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  1. After the sensational impressions I had in OLC Africa I want to re-visit another OLC region. So I queued up on an early morning in Vancouver... ... and finally managed to take off. Just some sights on the way south: Mt. Rainier (plus a little traffic), ... ... the Grand Canyon. In pure OLC - I need to reinstall Maurizio Giorgi´s phenomenal OZx freeware here. Leaving the US near Las Cruzes at the Rio Grande. Mexico City in the haze. The Popocatepetl. At the gulf of Tehuantepec we reached the Pacific... ... encountered dawn near Colombia... ... and arrived in northern Peru already in darkness. Approaching Lima. Here we are. A surprising long flight, now it´s time for some shorter ones!
  2. Noon in Whitehorse. Here we go... ... climbing over Lage Laberge. This is our routing as shown on Skyvector... ... and this is how it looks in PRO-ATC/X. Much simpler... So I head north and keep it this way... ... over the Canadian Tundra, ... ... until we leave the american mainland near Pearce Point. Greenland is unfortunately covered in clouds; the next land we see is Norway, near Trondheim. And here we are already reaching the Baltic Sea, ... ... near Ljusne, Sweden. Vector at its finest. Descending, still going nearly straight on, over green Sweden, ... ... and into Arlanda. Another airport I bought long time ago, but not visited yet. I hope the passengers find a good way to unboard, at the end of this long day...
  3. Departing ANC to Hong Kong at dusk. Off 33, cleaned up and turning west. Sunrise over the Bering Sea or thereabouts This is about as high as the sun got. As I arced south, down through China, it slipped below the horizon again and I arrived in darkness. The height of my daylight over far eastern Russia So a second first in two days... my first sunrise in the west. I'm sure the regular long haul tube drivers see it a lot.
  4. I left Taipei at 2am, hauling freight to Anchorage on CI 5398 in the trusty 747 freighter. First time I think I've even seen a sunrise and sunset in the same flight. These are a few from the latter stages, since the rest was dark and/or over water: This is me getting (very) side tracked on my way from Tokyo to Singapore... At this rate I'll find myself at SFO next before heading across the Pacific again!
  5. Have been having issues with OLC NA and KSAN where they are not showing in the sim even though FTX central says they are. When I try to uninstall in Central it CTD. I have attached the crash report. ftxc3.log
  6. Exactly what it says on the tin. Still don't have the slightest idea of how to fly one of these things, so I daresay the flying heights, angles etc are all completely wrong, but this is a really nice model (Project Airbus A319) and looks great against the rather splendid ORBX Canadian Rockies. All 4k pix, worth expanding if you've got a big screen. Starting out from Calgary - heading off towards the mountains better up here than down there! almost there now, that's Squamish below us heading out to turn back in to Vancouver Ignore anything you see on the panels! (Slew was involved <grin>) enjoy!
  7. From KACK to the new offering: This was attempt #1 into Elizabeth, 0B8 on Fishers Island. It got messy later. Go around required. Next one was still ugly, but I got it down and decided to stay. I was planning to go to Block Island, but the cross wind would have been much worse.
  8. Speedbird 288, Phoenix Sky Harbor to Heathrow, my first long haul in the 74, from a few weeks back. Crossed the US and much of the pond in darkness. Not far from TOD. OOM country in FSX, but not here (ed. note: I've set up a sim starter profile that doesn't have the small airfield active when I'm flying this thing - not for VAS, just because I don't need to waste the CPU cycles on them) United 1639, Denver to LA, prior to my trip across the Pacific. Yes it was as cold as it looks. Not decided yet whether I prefer this livery or Battleship Grey. Not fussed on the current one...
