fine January weather. There is not just any other plane on the same track. This is (another ) UA219, pushed in by UT live. On time, I can say. The Mississippi river over Iowa... ... before we leave the snowy conditions near Omaha. Crossing the plains of Colorado, ... ... approaching Salt Lake City, ... ... and finally Oakland. After some hours over the Pacific we can spot islands in the sun. Wow. Oahu. Getting configured to land... ... with everything under control. Parking is easier here than in KORD. And the weather is also slightly warmer. I think one could spend some time here...
  5. That means doing a long ride from Anchorage... ... to Honolulu. Just some memories for Sniper. Hit the spot. Great to see the Alaskan cargo has been safely stowed in the trusty 772. Maybe the next flight offers the chance to use a more colorful bird.
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