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  1. Hello guys. I moved a library from one drive to another following the guidelines of the forums. I restarted Orbx central and it now shows the size as I was expecting, so since I couldn't find how to move just the files to this other drive from a different one, I uninstalled one airport (BIKF) and then I tried to reinstall it on my new drive, but it gave me an error. I actually tried to reinstall it on the same drive I uninstall it from, but it gave me the same error. David Pineda
  2. I bought the London Scenary add-on pack through the ingame marketplace however I would like to get it on the Orbx Central app that I discovered after. Is there a way to get it there instead without repurchasing?
  3. I found by chance several free products from Orbx that couldn't by identified as free if I did not scroll and select those items (may be I don't know another easier way), I suggest adding a new tab to Orbx Central to display those high quality products. Ali A.
  4. I have 400mbps download speed with a 20 to 40 mbps upload speed. I am just wondering why is Orbx so slow when downloading it has been taking me days to just install one scenery pack and I still haven't been able to get it downloaded. It's making me confused and upset that I have something I can not use because it won't download fast enough from the servers that are only limited to -3.25 mbps out of Australia.
  5. This error is from Orbx central. I am unable to uninstall TE Washington HD for X-Plane 11 as it result in "No response received. Message timed out.". I did a repair and it still won't let me remove it. Please let me know where the log file for Orbx central is located so I can attach it. BTW X-Plane is NOT running. Here is a screenshot
  6. Hello Since the MSFS 2020 update and following a full reinstall of MSFS (download included) Orbx central is no longer recognising msfs application and thus i cannot install the addons i purchased. Orbx central is however recognising p3d no problem. Its the msfs Microsoft store version Please help Kindest regards Rob
  7. Greetings, I purchased LOWI for MSFS via Orbx Central (using v4.1.22) with the "Install into an Orbx Library" option. Went to LOWI, and no airport (I had uninstalled the Asobo LOWI from Content). So, as it seems MSFS only supports 1 content folder (found under GENERAL | DATA | ROLLING CACHE PATH), is the "Install into an Orbx Library" even a functional option in MSFS and do I need to uninstall it and install it using the Install Directly to the Sim option instead? Also, every time I restart the sim the ASOBO Studio LOWI gets reinstalled. Regards, Jeffrey S. Bryner
  8. Just upgraded to latest Orbx Central. All existing scenery updated as part of installation. Only problem was with YBAS - installed with1 file failing to extract. Tried the verify option, no luck. Uninstalled and reinstalled YBAS. Error still apparent - 1 file failed to extract. Any suggestions?
  9. Operating system: Win7 Pro X64 Simulator: FSXA Screenshot: Issue: Updates fail to complete. There appears to be several 'Fail to copy file' errors and 'UnauthorizedAccessException's noted in the log. I am running Orbx Central 'as administrator'. When attempting to update various products I receive an error message after the download of the update is comole. (See attached screenshots). The log file seems to indicate a failure to copy a file or files after extraction or a failure to extract all the files in the update. After each update failure I ran the "Verify Files" procedure as recommended by the error message but that resulted in the same outcome. My VERY slow ADSL2 download speed is only 400 KBs so each attempt to download/update a product such as Global or Vector takes a long time. I have spent hours trying to update those products and aa the airports shown that have updates available. Due to the length of time it takes to download and update for the main products, there is no way I am about to uninstall and reinstall them. The time required would be prohibitive and I am not about to spends DAYS doing that. I had no problems installing several updates a few weeks ago under the previous Orbx Central 4.1.1. However yesterday I was forced to update that program to 4.1.14 and that appears to have brought about this issue. The ONLY update/installation that completed was the Holgermesh for Australia. All other update attempts failed. That includes Global, Global Vector and all the airports that were flagged as having updates available. I have not changed anything in my system since the last time I was able to run updates, other that Orbx Central. I have no AV running and no files quarantined. Paul central.zip
  10. For the past few days I am unable to update my Orbx Libraries through Orbx Central. Whenever I try to update the files I get an error message saying "Unable to download and save the manifest". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Orbx Central app but still the same result. Hoping that someone can help me with this problem. Thanks
