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  1. Getting ready with a speedy bird at beautiful Arlanda, ... ... and here we go, ... ... over Stockholm and the southeastern coast. The Norrköping bay, quite an industrial city with heavy ship traffic. This airfield is named "Saab". Which confuses me, I thought they were built at Trollhättan? Crossing the Vättern lake, ... ... and deep green fields. Well, in this hot & dry summer it surely looks different: Sweden has many bushfires this season. Turning in over Alingsäs... ... into Göteborg / Landvetter.
  2. Noon in Whitehorse. Here we go... ... climbing over Lage Laberge. This is our routing as shown on Skyvector... ... and this is how it looks in PRO-ATC/X. Much simpler... So I head north and keep it this way... ... over the Canadian Tundra, ... ... until we leave the american mainland near Pearce Point. Greenland is unfortunately covered in clouds; the next land we see is Norway, near Trondheim. And here we are already reaching the Baltic Sea, ... ... near Ljusne, Sweden. Vector at its finest. Descending, still going nearly straight on, over green Sweden, ... ... and into Arlanda. Another airport I bought long time ago, but not visited yet. I hope the passengers find a good way to unboard, at the end of this long day...
  3. A few from the past few months. Thoroughly enjoying P3D v4 all Orbx'ed up. Mostly OLC EU and SCA with a few airports thrown in.
  4. Carenado are starting to release upgrades for some of my stuff now - good to have this beauty back again! Did a tour round Crete. Looks great, but I'm not sure it's ever this green in real life. Only been there once but I remember it a bit dustier than this. But hey, no matter and I like a bit of lush. Too much fun!
  5. 1. The LAPE DC-2 taking off on rwy 10. 2. Passing the rather stylish terminal and apron. 3. I think the correct designation for the plane is the C-42. 4. At Durrango. 5. Skirting some thunder storms at Parroquia de Bidania mountain. 6. Passing the E7 at Canfranc. 7. Over the Monte Perdido National Park close to the Greenwich Meridian. 8. Staring the descent towards Seo de Urgel Airport. 9. The weather cleared when I turned off ASN as the clouds were hiding the scenery. ORBX weather #2 was used for the clearer part of the flight. 10. On finals for LESU. 11. Making use of the turning loop. 12. Waiting for the passengers for the return flight at LESU which is 14km from Andorra. An agreement was reached between the Catalan Government and the Principality of Andorra to rename the airport Andorra-La Seu d'Urgell Airport in 2014.
  6. My first flight for 3 months. The usual trouble upgrading Central in P3Dv2 but a look on the forums and the problem is quickly solved. Plenty of updating to do but made so easy with Central. So here we are at Bilbao and a first flight from there. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Wonderful scenery with plenty to discover at LEBB and the surrounding area. Many thanks to Marcus and Philip for this wonderful scenery.
  7. 1. Waiting for it's passengers to board at Southampton. 2. BIA was one of the main carriers out of Southampton in the 70s 3. Some very finely dressed passengers about to board their Embraer Jet. 4. Lifting off from Rwy 20. 5. The Isle of Wight with Cowes on the Medina River. 6. Approaching the French coast at Cosqueville 7. Cherbourg with it's huge harbour where Trans Atlantic liners used to dock in the old days. 8. Approaching the island of Jersey. 9. No cockpit, it is all being done with mirrors. St Aubin's Bay is on the left. 10. Short finals on 27. 11. Never went to Jersey but I will have to be content visiting the ORBX version. 12. Waiting for the return trip to Southampton. Does any one outside of England recognise this fine plane?
  8. Inspired by a cooking show I watched at lunch time I thought I would do a flight from Corse or Corsica to us English speaking types. So I chose the Lufthansa A310 for the flight. 1. Getting ready at LFKJ Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport. I like how the air bridges work, not bad at all eh. 2. Taking off over a very pleasant Mediterranean beach. 3. Great, got the GPS working so we can head off to the east. 4. Some very impressive mountainous scenery with Sardinia on the horizon. 5. Crossing the Tirrenean Sea approaching Rome and Fiumicino Airport, which is close to Italy. 6. So much to view over Rome and the Holy See. St Peters Square is behind the starboard wing with the River Tiber prominent. 7. About to leave Italy over the Abruzzo region at Pineto. The Apennines make a spectacular backdrop. 8. The harbour at Pescara is highlighted by the sun's reflection in this shot. 9. Soon we have crossed The Adriatic and are turning to land at LDDU close to Banici. 10. Still time to marvel at the wonderful scenery at Dubrovnik. 11. Now things get interesting as I have no idea how to use the ILS, so off with the Ap and fly it in manually. 12. All lined up nicely, flaps down and speed set. 13. Landed with a slight bounce, pressed P to disengage the AT and apply the speed brakes. When I came out of Pause the plane banked sharply to port and went half off the runway. Don't know why that happened, anyway all is well now. 14. Gate 10 is MT so I will park here. 15. Waiting for the air bridge so our happy passengers can decant this fine old jet. Hope you enjoyed this flight as much as I have.
