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Found 11 results

  1. I took this shot just after HF1 came out. Its somewhere in TE on the west cost but I don't remember where.
  2. Some more shots from Astoria to Yakama. Here we are in Yakama. The CT206H has three doors. One for the pilot up front on the left and two on the right for the third and forth row passengers. In the sim they are called cargo doors. When you pull in at the gate and open the cargo doors, airport vehicles will rush out to unload your airplane. Of course, we have all seen this before. Probably if there were explosions it would make a good YouTube video. I think the CT206H is one of Carenado's better efforts.
  3. This a on a flight from Astoria to Yakama.
  4. About 75 miles south of Bowerman. I don't know what that little town is below me. Coming up on Astoria. Bowerman Dead Ahead.
  5. Flying into KSLE I could not get KSLE to come up on the nearest airport list. went ahead and landed there anyway. You guys need a great job on the scenery. it looks very nice and displays with no problem. To further investigate I tried to get P3D load the airplane at another gate at KSLE. The ramp and gate spaces showed in the go to airport window, but P3D locked up trying to reload KSLE. I finally had to manually close the program. How to fix? Also, I was able to build a flight plan with KSLE as the destination with no problem.
  6. Here we have a shot from a more or less direct flight from Rohnerville, California to Walla Walla, Washington. Very green as you would expect. Here we have a shot a bit northeast of the previous shot and about 60 miles southwest of Walla Walla. There is a hint of this landscape behind the cloud on the left of the previous image. And here is the same moonscape a bit further north. Washington and Oregon are very green in the western parts of both states, but considerably dry in in their eastern parts.
  7. Here we have several shots on a flight from Medford, Oregon to Klamath Lake, Oregon. This is a shot from the cockpit of my hotrod 170b. Some of you may note that we are climbing through 3400 feet doing 140 mph. Lets just say I made some changes to the config file. I also added a 2D GPS and autopilot. That's Agate lake on the right. To the left of the lake is a 600 foot long runway where the local RC club flies. We are following highway 140. This is Oregon so I have trees turned up to ultra. That is Fish Lake below us and Mt. Mclaughlin on the left. The gray patches around the lake are from very old pyroclastic flows of black volcanic cinders. In several places they flow all the way down to the highway. Here we have Lake of the Woods with Klamath lake in the distance. the large yellow patch is a meadow that was used as an emergency field in WWII. It is covered with dry grass in the summer and a foot or two of water in the winter. One of these days I'll have to try landing there. In this shot Klamath lake is on the right. I have processed the image to try to show the smoke from the fires in Southern Oregon. Its actually worse than the image.
  8. In the days when DC6s flew over Lake Shasta in Northern California the lake was about this high. Now it is a lot lower and serious fires are burning not too far to the north east.
  9. This is the Just Flight DC-6b directly ported over from my old FSX instillation. I just moved the file from FSX to P3Dv5.2 HF1 and it worked no problem. One of the many benefits of P3D is how much of FSX works in P3D.
  10. Here we are in the C195 doing touch and gos around KBUR. Frame rates are 32.7 with the settings one notch below full right. I gotta say this is pretty amazing. And Here we are on an ILS approach to runway 8. Frame rates are a bit lower but still smooth.
  11. For those who don't know Mono Lake is east of Yosemite in the high desert close to the California Nevada boarder. It is salty and the water is undrinkable.
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