  9. Been on another frenzy of buying/downloading aircraft and skins. I've realised that part of the attraction of all this for me is the ability to place all sorts of great looking airplanes anywhere I want in the world and just gawp at them. It's like having an infinite supply of good quality photo books. And I'm constantly amazed at the quality of some of the freeware out there. I've just discovered Tim Conrad's work (Piglet's Peculiar Planes) - I know most of you out there will probably have known about his stuff for ages but I'm relatively new to all this. This beast in particular is absolutely marvellous! It looks great, and it's a joy to fly. It's like a Gee Bee without the attitude problem. Zooms along like a maniac and handles like a dream. And it's quite happy in P3Dv4. Highly recommended if you don't already have it. Just off for a litttle jaunt around Area 51 (where else!) # My hangar is now approximately the size of Delaware.
  10. Took a long flight from 17U to KTVL. Beautiful day over a whole lot of nothin'! Carson Range Lake Tahoe Parked up under the tower.
  11. Third flight in the B744. Still learning how to drive it... Coming up on Milwaukee: Headed for the top of the MSP ILS.
  12. was thinking about getting a certain other vendor's addon for this in a sale, and thought I'd see what was already there first. Most of the area is missing but the big hangar is there along with a couple of quite impressive launch pads. Oh, and I had to go check out on Wiki about the name of the place. As a sixties kind of guy I still think of it as "Cape Kennedy", and wasn't sure why it was still being referred to as Cape Canaveral. Didn't realise it had changed back so long ago - what was that about SLITS? (That's "Still Living In The Sixties", in case anyone thinks I'm being somehow obscene/political or whatever)
  13. A few above the not at all exotic land of the Lehigh Valley and Central New Jersey from the Pacific theater warbird. Beautiful OpenLC North America. Yes, I caved to peer pressure and kept up with the Joneses by buying the Helldiver.
  14. Hope this is not breaking the rules, but I figured as it's freeware and ORBX doesn't do it specifically, and it is surrounded by the wonderful OLC NA scenery . . . Following Ian S's suggestion in my previous post on Panama, I went and got the freeware Panama package from Flyawaysimulation. I'm sufficiently impressed to have paypalled the guy a few dollars - I figured this deserved encouragement. So, here's another trip up the canal - Those locks are a bit of an improvement over the "giant lego-kit" look of the FSX/P3D default.
  15. The Helldiver is the plane of the moment......at the moment. I am very surprised though that Jack has not brought it. So I thought I would do this flight to try and convince him. with eleven good reasons 1. One- it is yellow. Waiting for landing traffic at Binghampton International NY State. 2. Two- it is yellow. Not far from the airport is Chenango Bridge. Under the port wing is Sunset Way where I stayed in 1958 for 6 weeks. I was so happy to find the house on GE street view several years ago, bringing back some happy memories. 3. Three-it is yellow. Looking back down the Chenango River at Port Dickinson and Binghampton. I can clearly remember fishing in the river an being told not to stand in the boat! Apparently the river is now polluted and the "new" freeway follows the river. 4. Four-it is yellow. Over Harpursville looking down the Susquehanna River towards Windsor. 5. Five-it is yellow. The Senator Warren M Anderson Expressway and the Susquehanna again at Nineva. 6. Six-it is yellow. Near Cobleskill and Mineral Springs decided to try out the air brakes. They do work, exciting stuff. 7. Seven-it is yellow. A spectacular road network approaching Albany. 8. Eight-it is yellow. Over Rotterdam and were heading for Schenectady Airport but elevation problems have lead us to divert to Albany International. 9. Nine- it is yellow. Over the Hudson River at Goat Island. The airport is central left. 10. Ten it is yellow. Just about to land at Verdoy. I have been to Albany but one of those many parts of the holiday I cannot remember. 11. Eleven-it is a magnificent radial carrier bomber from WW2(actually in RL it was cr*p). Top class sound set, the start up is brilliant. Plenty of detail in the cockpit, bomb bay, gunner/radio operator position Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. Buy it now from AH and you get the F3F thrown in. Most of all Jack because being a Navy plane most of the liveries are blue which is my favourite colour and I love blue aeroplanes! Just one final thing to remember, this is OLC NA, bloody fantastic isn't it.
