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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone. I recently purchased Orbx Global Base, Vector and took advantage of the free to play PrecipitFX as well. I installed everything via Orbx Central and configured my sim according to the user guide. When I loaded up the sim, I was getting 0.5fps according to P3d, but when I actually timed it, it was closer to 0.02fps. After a lot of frustration, I figured out there was an addon conflict somewhere thanks to a Redditor who helped me in my post to r/flightsim about this problem. I turned everything off except for the Orbx scenery addons and restarted the sim. Lo and behold, it loaded fine and I was getting a steady 75fps at Lackland AFB on the runway in the Maul with ActiveSky weather running at dusk. So I started turning things back on one at a time and what I found was that the Navigraph Simlink was causing the slideshow issue. Has anyone else had this problem with Simlink and how did you fix it? I use Navigraph charts quite a bit on a second monitor and the moving map feature is great when I'm flying to airports I'm not familiar with, as well as other things too. I don't want to lose that functionality for the sake of prettier scenery since I prioritize systems and procedures over beauty typically. With that being said though, Orbx looks really nice and I don't want to not have it either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello. I have steam FSX installed okay. I have Orbx Global Base installed. Plus NZ NI NZ SI and Milford sounds pack. Cannot seem to load them into scenery with FSX. Any help would be welcome. Cheers Keith.
  3. FSX Howard 500 flight from Riggins Airstrip (abandoned in the 1950s), then climbing 6,000', then weaving through the 7 Devils Mtns and then dropping 6,000' down to the Snake River into Hell's Canyon and overflying Hell's Canyon Dam and Oxbow Dam before landing at the Idaho Power Airstrip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgM-224-zfw
  4. FSX Pasped Skylark aircraft by LionHeart Creations flying from Bonner's Ferry to Sandpoint, Idaho. Mid-Flight snacks are provided as well as soothing music. Bonner's Ferry airport by Orbx, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFwC1GNRt-M&feature=youtu.be
  5. I was blown away after installing some of the Orbx products so made the following video. This is a depiction of 2 systems ... one without FTX enhancements and one with FTX enhancements. Without is my i5 2500K GTX 760 and with is my i5 6600K GTX 980 Ti but the comparison is about the scenery and not about the aircraft resolution. I tried to duplicate the flight but I do not have Ezdok on the older so I was somewhat spastic in looking around. When I added FTX Trees and FTX Vectors on my new system I was blown away ... I was doubtful but now I'm a convert. Basic upgrade path for me was in this order; FTX Central Rocky Mtns, FTX Global base, FTX Holgermesh, FTX Trees and FTX Vectors. When Vectors straightened out the roads, rivers and sharp edges it was a huge difference. Everything was on sale at the time (until the end of this month) so I couldn't resist ... and I'm glad I didn't. It was definitely worth the money.
  6. Flying a de Haviland DHC-6 as a Charter Tour Pilot with tourists viewing the Yongai village nesting in the adjacent hillside and then returning to base at Tapini. The descent over the final ridge was steep requiring a hard slip to descend to proper altitude for Final. All textures and airports designed by Orbx.
  7. FSX charter flight to pick up missionaries at the remote bush airstrip called Temkenumo in Papua New Guinea. Terrain is from Orbx's APYN Papua New Guinea scenery package and the aircraft is a Quest Kodiak from Lionheart Creations which is often used in real life for such work. I borrowed this one from Florida Air Services since mine is in the bottom of one of these canyons ....
  8. D17 Charter Flight from Kosipe to Ononge ridge strip before storm hits. Made some errors in labeling but it was waaaay late for me last night.
  9. I broke my shiny new Cessna 337 and Benny through his outside contacts found one I could use through the weekend if I don't leave it in the bottomof some canyon. Flying deeper in the New guinea bush with a repaint by Richard Luycx for New Zealand Aerial Mapping tasks. I fly from the lower elevation strip (Asimba) to Yongai at a higher elevation and return. Scenery is Orbx's Global Base with 7 airports (TAP Tapini) package. I've never seen so many butterflies ...
  10. My band quit on me but I'll post this anyway ... No natural engine sounds were killed in the making of this movie. Pulled out my shiny new Cessna 195 to take a bush pilot wanabe out on his checkride. Woitap to Fane. If we walk away without bending anything I'll sign his ticket.
  11. Hi all, does anyone know if there will be a patch release or other such animal to enable the installation of Orbx Global Base into Prepar3D v3 which has (thank the Lord!) just been released?
  12. Trying to install FTX- Global Base. Where things go south is when I get to the.. Ready to Install page. it lists the folder it chooses to install at ~ E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FSX My FSX install is on a C: drive and I don't have a drive E: All I can think of is that I did have a previous FSX-SE install on another Drive, which is no longer on the computer. I Moved my Steam apps to this local C: drive when I got an SSD. Thanks.
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