  11. Since a System crash and rebuild, I have installed P3dv5 instead of going back to P3dv4. I note , now launching Orbx that some of my airpors and a utility are missing. Airports like Brisbane and Melbourne, and a utility are missing from my list of purchased products I have relaunched and restarted this App more than once Is this a known issue , or what do I have to do to get them back? Thanks
  12. I have just returned to FSXSE after a 18 month layoff to concentrate on other projects. Found many changes in that time including Orbx Central which I downloaded. I first of all tried updating sceneries but couldn't due to Orbx libraries not being up to date. When I tried downloading the latest libraries, I get the error message: 'Could not download and save manifest' see below. I found a possible solution in Orbx Central User Guide relating to firewall blockages. Tried the fixes as outlined but still same message appears. In a desperate move I uninstalled all my Orbx sceneries and then FSXSE. Then I formatted the drive so I could start with a clean load in a hope to repair error. Unfortunately the same error shows up on clean load. Went through fix procedure again but same result and Windows 10 firewall is disabled plus my payware firewall turned off. I am happy starting from scratch with a clean load, but I also would really love to have my Orbx Sceneries loaded. Also looking forward to purchasing more. Can you please help??
  13. I would like to suggest that a tool be added to Orbx Central with a GUI similar to the Manual Configuration section in the GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool but showing all the active installed Orbx airports in the window on the left; deactivate and activate buttons in the middle; and deactivated Orbx airports in the window on the right. This would make it easier, safer and quicker for users to deactivate airports compared to manual .OFF system that we have to use now. Operating system: Windows 10 1909 Simulator: P3Dv5 Screenshot: Issue: Suggestion
  14. I have the following problems: When I checked the installed products in Orbx - Central yesterday, I found that some were not installed. So I tried to fill in the blanks. Some products could be installed normally, others didn't want at all. For example, I installed Germany North without any problems when I tried to install Germany South, the error came, library not found. So also with two or three other scenarios. For this reason I completely removed Orbx files from the PC in order to reinstall them in a new library. Now I have been trying to install Orbx Central for hours. I already have at least 3 exe files on my PC, but after the start of the installation process the installation hangs. I have never had this problem on this PC. What to do? Gruß Peter Fischer
  15. I have my significant multiple Orbx products on my current i7 computer, with Central installed. I have FSX, P3Dv2 and X-Plane installed on this machine....all works well. I have just purchased a new i9 machine and rather than just clone all of my current Sim structures & domestic progs to the new one, I will take this opportunity to RE-install ONLY P3Dv2 on my new one....PLUS I will then be (newly) purchasing P3Dv4-(64bit) to use on it. (I no longer use/enjoy FSX/X-Plane!) However, WHEN my new machine is 100% working I will be clearing my old one out and disposing of it....but, that could take me a good couple of weeks to achieve! And then i MIGHT later be tempted to also install MS2020!! As an avid on-line simmer, I am actually trying to avoid problems or disruptions with this project, so I am seeking your early advice - and any pointers, hints or links - most especially about (temporarily!!) having two versions of P3Dv2 on my (personal) two machines. Clearly I will - eventually!! - have my Central on only the new machine and will then only be updating THAT one. Any pointers you can offer would be much appreciated - both from Admin/Orbx Team and from other Forum Members who may have faced similar issues! Thanks Mac@Bath
  16. Since installing the new Orbx Central I can no longer manually reinstall software from .zip files. Can this be fixed? Your servers are pretty fast for a short time and then downloading restrictions kick in. Thanks
  17. Hi Still hope some one can solve my problem.Have problem EGLC on download flags up Product owned, This incorrect. Will not allow to go check out. The many items loaded with Orbx central ok. cheers
  18. Hi, I've just installed a number of Orbx airports and Australia v2, I already have the base and Europe openLC product, a few others, and airports from other developers. After installing these, I opened up the sim. All of the Orbx openLC and base files are above the airport ones from other developers. I am using the latest version of Orbx Central. I tried the syncing thing in the Orbx central settings, but it didn't work. I'm not sure what to do in order to make my scenery library in the correct order. Kind regards, Max Kemp
  19. Just wanted to make you aware that my thread about the problems with downloading TE WA Enhancement Package and its integration with ORBX Central is not listed here. I just want an honest answer if you can help on this or not. I posted this: and this Best regards from a newbie and long time X-Plane user.