  16. Hi there, Today I flew from Salt Lake City Int. And looking below me it all looked rather blocky. Comparing it with Google Earth it all seem to be a bit off. I thought that OLC, Vector, Global where supposed to enhance the area? But this looked complete wrong to me. Or maybe something went amiss in my setup? Could anyone check the area please. The screenshot is in summer time.
  17. I do not know much about the conflict on the Aleutian Island in WW2 but doing a quick read Cold Bay or Fort Randall as it was known then, had P-40s and P-38s amongst other planes based there during the conflict. The P-38s, with their long range were able to help drive the invaders from Attu and Kiska. The P-38 depicted here is famous for being rescued from under 268 feet of snow on Greenland 50 years after force landing with 5 others and 2 B-17s while on their way to England. Even more remarkable is the fact that Glacier Gal is airworthy today. OK many of you will have realised this but I have only discovered this tonight. 1. Glacier Gal at Cold Bay. 2. Showing the P-38s formidable armament. 3. A few views departing Cold Bay. 4. PACD can be found in the latest Global Freeware Airport pack. 5. 6. Cold Bay Volcano. 7. Bechevin Bay 8. Isanotski Peaks. 9. Four Heavenly Bodies. Along with the P-38 is The Sun, just visible to the above right of the tail fin is the New Moon and to the right maybe Venus. 10. A couple of friendly cargo ships in the Unimak Passage. The P-38s based on the Aleutians were deployed to attack Japanese shipping.
  18. Heading off on a long flight in Jan 91 Seem to remember reading these guys did a 35 hour round trip at the beginning of the 1991 conflict. That's some flight.
  19. Hi, I have P3D V3.4, a lot of Orbx add-ons, but only Orbx add-ons, all the regions, all the global products and a lot of airports. My last installations are Telluride and GEN. I have a weird problem : At some places in North America, the landclass textures are absurd and changing all the time. This occurs in the Grand Canyon near KGCN, and it was OK for a few weeks. I have tried to set a new scenery.cfg, then i,'ve uninstalled and reinstalled NA OLC with Central v3, refreshed my shaders, asked help on french forum without succes... and nothing works. Can anybody help, I don't want to reinstall everything ?
  20. I started up ASN as usual, and of course the "active hurricanes" box actually had something in it - Hurricane Matthew. Now I guess you wouldn't (or probably even couldn't) consider deliberately flying off into something like this for real, but I thought I'd take a look from the safety of my desk. Set the sim to system time, ASN live weather, and set off initially from somewhere in SC (can't now remember where) just to get airborne, then used slew to get on the seaward side of where Google Earth was reporting the storm currently - around Myrtle Beach at the time of doing this. Even sitting at my desk, this was scary. Got completely blacked out at various times, and did use slew mode to try and find the edges of the storm. Eventually ended up flying south from up in Chesapeake Bay and putting down (just) at Langley. I'm so glad we don't get that kind of weather round my way. My sympathies to all the poor souls caught up in it, from the Caribbean up to wherever it eventually wears itself out. And for the forum mods - you may have to take my word that there is Orbx scenery down there! ('cos you can't actually see much of it) This is supposedly daylight, and that's sunset straight ahead Just managed to stop before I joined the freeway. Think I'll stick to sunny skies for a bit.
  21. Afternoon, Checking out one of my favorite areas in Florida, Cedar Key (KCDK), and there is some missing land area: Real life comp shot from Bing Maps: Using P3D, OLC NA 1.15, latest libraries and no migration issues. Thanks, Gerald
  22. Finally managed a bit of time on the machine, thought I'd see what the new improved Hawaii looked like. Very nice is the answer. Started out at Dillingham, in the Corby Starlet, heading across towards Honolulu decided to put down at Kalaeloa and watch the sun go down Thought I'd head off in the dusk and see what the island looked like at night. Then found that the Starlet doesn't seem to have any lights! Never mind, I'm up here now Headed back across the island Somewhere around here it got a bit too dark for captures. Managed to get back down ok but can't show you <grin>
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