  9. From Lamezia Terme to Naples.
  10. I've just got it and I can't believe how OLC EU dramatically improved the landscape. A pleasure to look at. Happy new year to all my friends at Orbx!
  11. Current flights from Shanghai to Europe are day flights in total darkness, as they are to close to the polar regions. So I switched the calendar back to April for this report, also the RL evidences are from that month. After the usual delays and longish taxiing, takeoff in Pudong on 35R gets us already in the right direction. Just north of the airport land is still under development, no wonder the sim can not change as fast as reality. The landclass & textures of the agricultural areas near Yangtze river could be improved, I am sure this is not too much work for our favoured scenery provider. In contrast, the desert not needs to be improved. The Gobi desert, disappointing in the sim (and not too exciting in RL either). Thanks for some information from the cockpit: In China & Mongolia FLs are assigned in metric system, not in imperial. Here we receive the official translation chart. My ATC did not know this, so I had to use FL350... Leaving the Gobi desert and crossing the russian border, the landscape changes. It will be a huge work to have Russia precisely depicted in the sim. E. g. the famous city of Tayga ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tayga ) is missing: Be assured, I did not get wrong: The official flight route used is: ZSPD DCT SASAN R343 HFE B208 MU A575 DARNO P982 TR A308 ABK R104 BA R348 XV G117 ADMUR G713 PUNIT B210 SU R30 GONBI G707 RANVA P863 KOTAM L990 MARIP N850 MIC UZ712 KEGAB UZ706 NOR UM170 RAPOR UZ157 LORNI DCT LFPG To avoid confusing effects, I always have "frozen water" ticked off in the Vector tool. A disadvantage for this flight, as reality shows: Reaching the baltic sea, many hours of headwind later. The city & airport of Kalmar, just west of the island Öland. Shadows in Denmark, thanks to Steve Parsons. An effect which comes up even from FL390. Hamburg, even a pleasure to see from high altitude. Preparing to leave GEN, just ahead of Köln. And into Charles de Gaulle. My ATC assigned the northmost runway 27R - what a pity, as the AF bird needs to be parked in the south. In reality, they managed to do a sidestep into 26R, saving lots of time and fuel. à bientôt! Sorry for the amount of pictures. This only reflects the longish flight time, with an extra hour of headwind - time enough to take pictures...
  12. There are a group of German tourists waiting at Girona Airport. They have had a wonderful 2 weeks on the Costa Brava at Palamos but all good things must come to an end. My job is to fly them home to not so sunny Dusseldorf in my trusty Default 738 which is dressed in Condor colours. 1. There was a slight delay before take off as the album I was listening to had finished and I had to get the next one going. Cannot fly for such a long way without some music. 2. Above the Starboard wing tip is the town of Figures. I can still remember staying there in 1962 on our first holiday in Spain. 3. Into France leaving the Pyrenees behind. The River Tech is prominent in this view. 4. Port Leucate and the Agly River. 5. A pleasant sunset over France. 6. Turning north over the Rhoine at Pierrelatte. 7. A view up the Rhone Valley at Montelemar. 8. The second largest metro region in France is Lyon. It is on the junction of the Rhone and Saone Rivers. 9. The Rhone is in the distance beneath the French Alps at Lagnieu. 10. Getting closer to home now and at Nancy. 11. Very near to Thionville close to the French border with Luxembourg. 12. I usually fly from dawn to daylight but getting well into dusk the cockpit looks great lit up. First part of the flight, the landing to follow. There are over 150 happy German tourists singing along to the Beatles in the cabin, I think they are enjoying the flight. Hope you have enjoyed the ride so far.
  13. Every time I fly in or out of LDDU I always head north. This time I will go south to one of the FTX Global Freeware airports in Greece. 1. Very cloudy skies don't make for viewing the scenery. 2. Played God and changed the weather to something more akin to the Adriatic in summer. 3. Dubrovnik, wanted to get a shot including the old town next but some clouds got in the way. 4. The Bojana River with Sasko Jezero(lake) in the background. 5. From a distance I think it looks quite nice but it is called Lake Ohrid! (just below the clouds). 6. Right on Albania's border with Greece is the small town of Carcove on the banks of the Aoos River. The ridge are the Nemercke Mountains. 7. Well into our descent and crossing the coast at Parga. 8. Levkas on the island of Lefkada can be seen out of the cockpit. 9. Here we are at LGPZ Preveza, Akiton or Lefkada Airport. The military part of the airport is on the right of the runway. 10. A strange set up with the apron having blast barriers on 2 sides. In RL there appear only to be glass houses or poly-tunnels around the airport which possibly explains the barriers. I enjoy setting the AP and sitting back admiring the fantastic scenery and pressing V. Hope you like the shots and don't be afraid to leave a comment.
