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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings guys and gals. Over on the Misty Moorings forum I've been chatting about the only issue I have with Tongass Fjords and P3D v4.2. I have found I'm getting quite a large, but very brief, "pause" while flying in the vicinity of Sitka (PASI) and/or taxing, being parked, taking off, etc... I don't want to call what the issue I'm seeing "stutter", as it's not the typical stutter we have all experienced back in the old FSX days. This is a pause for about 1/2 a second when looking around in the virtual cockpit more than a 120 degrees at a time. It's especially noticeable when rotating the external aircraft camera in spot view 180 degree's while on the runway. The pauses will drop my frame-rate from a locked 33fps to 2fps for 1/2 a second each time I rotate or move my view either inside the VC or outside. The views I am using aren't any views created by EZDock V2, just the default P3D v4 camera and the default aircraft cameras. ALL AI aircraft that came with Tongass Fjords are disabled and not even in the scenery folder. Traffic is also disabled in game as well to make sure this isn't an old addon causing the issue. I have however narrowed the problem down to the water, water mask and/or terrain files that define the coastlines in Tongass Fjords. I was able to narrow it down by the process of elimination in the 'Tongass_Fjords_Lower_Priority/Scenery' folder. When I temporarily turn off 'cvx_TF_FSX_water_summer.BGL to cvx_TF_FSX_water_summer.BGL.OFF the pauses completely disappear. However, as expected, so does the ocean as it's replaced with solid terrain and tree's -the exact same result as if you forgot to add the 40 Tongass Fjords entries to the terrain.cfg file. I NEVER had this issue in FSX, P3D, P3Dv2 or P3D v3.4, only in P3D 4.2 64bit. The *ONLY* thing I could think of that might be causing these annoying pauses is the fact that *ALL* of the texture files for Tongass Fjords are in Bitmap (.bmp) format and not in .DDS?? For an example of a P3D v4 "certified" scenery addon I looked around the OrbX scenery texture files and couldn't find *ANY* bitmap files... I wish I knew more regarding scenery editing and creation as I might be able to fix this issue myself. I was thinking of converting the bitmap files to .DDS using Imagetool from the SDK, however I wanted to see if perhaps Holger or any other veteran scenery creators had any ideas. Please test this for yourselves in P3D 4.2 and post back whether or not you also get the same pauses at or near Sitka (PASI) Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated! Cheers Andrew
  2. The only thing that changed the last 24 hours is the fact that I've updated the Libraries and German North and South scenery ... ... and now the dreadful 2-5 sec pauses are back. It's as if P3D4 pause to load something in the back and then it continues. All is well for 5 or 7 minutes and then another 2-5 sec pause. It drives me insane because I've done everything suggested in a million forums and still the pauses remain. Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations? PS: To ask on the LM/P3D forums you might as well send Donald Trump a tweet to ask for his take on it. Your changes are 100% better to get a reply than from anyone at LM.
  3. I have isolated stuttering while flying in my Orbx full scenery areas; I fly VRS Superbug/TacPack F18 and when I fly in Southern California (NAS Lemoore south) or from NAS Lemoore into Nevada my system runs amazing! When I cross the line into Northern California (around Fresno) I get stuttering, and weird lines or blocks showing up (primarily on my secondary monitor). I have tried flying out of NAS Whidbey Island (north of Seattle) and I have the same problem until I hit open ocean or going east hit the Montana area. My add-ons are; VRS Superbug & TacPack Orbx Full and Terrain with all Orbx Full Scenery North American Areas MAIW Add-ons for Western US and Canada Regions My System is Windows 8.1 i7 Six Core Processor Radeon R9280x Graphics Card 2x27" HP Backlit Monitors Also, I use this computer only for FSX not other programs like Microsoft Office etc are loaded, the only other programs are Plan-G, PDF Reader, and Google Chrome. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can send my way as I amazed at the detail Orbx brings to my flying experience.
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