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  1. Hello, I've just done a completely fresh install of my sim and all my addons. I installed BASE pack first then OpenLC North America And OpenLC Europe, to find that there are night textures mixed in with the day textures (see photos below). I've installed them all to my main library. I've also verified files for both with no issues. I've tried moving them up the order in the scenery library with no success. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ross
  2. Being a lovely day today, we took the De Havilland Tiger Moth out for a short flight from Lelystad to Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Smooth flying all the way... Herman Departure from Lelystad Airport (EHLE), runway 23 Ascending over Flevoland Province in a westerly direction with the well known Dutch wilderness area "Oostvadersplassen" on the right side Passing the city of Amsterdam from the SE Over Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM) and continuing in a SW direction Heading along the coastal region towards The Hague and continuing further in the direction of Hoek of Holland Flying over the Leiden area and heading towards The Hague & suburbs The old naval airfield, Valkenburg on the L and the town of Katwijk on the R Just prior to reaching Hoek of Holland we turn L towards the Rotterdam area Having started the descent we head nearly parallel to Rotterdam Airport The city of Rotterdam with it's huge port facility On the approach for EHRD, runway 24 Touchdown with the Tiger... Now where did you say that parking bay was? Finally our feet back on the ground! Thanks for looking!
  3. Thought I'd take the De Havilland Tiger Moth for a flight around the very scenic Innsbruck area. Orbx has done a wonderful job with this airport and surrounding area. A true gem! Anyway I've got a few images to share with you so let's get our feet off the ground... Herman Ascending directly East from Innsbruck Passing over villages east of Innsbruck With the weather changing rapidly, I decided to head back in a westerly direction towards Innsbruck Descending into Innsbruck prior to making a 180 degree turn to line up for the approach And what a "welcome back" I got (exceeded all my expectations) Thanks for looking!
  4. I am quite sure that you will guess the destination of this flight already: Either from the post title, or from the airline chosen to leave Barcelona. As usual we climb over the sea, now southbound. Over Valencia, ... ... the Sierra Segura, ... ... Granada ... ... and Malaga. Marbella, where suspicious persons present "their" Yachts, sports cars, Rolls Royces and other trophies. And here our destination shows up in the haze. A bit more clearly. Just to be sure. Gibraltar. Already with a time-consuming customs crossline. And before this becomes an even higher external border, surely a point of negotiation (whenever they finally begin).
  5. Let me take you on a summary of some city tours, with an easy-to-fly-low&slow plane out of El Prat. In the middle of this picture we have the Sants Estacio (station), where I once stayed in a fancy hotel. Just a short walk from there to La feria and the Museo Nacional, ... ... from where you can easily climb up to the Areal Olimpic. A bit further down the road you can get a great view from the Montjuic over the city, ... ... and take the Teleferic, a cable car over the harbour, surveying the Rambla del Mar. It ends near the beautiful triangle of Barceloneta, ... ... from where you may walk up the Ramblas to the Plaza Cataluna. So many touristic hotspots here, just like Antonio Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia... ... and his Parc Guell. A slight detour with the Maule brings us up to the suburb of St. Cugat. You can see the sports pitches down there? St. Cugat Hockey Club, we have played there some years ago. But in order to land we return to the airport over the industrial harbour... ... and - as always with small planes - fly slightly higher than the glide path, in order to avoid the wakes of preceding jetliners. Hey, what´s that?
  6. Having arrived with my previous Airbus flight in Switzerland and having some time off, I decided to fly around the Swiss mountains with a Tiger Moth. Had hoped to encounter some Alpine Ibex but unfortunately none were seen on this occasion! For those interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpine_ibex Herman Thanks for looking!
  7. A rather theoretical question these days, but we can have a look on some candidates for this difficult problem. Starting from Nice, France, ... ... over Antibes, ... ... St. Tropez ... and Marseilles ... ... towards the Pyrenees. Girona could be an option in northern Spain... ... or just going on to Barcelona. On my computer it takes about 10 minutes to load all the autogen, just enough to finish things at home . I still can´t get the EFB configured - it always waits for a navigraph subscription . But I get the Airbus configured for landing, over Castelldefels... ... and into El Prat.
