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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I have newly bought the scenery for Graz (LOWG) and Saltzburg (LOWS). Very fine sceneries. I have found two small issues regarding ATC parking positions though: LOWG: It is only possible to select GA-parkings although normaly when I fly the A320 its possible at most MSFS airports to select GATE. Does Graz airport only have parkings for GA? LOWS: Here its not possible to select any parking position via ATC at all although almost all parking positions are empty. Why? Any clues to why? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  2. Hello, I got Orbx Edinburgh and it’s a good representation of the real airport. I’ve noticed that there are stands such as 18 which do not appear to be programmed as available parking spaces, as they can’t be selected from the p3d airport menu. Some stands are missing from the list of stands and when I manually park the aircraft there, they don’t detect that there is a standard sode jetway there. I wonder if anyone has a fix for this or can get this problem updated by GAYA simulations. It’s a pity because stand 18 is one of the main heavy stands for the 787 which I use a lot. Some bits of the airport aren’t complete like a few stands missing from the menu.
  3. Hi all, Just a quick prepurchase question, do all X-plane airports sold through Orbx include correctly placed taxiway routes and parking stand data needed for a plugin such as Traffic Global? They obviously look fantastic and are of a great visual standard, but beauty is only skin deep. I only ask as there have been a few posts in Traffic Globals forum about incorrect taxiway routes and/or gate placement with London City and Leeds which causes issues unless corrected in WED. I know you can't be compatible with every addon, but I'd just like to make sure the data we can't see is just as high quality as the visuals we can see before I buy. Thanks for any help! Phill
  4. Hi P3Dv4.5 Win 10 64 bit When at EGFF on ramp stands selected put A/C in tree plantation or and amongst trees. any help appreciated to resolve Charlie
  5. My Orbx airfields have misaligned parking slots/jetways. Attached shot of LEBB. I've tried putting the scenery to the top of the library with no luck. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Solved- Just Flight Global Traffic 'scenery' too high in library.
  6. Hi folks, in ENSD Sandane, most parking spots are already occupied by static aircraft. The only usable one is parking 3. Spots 4 and 5 are directly occupied, slot 6 is very close to 4 and partly covered by the aircraft there. Maybe the parking spots and/or the static aircraft can be reorganized so that starting a flight at ENSD would be less of a try and error. I know that this is a very minor issue, and I surely don't want to sound as the unsatisfied customer who has to complain about every little bit. On the contrary, ORBX should take it as a compliment that there isn't anything else to report (yes, I do realize that this is quiet a weird way of making a compliment ...)! So please take it just as a suggestion for improvement. Thanks & regards, Hans
  7. Recently purchased KPSP and running it in the FTX Global Mode. I do NOT have SOCAL. The GA Ramp Parking spots seem to be all messed up. I use LittleNavMap to find a parking spot that I want to use. But when I start there, most of them are in the trees or a hanger or building. I've noticed some GA Ramp Parking issues at other airports but this one seems the worst. Is there a fix I need to apply? Thanks, Bruce
  8. Took advantage of ORBX sale and purchased AYPY. I installed it but find that the apron parking seems to conflict with objects. I have Global installed and have hybrid mode set (also tried with it unchecked). I did a folder/file scan of my dedicated Prepar3D v3.2 drive using AYPY, with the result showing only those files included with the FTX/ORBX AYPY. The scenery order is as per your guide. Just can't find why this is happening. The A320 is parked at Gate 4 at AYPY Would appreciate any help Steve S
  9. PAEN is great, but I'd like to suggest two improvements; one in particular is important I think. 1. A beacon would be nice - I'm not seeing one at night. 2. The bigger issue for me is AI disappearing after they land due to lack of parking. In checking the AFCAD for PAEN I saw very, very little parking, and when I created more just to see what would happen, the AI did not disappear because they had a place to park. This would seem to be a very easy fix. Thank you, MTN1794 FSS0255750
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