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  1. Ah man. Business ain't great we lost another passenger. Our lovely, large Hilda was delayed when she got to our counter at Homer airport. She got there and said:"Sorry for the Wait". This guy looks at Hilda and said:"No problem." As he looks her all over back and fore and sideways(yeah like a scanner checking out a huge plane) and said:"Y'all could probably lose a lot of it if y'all worked on it real hard on losing it". Well there was a lotta actiongoing on and a lotta painful screaming, but we were assured by the hospital that our would be passenger is awake again and won't need crutches for too long. OK T let's do beers and think this over.Meanwhile the airport in beautiful Orbx Homer is empty not because of covid, but Hilda is back at our counter screaming:"Next". Here is a picture to prove it. Sorry, sort ofk.
  2. Howdy boys and gals. Here is a chance to do some good and also win a great price. We put this contest on for the Mule Team Foundation of endless supply of Beers. Here it goes: First Price: A wonderful flight to Mule Creek, Yukon Territories in Canada(SAK) (this is a beautiful airport with absolutely no amendments ) in first class sitting in our wonderful reproduction (plastic) Adirondack chairs(padding is extra $25.00 US) complete with beer holder and ashtrays. Y'all will be pampered by our very own Hilda. Y'all git three choice of beer or a can of champagne. A very small amount of Fish Haggis on a fairly fresh Ritz or something. This is a price I really recommend. This wonderful airport is located right beside the amazing Haines highway. We'll arrive there in the morning and leave when we have too many black fly bites. Now for the second price: Oh boy. Well actually it is not so bad except you git to enjoy it for two days. All the same as the First price and we will provide you with three daily delish meals. Fish Haggis for breakky, lunch and dinner. No surprises ain't that nice? Well the third price.. You don't really want to win that one. Well good luck. Happy New year. Cheers Karl, T-Bone and our lovely Hilda.
  3. We're impatiently trying to head south getting way too cold up here. Then this guy had to show up Come on little guy git yer wheels down already.
  4. A2A just gave us a Christmas present with a free P40. Check out the Flying Tigers' aircraft under Freeware. Thanks A2A!
  5. MK Studios have added an additional 3 airports to OrbxDirect and to celebrate are offering a 30% discount here for 1 week only. Palma de Mallorca Airport is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe served by many different airlines like Ryanair, Jet2, Vueling or TUI. Purchase Here $24.47 AUD (Normally $34.95 AUD) US$17.46 | €14,86 | £13.41 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Visit Dublin, the major airport of Ireland as well as a significant base for long haul flights to the USA as well as the Middle East. Purchase Here $24.47 AUD (Normally $34.95 AUD) US$17.46 | €14,86 | £13.41 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only Visit Donegal Airport is located 2 NM south-west of Bunbeg in Carrickfinn, a townland in The Rosses, a district in north-west County Donegal, Ireland. The airport is on the county's north-west coast. about a 15-minute drive from Dungloe and Gweedore and 45 minutes from Letterkenny. It is popularly known within County Donegal as Carrickfinn Airport. Purchase Here $17.47 AUD (Normally $24.95 AUD) US$12.47 | €10,61 | £9.58 USD, EUR, GBP estimates only
  6. I am running both the P3D v4.5 and V5. Orbx library creates different subfolders for both. Is there a way to reduce the footprint of the duplicate installs? The V5 folder holds almost 500 GB. And the V4 folder is even larger. Can the links to the simulator be designed to use the highest version folder for the products? I understand that some products are not yet ready for P3D V5 although its a tiny minority that could be installed in the P3D V4 simulator folder in order to avoid confusion. Best regards, Juha Plunt Operating system: Win10 Simulator: P3D V4.5, V5 Screenshot: Issue: Waste of SSD space
  7. Since the update, any landing at any Florida airport paved surface gives the impression that is off airport. The wheels have that "soft vibrate roll" look. With and without "detect crashes" on.
  8. Extreme latitude Cheers Carlos
  9. So it's been a couple months since I last entered my sim but today when I launch Chaseplane it closes after it says "Authenticating..." Any idea what could cause this to happen? It worked perfectly fine before. I have version Cheers.