  8. This was just a short flight to test the Majestic Dash8 in p3dv4.5 and the (3rd party) destination airport grabbed from some April sales. So I went on from Ajaccio, Corse, (some would say this is not France!) ... ... into the clouds. No way to see Orbx scenery here, but there is only sea below anyway. Descending towards the Cote d´Azur the view became better... ... especially along the coast. Antibes below, Nice (LFMN) ahead... ... and on final. Working perfect, that´s what I like!
  9. From Olbia in the north of Sardegna it is just a short hop to Corse, just as Patrick @Neptune6 suggested. As the runway chosen by ATC wanted me to start inland, I quickly turned right to get another view of the city. The sim weather was not so inviting as the real one, ... ... but I can say Olbia city is brilliantly modeled and gives a fantastic impression. Quite the view if you start to northeast. Brigitte Bardot greeting the Isla Maddalena, ... ... before crossing the unnoticable border to les Iles Lavezzi, Corse. Bonifacio. The peninsula should be a city on a rock - quite the attraction. Unfortunately this is not depicted in OLC Europe. The southeast of Corsica has a number of famous beaches... ... plus the magnificent city of Porto Vecchio, located on a small hill. The mouth of Cavu river with an adjacent beach. We have spent a number of holidays there. If you go hiking upstream the river, the landscape becomes dramatic. And the villages in the mountains are famous as well. Here we see the curvy roads near Sartene... ... and two glimpses of the settlement: The cultural... ... and the even more cultural. On base to Ajaccio. Ajaccio is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, but unfortunately usually overcrowded by cruise ship tourists (we just waited in a bar until they left before starting our tour...).
  10. Actual scheduled A320 flight from Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Airport bound for Zurich, Kloten Airport. Please don't ask me to translate the Swiss airport name into Dutch! Conditions were very cloudy with an abundance of thunderstorms. I was quite surprised at the flight level / speed restrictions over the Belgrade area as I had to fly a considerable distance at a mere FL60 / 200-230 knots. Had to apoloige to the passengers for the severe turbulance because of it... The flightpath took me via Hungary, Austria, Germany into Switzerland. Let's go! Herman Departing Nikola Tesla Airport (no, Elon Musk doesen't own it!) Climbing out of Belgrade A long climb due to considerable flight restrictions in the region (oh, those trees look wonderful... thanks, Orbx!) Cruise level FL340 after a long delay Some gorgeous mountain scenery with deep valley villages... Flying along the outskirts of the Austrian Alps To be continued/. Thanks for looking!
  11. Some may take a plane in Olbia,... ... others turn right outside the terminal and pick up a rental car. Either way you can have a look over Olbia city, which is beautiful but also painfully divided by roads. Here we go slightly north... ... to Porto Cervo, where the sheiks secure their money and attract other "VIPs". People who do not sit on oil have to work for their income, for example in industrial areas like Porto Torres. And tourists like us may rest in Alghero. Nice even in windy weather. Sassari is a waymark on the road back... ...into Olbia.
  12. Took the A319 out for a flight today from Moscow, Russia to Belgrade, Serbia. The flightpath passed over Ukraine and Romania and took approximately 2 hours, 30 minutes. Air Serbia actualy operates between these sectors with a similar aircraft. The Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade is an Orbx product. So fasten your seatbelt and lets fly... Herman Captain & first officer boarding at Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow A sharp turn towards a SW direction as we climb towards FL140 with Moscow suburbs below Passing over Ukrainian territory Cruising above cloud layers at FL360 Descending in Romanian skies Approaching the Danube River being the border between Romania and Serbia Serbian landscape Lined up for the approach to Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade Runway 30 Safely back on the ground... everyone happy Thanks for looking!