  20. Hello I am having extreme problems with My P3D Scenery Library following a Migration I did to take files out of the P3D Primary Folder (F:\P3D) and place them in one I created outside (F:\Orbx). as you will see from the attachments the files appear to be corrupt and in the wrong order- see Scenery Area name. I have tried the Central facility to reposition the files in the library but this does not appear to be working. In addition, the Orbx listed P3D Library files are now greyed out which means I cannot move them up or down! This troubles me since I need to have certain files above the Orbx files. Included with the attachments is an Excel Spreadsheet showing how my P3D Scenery Library should look - It is not completely up-to-date but is near enough to show how my Library should be looking. In addition, I have attached a screenshot of my aircraft at Orbx - EGKA and as you will see although my aircraft wheels are on the ground the simobject planes are partially buried in the ground! Your guidance/help would be very much appreciated. Thank you Trevor Operating system: Windows 10 With Updates Simulator: P3Dv4.5 With Updates Screenshot: Issue: P3D Scenery Library In A Mess! central.log P3D Scenery Library Before Central File Migration.xlsx
  21. I noticed that Orbx Central gives a short message everyday now of "1 outdated product found... " but I don't think it installs any update. Is there a way to check for this, if it actually downloaded an update, or can I see somewhere which update it might be, if any?
  22. I am unable to download and install EGNX East Midlands. I did manage to download and install EGLC London City with Orbx Central. I never had a problem with FTX Central. I have made 3 attempts so far: On the first attempt the download got to 82% 439/514 extracted before freezing. On the second attempt the download got to 93% 459/514 extracted before freezing. On my third attempt the download got to 73% 459/514 extracted before freezing again. I also attempted to UPDATE my EGHI Southampton scenery but with no luck! Please advise me how I can download and install EGNX East Midlands. Thanks.
  23. Operating system: Win 10 64 Simulator: P3DV4 Screenshot: Install failIssue: install fail error loop: central.log
  24. Hi, I just bought last evening True Earth Netherlands for Aerofly FS 2 and downloaded / installed by FTX Central 3. I thought this Orbx version for FS2 will be installed like my same earlier bought version for Prepar3D v4, but it got installed in a separate location outside my FS 2 install. I didn't like that so I did a cut and paste of the orbx_ftxnld folder in ...\addons\scenery\ inside my FS 2 install. So far so good, very nice! But afterwards I noticed that I used FTX Central 3, and I read about Orbx Central as the new product installer. So, I uninstalled FTX Central 3 by install of Orbx Central. Orbx Central shows me my earlier bought Prepar3D v4 and X-Plane versions BUT doesn't show True Earth Netherlands for Aerofly FS 2. I tried several things, but even a new download by now the Orbx Central product installer won't work... Everything works fine for Prepar3D v4 and X-Plane, like file checking and product updates, but not for Aerofly FS 2. What do I do wrong? Or is this a 'bug'? My compliments to Orbx for this version of True Earth Netherlands, I like my city The Hague. I hope only that it will be dressed up a bit for Schiphol and things like a missing Pier Scheveningen, that is what I noticed shortly after airborne in the Robinson R22 helicopter. Happy Flying!
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