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  1. NASA Stearman tow aircraft. https://airandspace.si.edu/multimedia-gallery/4285hjpg
  2. Orbx NA Southern California near L.A. Little more bling on this one!
  3. I just finished building a new computer to host my Sim habit. Clean install Win10 Home. I installed P3Dv3.4 and did a quick test flight at PAKT to make sure everything was happy using defaults. Next I installed a portion of my ORBX lib collection to initially support my Alaska Bush addiction. Global: Base, Vector, OLC NA, Trees. NA : All Regions, some freeware, and PAKT. When I start a flight at PAKT I get the default Airport. I tried to uninstall/reinstall PAKT. Same. I installed CZST and started a flight there. Looks good. Switched to PAKT in the same session... I get ORBX PAKT. I shutdown and start in PAKT.... default airport. I've tried many things since.... no luck except that if I start a flight in CZST and switch to PAKT I get ORBX. If I start the flight in PAKT I get default. Suggestions? ** I also have X-Plane 11 and P3Dv4 installed. New and mostly virgin. I wanted to get v3 going first since that was my primary Sim on my old computer and I've been absent from sim'ing for a year or more.
  4. Hello everyone, A question that has often been asked is 'will you update YMML one of these days?'. Well the good news is that the guys at Turbulent Designs have begun work on YMML Version 3, a major update of this iconic airport which will feature the following improvements: Full ground poly for super crisp imagery at all gates, aprons and taxiways The new Terminal 4 and Transport Hub The new Control Tower Improved performance by optimisation Improved PeopleFlow and static objects Simultaneous release for FSX, P3Dv1/2/3 and also a version for FSX:Steam Edition via DTG This is a large project to undertake and we hope to have it completed by the middle of the year if not sooner. There will be an upgrade fee of AU$9.95 (£5.00 US$7.00 €6.50) for all existing owners of YMML V1 or V2. This upgrade offer will only be available for a month after release. Here's some of the improvements planned (from the official airport site): We will show beta screenshots when it's in testers hands.
  5. Hi folks, in ENSD Sandane, most parking spots are already occupied by static aircraft. The only usable one is parking 3. Spots 4 and 5 are directly occupied, slot 6 is very close to 4 and partly covered by the aircraft there. Maybe the parking spots and/or the static aircraft can be reorganized so that starting a flight at ENSD would be less of a try and error. I know that this is a very minor issue, and I surely don't want to sound as the unsatisfied customer who has to complain about every little bit. On the contrary, ORBX should take it as a compliment that there isn't anything else to report (yes, I do realize that this is quiet a weird way of making a compliment ...)! So please take it just as a suggestion for improvement. Thanks & regards, Hans
  6. Hello everyone, I just wonder if (and how) is it possible to set the left parking position (the only one available besides the static Alaska Boeing) as the default one when you select this airport. P3D menu displays only : "active runway or 11 or 29" but no parking place (however the one with the jetway is empty). I have GSX installed but there's no parking position available in the custom menu and i'm not able to create one. Is there a way to do that ? Something i do wrong ? Thx a lot for the help. Best regards.
  7. OK, so I found an old Convair 880 on the web some time back, but it wouldn't fly in v4. A few days ago I found an alternate CV880 complete with a "Lisa Marie" repaint, but it's probably even older and flakier than my first version - I couldn't even load it on the ground at KLAS, even though it loads and is ok at other locations (maybe memory issues). So I cheated a bit. I have a somewhat nicer (but still not v4 capable) model of the CV-990, which I used to get off the ground at KLAS, and then switched in to my Elvis costume once we were airborne. I've kept my P3Dv3 setup for these sort of moments, but removed pretty much all my non-Orbx scenery from it. Still looks pretty good, and I've got my Sky Force working there too. So, orf we jolly well go! Even this one is a bit of a struggle to get airborne. Don't know if that's the flight model not reacting well to P3D or my usual lack of piloting skills. Almost ran out of runway but got there in the end And at this point, I managed to switch to the CV880. It's a weird thing, but if I load it at start up at KLAS I get just a skeletal body and engines. Loads ok at Eglin (my default) so I'm guessing it might be a memory issue. Anyway, we're here now! Elvis has most definitely left the building! Not the prettiest of models, but it was made for FS2002, so it ain't doing too badly! Got a bit of height now, just circling round Hathangyouveymuch for looking y'all!
