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  1. P3D v5 All Orbx stuff. Oops. Pat 1 was the wrong airport code, it was supposed to be Macedonia and I forget the code.
  2. Some from a flight in Macedonia recently. More to follow.
  3. This was a flight I made the other day. It was from Orbx's EGGD, Bristol to EGTB, Wycombe. I think. I made be wrong
  4. After comparing P3D v4 and V5 screenshots at the same time I adjusted the HDR in V5. It's not perfect but better. At least the cockpit of the 777 isn't washed out. Enjoy my silliness and not one virtual passenger was hurt in this flight.
  5. Narita, and the new 777. What I wouldn't give to do this in real life. All of my virtual passengers very much enjoyed this.
  6. More from yesterday morning's test flight. This is a nice area, excellent on frames with max sliders. Nicely done guys.
  7. This is a flight I made also in November. PAJN to CYEG, all Orbx stuff.
  8. My first flight after getting things back up to speed in the new house. This Is P3D (sorry no MSFS). This is Vancouver. Really hoping Martyn @VH-KDK comes back Also testing IMGUR as Nick's directions are different because I'm posting on a Mac. ]
  9. This is from GCTS, Tenerife. Just a quick test of the controls and stuff after putting it all back together and updating. It was quite an uneventful flight. My passengers loved it!
  10. After installing either NA Northern California or KSTS in P3D v5.1, the nav data is downgraded to an old release. Approaches in GPS don't match current release (AIRAC cycle 2013). Is there an update to NA Northern California? Is there a way to update the data after installing NA NC or KSTS?
  11. With my new computer. It has been a real pain setting it up and I am not finished yet. Somewhere over Oklahoma Base Pack Open LC North America [img]https://i.imgur.com/dhzHsFm.jpg[/img]
  12. P3D v5. All Orbx stuff. PAHO, Homer. 4.5 is almost completely relegated now to some obscure place on my PC. Here's a quick test around Homer, someday I'm gonna visit this place.
  13. After many days of testing I'm very satisfied with V5. This is Orbx's LOWI & Europe. Aerosoft's A318. Sometimes I think I get more pleasure out of setting things up than actually flying
  14. central.log Operating system: W10 Simulator: P3Dv5 Screenshot: Issue: Central does not seem to insert sceneries into P3Dv5. I can see them in Central but not in P3D Scenery Library. Steps taken: 1. Installed P3Dv5 2. Ran it once - incl. test flight 3. Renamed 'p3dv4' folder to 'p3dv5' in Orbx library folder (I removed P3Dv4 anyway). It shows OK in Central and P3Dv5 shows up in dropdown active simulator selection - see attached screen 'central.png' 4. Re-installed Global from scratch 5. Ran P3Dv5 - no scenery seen in Scenery Library and in the sim itself - see attached screen 'p3dv5.png' 6. Restarted PC, tried again - no luck It seems that either 'migrated' files and newly installed from Global BASE, does not make it to P3Dv5. Do you have any advice on next steps? Thanks! &
  15. The new CAC8, CAE3, and CAG8 freeware harbor airports are great to have in V5 and they look terrific. However, there's a glitch in each and everyone of them when sitting at the start dock. The FPS drops drastically, just at the dock. Once you taxi away from the dock everything is fine. I am wondering if that could be checked for any anomalies. I've done fresh installs with each one of them and per Central, they are all installed to the library, like all my other Orbx sceneries. All my other sceneries are fine, these are the only ones with this glitch. Lee
  16. Just downloaded Glacier Park International and am downloading the BC Water Aerodromes. Thanks to the Orbx crew for making these airports available for P3D V5.
  17. Follow LA river to long beach after watching RW video of same. #MicahFlies Love the Way Long Beach looks. \
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