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Found 20 results

  1. Hi I installed Orbx England into P3D V4 the latest update for it too but when ever i load into the sim it crashes at 80%. I uninstalled it and its working fine again. Any help? Thanks James
  2. Hello My ORBX England is acting weird. the Sea textures that are loaded are made of grass and on the coastline, the earth texture has leaked over. When I disable the file shown in the image, the problem is solved but the airports act weird. Please help! Thanks
  3. Am slowly being able to make more videos after going through a difficult time. So a very warm welcome aboard this Tappers Airways Flight from Edinburgh to Newcastle, leg 8 of our UK tour. For once the weather is being kind to us and we get some lovely views care of ORBX Scotland and England. I hope you enjoy the flight.
  4. I'm running P3D V3.4 and ORBX England, Scotland and Wales. The ORBX software was loaded via FTX Central. Scotland and Wales work fine. Operating from any airfield in England the scenery build slowly in its constituent blocks. The underlying water shows through so it looks like Lincolnshire is flooded! I tried the "Holger" fix by copying the default terrain config file but no luck. This thread describes my problem almost exactly. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/132721-scenery-fragments-slow-to-load/#comment-1179627 I am a total newbie so please go easy on me PC Spec Scan 3XS gaming computer Intel Core I5 7500 16 Gb DDR4 RAM 1 TB SATA 3 HDD 8G ASUS Strix GTX 1070 256 Gb Samsung SMS61 Running Win 10 Oculus Rift Headset Saitek Pro controller Oculus Touch controllers
  5. Hello All, I recently purchase Orbx EGHI and orbx England... EGHI works amazingly looks amazing performance is amazing everything is fine. However... Orbx England has not made an appearance. It doesn't appear in my scenery library and there is no visual difference to my surrounding terrain at all other than an unbelievable amount of blurriness. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction and offer some help as this is frankly ruined my sim... I managed to get some screenshots of the terrain... The blurries have been a lot worse in the past few hours but this gives you an idea of the issue and shows orbx England is not present. My Order Numbers are EU england 58e61b91afd63. EGHI 58e2a55dd6bb3
  6. In 1968 the government failed to recognise the 50th Anniversary of the RAF. Flt. Lt. Pollock reminded them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawker_Hunter_Tower_Bridge_incident
  7. Finally got to grips with the LHC Blade and decided to do another storyboard. Took off on a steaming hot dawn from London City via the South coast to St. Just at Lands End, spent the day in Cornwall and hot footed it back as dusk began to fall. Made a rest stop at both Exeter and Plymouth and buzzed the Brunel Royal Albert and Tamar Bridges, The Eden Project, Saint Michael Mount, Penzance Heliport on the way. Caution... Very image heavy. You may need a lie down afterwards. Cheers, Lane.
  8. Recreated the first flight of the most beautiful man made thing in the sky. I used Enstone because Eastleigh (Southampton Airport) has been modernised beyond recognition and wouldn't look right. Anyway, I'll not go on and on like I usually do on my posts because as Mutt Summers said when he stepped out of the thing after it's maiden flight, "Touch Nothing!" Cheers.
  9. A few shots from an Airborne C4 out of... scratch that... off of Cumrew Fell in Cumbria. My old Technology teacher Nick Pain was in Team GB for Hang Gliding and until recently held the British distance record... 158 miles? Yowser. He loved the fact I was into planes and flew often with cadets but took the mick out of me for never having the bottle to dangle off a teatowel on a coat hanger. I wish I'd taken him up on the offer now... ... I think? Anyhow, here goes. Some nice English summer colours.
  10. Carrying on from my Vigilant TX.1post I'm posting a wee journey in celebration of my gliding past. I took a Slingsby T-61 Venture from RAF Syerston which is the home of Air Cadet gliding to nearby RAF Cranwell, the home of the RAF with a flyby of the college and land. Sadly I never got to fly this bird although it was still in service well into my time in the ATC. Only a few (for me) because the model is an old FS9 port over and is vulnerable to criticism from FS rivet counters. I tried to get that sort of 35mm Kodak Gold saturation and warmth digital photography dispensed with. Enjoy. Next, the wondrous Air Cadet stalwart the Slingsby Sedburgh.
