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Found 15 results

  1. Gents, I completed a flight yesterday from Honolulu to NSTU in Concorde and landed on Rwy 23. I'm beta testing a moving map utility - under NDA so can't identify it - and used its Taxi feature to show me the path to stand B1. It advised it couldn't find a suitable route using the supplied AFCAD. On looking at the AFCAD using Scruffy Duck's ADE there are lots of orphan and open links. This might explain the problem my moving map software had. There doesn't appear to be any alternative AFCADs for NSTU. Bit disappointing given the quality of the package. I haven't the skill to repair all the broken links. Any suggestions?
  2. I have FTX Global running in P3D v3.4. I also have UK2000 Manchester EGCC. The airport is covered by snow in January. It shouldn't be. The author of UK2000 EGCC has released a fix to correct the problem but it is only needed in January. The user has to remember to remove the files for the remaining 11 months of the year. Apparently in December and February the snow is not visible. I have updated FTX Global to the latest version but this problem remains. Can you please fix it. I have many other UK airports by the same author including Glasgow and Edinburgh and they don't have this snow problem even though in real life it's more likely to occur. Many thanks.
  3. Finally, finally, finally picked up the A2A Cherokee, and she is a joy to fly! Just a quick jaunt from Agua Dulce to Burbank (Bob Hope).
  4. Decided to make another flight. I landed the Bell at NSFA, Faleolo Int. and flew the Beaver to NSAU, Asau. In my zeal to get there I neglected to retract the gear, was flying hoping the power wouldn't go out in this tropical storm. High winds and flooding all day and more tomorrow.
  5. P3D3.4 - Orbx - MV Beaver - AS16 on - No PTA It was a nice relaxing flight, hello but no inverted.
  6. All Orbx in P3D 3.4 MilViz Huey. Flight from Tahoe to KTRK No acrobatics, this was an FSE flight. That should make John happy I love the ground below, such cool detail. Can't wait for the Orbx airports to be ready for V4. I like the moon reflecting off the water.
  7. All Orbx What a BMW! Can leap over water to get to work on time! Hurry up! There's the tower! I GOT to get to work on time! Who cares about planes and runways! Get me to work! I'm in Australia, am I driving on the correct side of the road, this ain't the USA you know! I know the trees are pretty but hurry up! I gotta do something first! NO! I ain't bringing' it back yet! Put it on my credit card. The faster way to work! Almost at work! Come on! Come on! Hey, I work in ATC, I HAVE to keep those planes at a professional distance! Made it! Now for a leisurely day working ATC.
  8. Pleased to meet ya! P3D 3.4 Orbx everything. YSMO Smithton to YWYY, Wynyard Enjoy Do you guys ever get sick of this? I don't! This is a very nice island! I got this, rookie! Ok, you can fly now.
  9. P3D v3.4 Orbx everything. Just bought this MV Huey, it's cool! I flew around YMSI, Smithton.
  10. I had things real good in P3D 2.5 but now in 3.4 these odd scenery things are happening I've done no different with the scenery library order. Used FTX Central 3 to do the installs. NZ North Island FSS0522883
  11. It was a fun flight until I got close to Telluride, and it was shrouded in clouds...dumb flying ensued, and I eventually put it safely on the ground. I would NEVER do this in real life. I should've landed at an alternate when I came upon the scene in shot #6, but I was a real idiot getting as close to nature as I got in shot #7. ...and now I'll go relax with a shot of old #7...
  12. I have FTX Global on my system for FSX and am trying to install it in the new version of P3D v3.4. I ran my FSS unwrapper, started the FTX Global install for P3D and get a question about inserting disc 2. Since it is a download, I do not have any discs. I did get this error message. Would appreciate a response on how to fix this. Thank you! ftxc_error_269.txt
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