  14. I was lucky enough in 1991 to fly from Phuket to Sydney on a Lauda 763 and I must say their service ranked equal to the first class service I enjoy on SQ. Sadly the airline no longer exists in any form but I still have the memories of that wonderful flight. Being short on pilots they had to ask me to take one of their 737-800s on a charter from Klagenfurt to Schonefeld. 1. This is my first actual flight for 2 weeks using P3Dv2.4. I am slowly installing bits and pieces one at a time and testing each time in case there is a problem. Here we are lifting off from Klagenfurt, plenty of runway to spare despite a plane full of tourists. 2. A very impressive road junction here on the banks of the Worthersee. 3. Beautiful green fields and forests can be seen near Oberglan for those on the Starboard side of the 738. On the port side you can see clouds and blue sky. 4. The mighty Danube at Schlogen. Too much cloud to see anything before this. 5. Close to Bad Kotzting in Bavaria, now turning to fly over the Czech Republic. 6. Sokolov and it's mine in the notorious Black Triangle. This area of the Czech Republic Poland and Germany was heavily polluted by its mines and heavy industry. Things are on the improve since the 80s but there is still much to do. 7. Now back in Germany and looking back at Dresden on the Elbe. 8. The large army training area at Juterbog. Formerly used by the Nazis it passed to the Red Army. It is still out of bounds, despite not being used, for safety and security reasons. 9. The diamonds are where they should be with Schonefeld in sight. 10. Junction of the A10 and B101 at Ludwigsfeld. 11. An impressive railway junction at Blankenfelde-Mahlow. 12. A beautiful landing, how does he do it. "Service is our Success" was Lauda's slogan and they were so happy with my flying that I have been invited back to fly when ever I want. It is so good to be able to keep these old extinct airlines flying along with the myriad of old aircraft that have long ago ceased to fly. I do know that the 737 will still be flying long after I have dropped off the twig!
  15. I am still amazed just how good OLC is. Time to take the Dove for a spin, here from Horovice in the Czech Republic to Cottbus in Germany. 1. Just posing for some photos before departure. 2. Starting the take off run, the Dove isn't the most spritely of aircraft. 3. Heading for Germany at Trubska. 4. Hwy 5 at Kravlav Dvur 5. The Elbe River and the town of Usti nad Labem. 6. The sprawling village of Goldbach and hwy 6, now in Bavaria. 7. Hoyerswerder and made it into GEN. 8. The Blunoer Sudsee at Bluno. 9. The big open cut at Drebkau. 10. Coming in to land at Cottbus. Hope you enjoyed the ride.
  16. It just so happens that a lovery Lufthansa livery became available the other day. As I am spending most of my flying time in the region these days I decided to do a flight from FIX Global freeware EBLG to EDDI. 1. A standard take off from Liege with not a Rouche in sight. Football followers will understand. 2. Have not flown the CRJ for a while but looks great in the LH colours. The Meuse River at Amay. 3. Still in the Wallonia region at Combain au Pont with the Ourthe and the smaller Ambleve Rivers . 4. Nearly into GEN land at Meinerzhagen. Third window back you can make out the OLC and GEN border. 5. Crossing the Ruhr at Meschede with the Sorpe just visible under the starboard wing. 6. Hoxter and the Wesser River. 7. Looking back towards Glombach and the Wesser again. 8. Magdeburg and the Elbe. 9. Nearly at Schonefeld. 10. Another happy landing and another enjoyable flight. Hope you enjoyed the flight too.
  17. A mega set of shots from a flight starting at Nice and ending at Dusseldorf. 1. Ready to depart for Dusseldorf with a plane load of happy holidaymakers returning north. Really looking forwards to Maurizio's Cote d'Azur. 2. A last look at The Med. 3. Over Italy near Chianale 4. Over Moncenicio. 5. Looking down the Maurienne Valley in France. 6. Mont Blanc. 7. Mont Blanc, a bit warmer in the cabin. 8. Now in Switzerland passing Geneva. 9. Another change of heading and a better view of Lake Geneva in the morning sun. 10. A FedEx Airbus speeds past. 11. Leaving the Alps behind along with the city of Dijon, love their mustard. 12. Nancy with the Meurthe River before it joins the Moselle River in the foreground. Don't mind a drop of wine either. 13. Still following the Moselle with the town of Metz. 14. Now into Germany and starting our descent near Prum. Missed out showing any of Luxembourg, maybe another time. 15. EDLN Monchengladbach, not far to go now. 16. The junction of the A52 and 57 at Kaarst. 17. Crossing the A44, the Rhine is just out of sight, what a spectacular approach that was. 18. Don't you love it when everything works, a perfect flight and landing. A big set, which could have been even bigger. Some fantastic contrasting scenery on this flight, thanks ORBX for making this possible. Hope you enjoyed the ride.
