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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Orbx, Let me first thank you for giving us OLC Africa. It was my most look-forward-to add-on (with OLC Asia) and I bought it instantly. As one who never been to Africa (well, only to Tunisia), I am unsure if I simply imagined Africa in colors that have nothing in common with reality or if something is a bit off? So maybe somebody with travel experience can clarify on this for me: I always imagined West Africa and East Africa to be more green with lush vegetation. There is of course a dry and a wet season at most places. But right now it looks a bit strange in the sim. Uganda, DRC, Rwanda are very yellowish / dried out and the wet seasons seems to be totally missing. The same for West Africa, which looks a bit like fall in Europe. And I tried various months in the sim before posting here. Moreover, I compared some places with screenshots posted by Nick and they are similar to my setup. So everything should be installed correctly. OLC Africa is a huge product sold a bargain price and I am very thankful for the discount. But does it really look the whole year that dry in Africa? My shots were done in Lomé, Togo and Entebbe, Uganda. Real life:
  2. Not so many cylinders this time. Not flown this thing for aaages. Out of Bar Harbor for Knox County Leaving Knox for Pittsfield (another NA freeware, thanks guys... they're everywhere!) Final into Sugarloaf I lost the VC click spots on the last leg for some reason, otherwise I was intending to end up at Berlin Regional. Never mind... the overnight in Carrabassett doesn't cost me anything.
  3. It's been a month since I've flown anything with fewer than 72 cylinders. Pretty close to my idea of FS nirvana. Really looking forward to ITN and ITS regions. The weather was getting steadily worse the closer I got to Rome. Departing a week later, after a change of paint. Spot the POIs in the historic centre of Rome: The Alps are a little more imposing when you can't fly at an altitude starting with FL3NN FL180 is at least above the minimum safe altitude. Gotta get dark in these valleys early: Descending with the sun: It was raining in Brussels.
  4. Out of Beirut. OLC Africa is going to make this place really pretty. Getting in was interesting - down the hill (opposite direction) in the dark with no vertical guidance of than the runway lights. I suspect that runway isn't used at night. Leaving Cyprus after the short hop across Past Turkey Into Greece Next is back to Rome. I'm going to have to try to do an Alitalia livery for this thing. It will only take me about a year...
  5. Rome to Athens, all these are from Greek airspace. Realised after landing I was short the last lot of flap, but with the head wind I had it didn't really matter. Probably on to Beirut next, which in it's day was the French Riviera of the Middle East. Apparently it's on its way back.
  6. Some more from my four radial prop sim.... Orly to Ciampino on Olympic 410, 1958. A lovely day in Paris The Alps aren't much worse. No PTA or HDR - this is just out of the box. On the down hill run: The next leg is on to Athens.
  7. After building a new rig I switched from FSX over to P3Dv4. But somehow openLC NA is not showing up at all. At least I can't get it to work at Havana/Cuba (and probably at more places). The scenery looks like only the Global textures are working but OLC is refusing to show up. FTX Central shows all sceneries as up to date (including the latest Libraries) and the Troubleshooter is all green. Also forcing a new migration via FTX Central didn't solved the problem. All entries are active in the scenery library and I checked the insertion points for the right order. I even tried to switch off and on the OLC NA entries in the Scenery Library and the scenery didn't changed at all. So I suspect OLC NA not working at all. Maybe there is something I am missing right now. Any help would be highly appreciated. The attached scrennshot is what I am getting at MUHA/Havana airport in Cuba. And this is what I expect to see (and also remembering from my FSX setup):
  8. For a change, flying in FSX today... Departure with an unusual carry On my way to the northern coast..
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