  10. For many years of simming - I have never really felt the need to leave my propped aircraft and venture much above VFR and 10000' - but I recently bought a couple of Biz jets - and have been flying high and fast - interstate OZ and Europe in the bizjets and a B 727 I came across 3 very good freeware aircraft (to my limited Knowledge of "Tubes") - and have been enjoying Long distance in the B787 and The A 380. I only have - the Major Orbx airports - but none seem to have the "double decker "airbridges that services the A 380. I have seen a couple on u tube videos of the aircraft at such gates - but they never say which airport - Orbx or not Any advice anyone ?
  11. Operating system: W10 64 Simulator: P3D 4.5 H3 Screenshot: Issue: after uninstalling absolutely all sim and Orbx - reinstalled sim and reinstalling a selection of my Orbx central will not update itself from 7 to 10 - but the main problem is I keep getting the RED screen of no library path All installations are request to Sim direct - no Library install -2 airports -Gold coast - Moorabbin - and the Canberra City all other requests installed with the odd refusal but accepted later also - how do I get Terra Flora 2 to install elsewhere - since Central wont ??
  12. I have a major problem - I have lost my P3D V4 - asked on PD forum - Nick tried to help and no help from Avsim Or P3D forums https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/193776-blank-screen-aftewr-loding-ac-and-ap/ The whole story on above - any advice taken ( well ! none rude ones)
  13. Any idea how I can get these things to work without having to use SPAD or LINDA? For Dummies version please.
  14. Hi everyone, I am in desperate help regarding screenshots on P3DV4.5 Before i reinstalled P3D My screenshots had full colour and looked great. Now that i have reinstalled P3D My screenshots look washed out When i press F12 F12 Screenshot And when i press Printscreen they look like this: And when i press Printscreen they look like thisThey always used to look like the bottom one but now they always look like the top one (washed out) Is there any fix to this? This is driving mme crazy and i really need help it worked before why is this not working now
  15. Hello I bought the Stockholm Arlanda Airport from Orbx and I use P3D V4. I had to notice that the ground textures are blurred. Does anyone know the problem and how to fix it? I have already reinstalled it twice, but that didn't help. Sincerelly Florian
  16. The old GAS freeware Gipsy Moth, which works perfectly in P3D on a sunny afternoon at Damyn's Hall.
  17. The A2A Cub over the iron age hill fort and Norman ruins at Old Sarum, just to the west of the aerodrome. TEGB really makes a difference.
  18. but for cruising THROUGH and BY! Note: wake files created for FSX, but got it working in P3D 4.x, but not fully rendering right...oh well...
  19. Since reinstalling P3Dv4 with TEGB(S) I've been working through my addon airfields, and all seem ok so far except Damyns Hall, which simply refuses to load, hanging up at 97%. Any ideas, please? I have tried deleting and reinstalling, and verifying files, but without any success.
  20. Tregantle Fort Fort Picklecombe Plymouth Hoe, Smeaton's Tower and Citadel Tamar Bridges, and yes, I did!
  21. GAS Waco UPF in PNW, near Sekiu
  22. Ant's Tiger Moth Pro, with a repaint by erican2, over Bodiam Castle, East Sussex in TEGB(S).
  23. Hi All, I'm in the process of purchasing a new PC (i7-9700/RTX2070 Super) to replace my existing one which is about 5 years old. Over time, this earlier dedicated flight sim PC has gathered quite a bit of software that I want to transfer to the new PC. I'm interested in drawing on your experience on making the transition as smooth as possible and getting the de-activation and re-activations in the best order. I'm after advice on what needs to be de-activated in the product or just uninstalled under Windows 10 etc. My current thinking: 1. Uninstall, through Windows; GTX2; Active Sky 2. Uninstall all REX products; EV Force; Sky Force; Airports HD etc. 3. Open Orbx FTX. Uninstall all the scenery (I don't have Central yet) Uninstall FTX. 4. Uninstall fully all three packages of Prepar3d v4.5HF I presume I would then reverse the process on the new PC? Anyone any idea of what Config files I should save first before the uninstall and transfer later? And where I would find them? (I'm also having trouble finding all my activation and serial number emails so I am not looking forward to this process but I'm sure it will be worth it.) Any advice appreciated. Aussie
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