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Found 5 results

  1. As of yesterday, i started having blocks of inverted neon colours on the ground textures with openLC Europe. Tried to verify the files but during the night time the issue persists. Any idea what could be done ?
  2. Early spring flight from Asturias, Spain (LEAS) to Valleta, Malta (LMML) in the Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster by PMDG. Orbx's openLC-EU is one of the best products offered. Waiting for the loaded in beautiful Asturias. Loaded up and the right side is spinning. Climb out over northern Spain. Had a shot of Bilbao, but didn't like how it turned out. Warmer down here near Barcelona. Wish I was there again...maybe for the 10 year anniversary. Night falls quickly in the spring, even this close to the equator. Starting descent after passing Pantelleria island. Final into Valletta. The landing was not pretty. It'd been awhile since I'd flow the 6 and forgot how it dies when you throw out full flaps! Nice flight overall. Did another from Rome to London (with an even worse landing!!). Thanks, for looking.
  3. With the recent sale I bought OpenLC EU and installed it right away. Firstly I noticed that there are no autogen trees in the UK. Every other area seems to be fine. But weirdly the autogen buildings seem to work just fine in the UK. Secondly I noticed a drastic increase of loading time. In v4.4 it took up to 40-50 minutes to load into a scenario with default airport and default aircraft. It´s not as bad with 4.5 (and it´s hotfix) but still takes around 20-30 minutes at least. All settings in Prepar3d.cfg are default (as I let it rebuild because I thought it had something to do with that). The 70-80% (which are autogen) take the longest when loading. Before, the loading time with the FSL bus and a addon scenery wouldn´t take longer than about 10 minutes. (FTX Global and Vector were installed before as well). Hope someone can help me out. Sim: P3Dv4.5
  4. I've skipped most of the leg from Gran Canaria to Madrid (prior African leg is here) since it was mostly empty Atlantic. Spain is probably my favorite area of openLC-EU. I love the colors and the landscape of Spain. I've only been once, but I'll be back many times if life allows. Over southern Spain Parked up in Madrid Barajas. After getting into LEMD from the Gran Canaria stretch, the crew and I found a nice place to have a few glasses of Rioja and heaping plates of olives and jamon Iberico. I cannot get enough of that jamon! Despite the late dinner, we were up early for the departure. The route takes us over the Bay of Biscay and Brittany and on into Heathrow. Sadly leaving Spain behind... A bit of Brittany And on into EGGL...with a BA A320 right up my triple tail on final! Thanks for looking and indulging me on my 'round the world.
  5. Hi there, I have recently donw a reinstall of P3D due to issues outside of ORBX, but after reinstalling and setting up the scenery library, I have found that most of my world scenery is broken. I have installed Base, Vector, Trees, Open LC EU and NA, plus Australia and South Island. The first three pictures I believe are open lc issues. The Open LC scenery is broken through by default. In the last two, you can see that there is plenty of extra land off of the Vancouver area, which I beleive is a Vector problem. I have seen forum posts a while back on this Vancouver issue but without result. ANy help is HUGELY appreciated! Harrison PS As you can see there is also broken texture in the Vancouver area too. Default scenery through the Orbx.
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