  13. Here we continue yesterday´s flight, from Tympaki. In fact the city is north of the airport, not south as shown in OLC. There are no trees on this little hill, and just left (south) of it is Kalamaki village. By chance I could offer some proof of its existence. The Pelargos taverna to the left, Paximadi Islands ahead. Under the 208´s belly is Komos Beach, the bay to the left is "the hippie village" Matala. Komos is nearly 5 km long. You can spot Kalamaki in the middle of the beach, Tympaki at its far end. One of the bays here can be reached by a hiking trail. Agiofarango Beach. The bay below embraces the village Lentas. And here we climb over the Massara plain. Can you see the serpentines below? This is the main road from Heraklion to the south, and it is no easy driving there, trust me. Turning eastwards... ... we take advantage from the fact that we do not have to find roads today (would be quite another detour) to get to the Lassithi plain. If one would stand on that mountain (or just fly around) the view would be great. Heraklion city to the right. By plane it is easy to simply descend over Chersonissou and fly back to Heraklion!
  14. For this tour out of Heraklion I chose the only greek GA livery that was waiting in my hangar. We head westwards over the harbour, leaving the old town to our left. Below us is the venetian fortress Koules. It was built in the early 16th century and is still in good condition. In usual times many cruiseships and ferrys travel to Heraklion. Olive trees along the north coast of the island. The next city with a long history: Rethymno. Today's old town (palia poli) was almost entirely built by the Republic of Venice. It is one of the best-preserved old towns in Crete. Chania, with the Island´s second biggest airport. And, like the other cites with a history of at least 4000 years. Just to show why the livery was made. Here we drop down the mountains of the west coast... ... to one of the world´s most famous beaches: Elafonisi. Climbing back to Crete´s mainland we reach the Omalos plain, ... ... which is the entry to the next highlight: The Samaria gorge. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samariá_Gorge The footpath is about 15 kilometers, and if you go the right direction you can descend 1250 m of altitude. The most famous part of the gorge is the stretch known as the Gates (or, albeit incorrectly, as "Iron Gates"), where the sides of the gorge close in to a width of only four meters and soar up to a height of almost 300 meters (980 feet). At the bottom end there is no road, just the harbour Agia Roumeli. Make sure you either have a hotel reservation or catch the last ferry of the day. We just go along the south coast... ... like some others... ... to the Paximadi Islands. They are inhabited and have no fresh water, thus their name: A dry Cretan biscuit is known as Paximadi. Agia Galini to the left, with its beautiful harbour and the statues of Icarus and Deidalos. Nearby is Tympaki airfield, at the beginning of the Messara plain and surrounded by sufficient tavernas...
  15. After adapting to p3dv5 (a very late follower...) I took one of my favourite airliners for a test: Aegean Airlines brand new 777 out of Larnaca. Cyprus the way that is might be seen regularly by @mikee . And the island in its entire size. Always confusing to me that it is split in 2 parts by a UN-guarded border. Karpathos in the evening light, ... ... PrecipitFX above, ... ... and Crete ahead. Here we are turning into Iraklio airport, ... ... always good to know the runway is slightly elevated on a rock platform. The wonderful landscape around Knossos. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knossos And here we are, ... ... ready for a Raki!
  16. This flight is going to cover numerous holiday destinations in the mediterranean. Starting from Heraklion, Crete... ... along the islands north coast, here at Rethymno (with quite an overview across Greece´s biggest island), ... ... towards the Peloponnes. At the end of the bay to the right there are Nauplio and Tolon. As students we have spent some vacations there, driving down Yugoslavia with a VW Bus and sleeping in tents. The northwestern end of the Peloponnes sees Olympia, where the ancient games were held and the fire is enlightened every 4 years. Actually the torch is waiting somewhere in Japan for the antidot to that new virus. A slight region change: This is Calabria, the bottom end of the Italian "boot". Leaving italy we face a race. The airbus below is another Aegean Air service, from Athens to Barcelona, ... ... but we are heading for Sardegna... ... ready to land at Olbia. Beautiful bays... ... and the city has a fantastic location. After a quick deboarding... ... we find ourselves outside the terminal. Oh, that seems to be a place with a good focus here!