  18. A Lufthansa (default) 738 takes to the skies to fly from ESSA to EDDT. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7 8. 9. 10. A prefect flight, even the ILS worked a treat. Hope you enjoy.
  19. Without a doubt my favourite modern, if you can call something that made it's first flight in 1970 modern, military jet is the F-14. This is the freeware F-14 Designed by Dino Cattaneo. 1.. Taking off from EGUL Lakenheath. 2. Approaching Brandon but I don't know what these are! Never seen them on my Cessna 152. Reminds me of this great but scary song. 3. Not far from Norwich. 4. My first tentative manoeuvre over Taverham. 5. Don't know what it all does but we are flying helped by the variable geometry wings adjusting automatically. 6. Leaving England at Southwold. 7. Could not find the GPS/Nav switch and a search produced nothing so manual flying following the flight route via the GPS. 8. In the Alkmaar vicinity Northern Holland. 9. Well into the descent. 10. Something else I never get in the 152. 11. 12. Back in familiar territory again near Emden crossing the Ems . 13. Banking over Jade Bight ready for landing. 14. Not enough power and landed about 50m short but still happy as it was my first attempt with the Tomcat. 15. Slows down quite quickly. 16. Did not need much runway at all, looks like I should do some circuits some when. It has been a help flying the L-39 too. 17. That is it, all parked up safely. A beautiful plane too, reminds me of Manfred's C-47, astounding freeware jet.
  20. I like a challenge! So this is for Bernd. Weather not as good today. And I found a few repaints for the GeeBee, so I thought I'd try one of those out. So, let us begin . . . Whoo-hoo! A quick victory roll . . . And the masked marauder is off to seek out another mission! Not much fun to fly actually in the cockpit, no view at all unless you're upside down, but great to follow from outside - such a fine looking thing to my eyes.
  21. I like this beasty! And I even managed to figure out the autopilot once I'd left ESSA at the other end! There may be hope for me yet. Heading out from Heathrow, aiming for Schipol first. (some of these a bit dark, all 4k, best seen full screen) London in the distance Over the city now, heading out down the Thames Heading out past Southend, where I lived from 5 to 20 and sort of what I think of as my home town. You can just about make out the pier if you look closely. Coming in to Schipol And leaving again next morning Thought about dropping in to Copenhagen, but decided to just cruise on by and head for Stockholm instead (can you file a "flight meander"?), so passing 'The Bridge' - Not far out from ESSA now Hmmm, might need a bigger truck than that. And off again next morning - heading for Tallinn and beyond. Makes a change from the paramotor.
  22. One of those flights where I made it up as I went along. 1. Early in the morning departing from Nice. 2. Flying up the Gorge du Loup. 3. Not sure if the Jodel was meant for mountain climbing but it is performing very well. 4. Over the Gorges du Cianes. 5. Avoiding some stormy looking clouds around Mount Raton. 6. Spotted a crazy zig-zag road at Guillaumes with an interesting clear area on the centre right of the picture. 7. The commune of Sauze sits on top of the mountain although it is not depicted in OLC EU. 8. Only a small spot to land and this is my fifth attempt. 9. Sometimes too high or too fast, this time I think I have got it right. 10. Made it, now time to see if any of the 102 inhabitants are around. This southern region of France is an enthralling area to explore. Done a few flights now an I can say that it is well worth a visit. I also read a post where someone said how disappointed they were with OLC EU, I don't know what people expect but I think it is brilliant.
  23. Please don't tell the boss in Hong Kong but I was too busy setting the AP and only just made it off the ground. 28. Hope you enjoyed the shots more that the passengers did the take off.
  24. Picardie, France. 1. Leaving Bray airport near Albert. 2. Dawn breaking over Maricourt. 3. Near Hardecourt-aux-Bois. 4. Towards Bray LFAQ and Albert. 5. Ovillers-la-Boisselle. 6. Beaumont Hamel. 7. Hamel 8. Puiseux 9. Gommecourt. Today a dawn flight above the beautiful Picardie countryside. 100 years ago today the Somme Offensive began here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Somme#First_day_on_the_Somme.2C_1_July
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