  11. Hi there, In my time in the ATC I only got to fly this bird a couple of times (i was the first cadet in my wing to fly it at all). I flew often and went solo in the (Grob 103 Twin Acro II) Viking TX.1 with 645 VGS (of which a lot of the instructors are my mates) at RAF Catterick in North Yorkshire which when handed over to the Army (now called Marne Barracks) meant the school had to relocate. They moved up the road to RAF Topcliffe with the Tucano's and converted to powered gliders, namely the (Grob 109 B ) Vigilant TX.1. Air Cadet gliding is under attack right now from our government who see the cost in everything and the value in nothing.The value in providing flying and gliding training for teens and young adults of all backgrounds is immeasurable and something I'll always be grateful for. It nurtures confidence in your abilities, aspiration, awareness and focus at an age which sets you up for your entire life. Thankfully of many schools closed and earmarked for closure my mates at 645 VGS have missed the cut for now and are re-rigging to continue in their great work. This is for them and those who weren't so fortunate. Cheers, Lane. ORBX England around North Yorkshire. Well represented but missing a few well known landmarks, most glaringly the Sutton Bank White Horse and Yorkshire Gliding School (one of the oldest and formed by among others Fred Slingsby - yes, THAT Slingsby) the RAF Fylingdales pyramid and the vast complex of giant golf balls at RAF Menwith Hill. Other than that pretty darned good.
  12. When extracting the .zip file for OrbX England I get an error when it gets to the 'OrbxFTXENG140.5' which wont let this file extract. It also says 'Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error' if this helps.
  13. Looking for a good airport to land at; it is afternoon and nearly tea time.
  14. Just a Few from my early morning misty flight in the Beautiful Duke Turbine , departing Sywell direct to Luton Airport
  15. This Ordnance Survey Titan is based at my real life local - East Midlands Airport... EGNX, so I get to see her often http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/blog/tag/aircraft/ Here she is mapping Orbx from Cardiff along the Welsh border and on to Dundee in Scotland... First off...a quick in flight shot And at the beginning heading out of Cardiff Along the Welsh border Dundee coming into sight... Nice handling bird, enjoying this landing And ready the next morning for another mapping adventure in Orbx land
  16. Hi I recently downloaded the ORBx Southampton and ORBx England sceneries and after I installed them on FSX, my terrain goes strange, as if the sea extends into the land, and as I fly towards any land, the sea 'catches up' with me, but it is not really where the water is supposed to be, but just a problem with the payware. This is made even more obvious when you can see cars following paths in the water. FS never did this prior to the installations. It's really annoying and even when I put the settings low for detail in FSX, then it still happens? Please could you advise me on what to do. Regards Tom
  17. I have a problem. When i start my flight, everything is ok. Airport looks ok, and the trees, houses, bridges and stuff. When i fly higher, it suddenly dissapear. When i land, for ex on southampton airport (orbx payware) airport from orbx exist, but there are no autogen trees, grass, houses and stuff. After few minutes, it appears sudenly (autogen and stuff). Please help it's really annoing I use: - a2a cessna 172 acu sim - pmdg 737 - quality aurcraft ba - orbx ftx global - orbx EN - orbx Southampton - fsx dx10 steve tweak - rex essential overdrive for textures - opus for weather - shade - ezdok Cheers R
  18. Enjoy my ride above the city of London, the Ribblehead Viaduct, offshore Windfarms near Barrow, Offshore Lighthouses at Bamburgh, the Emley Moor Tower, Stonehenge, the 'Angel of the North' monument near Newcastle, the Blackpool Tower and a quite amazing landscape. Truly royal ... [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCn3KFbh1nU&hd=1
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