  17. After updating the Aerosoft Airbus I had some unexpected trouble and decided to give it another test flight. Just a short hop from Beirut. But immediately after takeoff it turned out that the autopilot was still not working, unfurtunately. The result was a mainly manual flight (regarding lateral and vertical paths) to Cyprus... ... but at least I could land successfully at Larnaca, to grab a rental car and visit @mikee! Then I found out the secret: The updated Bus only works with p3dv4.5. So, after forgetting this for a year, I finally had to make this move (and it was totally flawless, only EZCA needed to be updated).
  18. Hello alll! Just looking for team and users opinions. After reinstall system decided to install all Orbx products to the main library instead of main P3D folder. Yes, BASE Pack still want to live in game folder. But OpenLC EU and OpenLC NA allow me to install 'em in Main Library and now my scenery library looks different. I've checked, some folders in BASE and EU (as example) have same names but different sizes. I assume it's OK and strange entries in scenery library it's just because some folders and their entries have same name. But want to be sure, all we know how easy to ruin our simulator and i don't want to reinstall my OS and software again))))
  19. Hello, I bought openlc europe to sit on top of ftx global, and I tried to install but got the out of space warning by ftx central. It said I need 23 gb free and my system only has 11gb free. So I deleted lots of stuff and now have 40gb free, so I tried it again but it still says "you only have 11gb free". It's very annoying and seems to be stuck giving out that warning. I restarted the computer but no joy. Please help. Thank you.
  20. Hello simmers, these days I was in Sar Mountains it's a small region in Kosovo called Gora between Albanian and Macedonian border it's a beautiful place for resting that's the place I'm from that's the place where I'm born after my trip I bought FTX Global openLC Europe and FTX Global Vector and fly over the Gora here is the screenshot in real life and in FSX SE with openLC Europe. Cheers, Almedin
  21. Hello , After an complete fresh installation of my Computer i installed P3Dv4 completely new. First the FS Global Mesh and the the OrbX Products : 1. FTX Global 2. OpenLC Europe 3. FTX Vector 4. FTX Germany North and South . But when i now look at my Mesh ( here in the surroundings of LOWS ) it looks strange . ( see Screenshot ) Like an Mixture from original P3D and OrbX. when i let the troubleshooter Tool run the i become an error . The lclookup.bgl is not correct. When i change the lclookup.bgl with the original one the the troubleshooter tool says it is all ok. But then when i start FTX Central again it want to make an Migration . After this migration the Troubleshooter Tool told me again this : Invalid files: Scenery\BASE\Scenery\lclookup.bgl. Thanks for Help . Michael
  22. Hello , This Screenshots i take today at Munich Airport . This Winter Textures are totally sad. What can be the reason for this ? I Use P3Dv4 , FTX Global Base, OpenLC Europe, FTX Global Vector and also FS Global Ultimate. The Gras Textures are from Envtex . Thanks for Help . Michael
  23. I recently took advantage of the 47% off for ORBX this month. I purchased the FTX Global Base pack, openLC North America, and openLC Europe. After downloading I noticed my scenery was actually worse than before. I was surprised because I heard so many great things about ORBX and soon after felt buyers remorse. Around the cities most of the scenery is flat. My system specs: Windows 7 (upgraded to 10) Premium 64 bit, Intel Core i7 processor 860, ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB, 1 TB Hard Drive, Memory 8GB DDR3. Here are some screen shots after I downloaded and started FSX. What can I do to fix this? I don't want my $80 to be spent in vain.
  24. I dont even know how to describe this -> http://imgur.com/a/BfPoI This is at london heathrow with UK2000 scenery. I installed Orbx OpenLc Europe today and this occurs. Anybody know a fix? Ive tried to migrate the scenery in FTX central. The scenery is in the right order Can anybody help?
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