  8. Hi guys, I have now purchased and downloaded LOWI v 1.10 and installed it via FTX in my P3Dv3 sim. During day I get very good performance. As soon as I switch to night the fps are droping back to mid 10th and lower and extreme stutter is coming up. As soon as I switch back to day time fps up to 30+ no stuttering. I previous had installed the Justsim Scenery, I have disabled this in the scenery library. I hope someone has a clue... thanks a lot, Markus Transaction ID is: 5989a0fcb5e84
  9. Hi, I notice a couple of unresolved queries regarding runway lights at Skagit. The runway lights in P3D are small and almost impossible to see. Has there been any progress on this. Thanks in advance. Scott
  10. Hey Devs, I recently tried to uninstall OpenLC Europe from my installation. I did use FTX Central 3 and clicked on Uninstall. It then tells me that it is uninstalled. But I did see that all 10 directories plus eu lights is in my scenery.cfg and all the respective directories are still in my system. I had to manually delete (please tell me that is this okay). Why didn't FTX Central not do these steps when I click Uninstall. I would like guidance on moving forward because some of these extra steps do cause time waste, as why this isn't working or is. Uninstall should be uninstall - I felt I was just clicking uninstall on ftx Central v3 and I had to the manual process. I am worried during this manual deletion, I hope I did not break anything. I have global, vector and openLC NA installed. OpenLC Europe was installed in P3Dv3 but I have not yet installed this into my P3Dv4 installation also. Thanks,
  11. just a random assortment of shots to kinda catch up a bit:
  12. I purchased KMRY today because of the sale. The manual states that without NorCal installed I would lose some functionality such as photoreal blending, moving traffic, lights, and houses. None of those really bothered me so I went and got it anyway thinking I would still be able to use the airport. I do not have Orbx NorCal because of fps and vas problems around SFO. After loading into the scenery for the first time I noticed a huge cliff between 28L and 28R and some floating grass. I do not have vector installed anymore so I don't have the AEC tool. I do have all the recommended settings set and I've moved KMRY around in the scenery library but nothing has worked. I was under the assumption when purchasing that I would lose some functionality that wasn't even going to affect me, but there is no functionality with it now. Any help would be appreciated as I don't want the money I spent to go to waste. Thanks Jarad
  13. Kingstown, Nassau and Bermuda: The next leg is to Santa Maria. Couple of thousand miles... might need a wife and kids free day to do that.
  14. Wishing everybody here a very happy safe and prosperous New Year. Thanks to all of you on the forums for the great companionship over the last year. 16. Lake Manapouri. A big thanks to JV and the team who bring this wonderful ORBX world to us.
  15. So I've started to use Central V3. I completed all the updates identified by the Central for P3Dv3. I then went to FSX and mode and I have exactly the same updates to complete of course. Do I have to do a download for each of the FSX identified updates or will the files that were saved as backups for P3Dv3 work with the FSX updating? Cheers Bryan
  16. I spent some time putting together an AI package for Air New Zealand today, so I thought I'd take a SCA region flight in hopes of spotting the fruits of my labours - especially the lovely "All Blacks" 777-300ER. No dice on the All Blacks, but I DID see an ANZ 777 on departure. If considering the SCA Region during the current sale, I highly recommend it. FPS aren't fantastic and my i7-6700 4.0Ghz and GTX 980 were working hard to draw all that autogen at 20-24 FPS in the L.A. Basin, but very flyable and a lot of fun. Keep in mind that I go nuts in terms of AI traffic including airliners, GA, ships and cars/trucks too. A pleasant trip... Steve Aha! An Air New Zealand 777! But not All Blacks Approaching Bob Hope Airport (Burbank) and the Hollywood sign... Gear down, back of the sign... On approach...FedEx jets visible at airport. Yes, the VASI lights show I'm too high at this point, I corrected.. A safe landing....
  17. Hello ORBX Community, I've just recently installed the PSP scenery, and it looks fantastic. I should have installed this months ago! I am noticing one thing however - when flying at this airport, it seems to "stutter" my system (something I haven't had before). I can describe it as, the aircraft ebbing forward and backward slightly, as if something is pushing and tugging on it. It's a slight lag that I have never experienced before, and it also seems to have caused some blurries in the surrounding areas. This is the first time having these issues with any ORBX product. Any idea what I can do to fix these performance issues? Thanks!
  18. Flying my favorite aircraft... the Dakota!!!
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