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Found 6 results

  1. Orbx: I recently purchased the EA-7 Optica and have a major issue with the engine. When I takeoff the engine dies about 15 minutes after departure (I recently used Orbx Catalina). I can generally restart using Control + E and it seems to fix it in the air. On the ground if the engine dies it will not restart. This occurred when I sat at the ramp for a few minutes. Control + E didn't work on the ground either (seems to work only in the air to restart). The Garmin GPS will also stop working if I sit on the ramp for 15 minutes as well. All other default aircraft do not have this issue at all. I have attempted to fix this issue by reinstalling the aircraft from Orbx Central and this did not fix it. Also, flight model is set to Modern. Also, I made sure I do not have the mixture setting assigned to my joystick. Please note this aircraft worked perfectly on SU5 and Hotfix 1. This problem just recently started with Hotfix 2. I am using the latest version of MSFS 2020. Also, I have followed the checklist exactly. I have also tried just Control + E on the ground and then did a takeoff 5 minutes later. Same problem.
  2. Hey All, Here is the current bug list for the Optica. This thread will be updated continuously with the following tags: Investigating - we are looking into the bug and working on it Resolved - the item has been corrected and tested, awaiting patch Patched OC - the item has been patched on OrbxCentral and files should be updated by users Patched OC/MSM - the item has been patched on OrbxCentral and MSFS Marketplace Please note that submissions to Microsoft can take up to 3 weeks to process. Sounds When opening cockpit door, engine noise level is the same - investigating Views Ability to poke head out of the cockpit with TiR / VR - investigating Animations Nose wheel steering not animated - temporary resolution. Working in SP, not visible in MP - patched OC Avionics Transponder unit intermittently not working for some users since SU5 - investigating FM Clicking AI Control aircraft goes into a right hand bank downward spiral. Autopilot for AI control - investigating (If set from take-off it works as intended with level controlled flight) Hardware Conflict with Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant in that switches will not represent aircraft state and vice versa - investigating
  3. Iain's use of the checkerboard & red livery inspired me to try it out of Wanaka Airfield in the South Island, NZ, in conjunction with Orbx NZ Mesh. Using different SoFly weather scenarios. TTM (MSFS) SoFly Calm Winds Calm Winds again. SoFly UK Light Snow. SoFly UK Spring Day (One of my favorites as it always gives a mix of distant light rain, clouds, blue sky - a bit of everything)
  4. Testing the Optica over London. Perfect sightseeing platform!
  5. Orbx NZ Mesh, Optica, in the vicinity of Lake Tekapo, South Island of New Zealand. TTM (MSFS)
  6. Just a few after playing with a new toy Emmsie put me on to....
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