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  1. ... and this is not a long distance flight! We go from Madeira, Portugal, ... ... climbing out over the Ilheu da Cevada ... ... with a little encounter over the Atlantic ... ... towards Tanger, Morocco, Africa. Looks really great in the sim... ... as it did in one of my books. This aerial was taken 1931 from a Zeppelin. Spain, Europe, awaits on the other side of Gibraltar strait. Tricky is the visual final into Gibraltar (British territory) airport, ... ... but manageable, this time.
  2. Taking off on the international airport of Gran Canaria is no problem at all, with beautiful views of Las Palmas for those passengers sitting on the left. But when you descend just half an hour later over the Islas Desertas... ... and get into Madeira, then you face one of the most challenging approaches in Europe. Curved finals onto a platform significantly higher than the ground (sea) level around. Made it. I am sure the paxes are glad to leave the steel tube safely. This flight is at the borderlines of OLC Africa and Europe, so I am not sure which scenery is working where.
  3. After a short stopover at Abidjan I got the next airliner ready. Here we went. The lagoon makes it a really interesting location, ... ... and the city looks realistic as well. Great lakes in the West African countries, like the Lac de Kossou, Ivory Coast. We turned westwards, ... ... over bamako, Mali, where the desert already greets, ... ... then up to Mauritania. Not much to see here. Except the Guelb er Richat, the "Eye of Africa". I think it could be seen better from space, but my flight level was lower. We crossed the Sahara´s western coast... ... on the way to Gran Canaria. Along Playa del Ingles, ... ... Pozo Izquierdo, ... ... and across the tomato greenhouses... ... into GCLP. Now have a good vacation!
  4. I felt it was time to return to the northern side of our disk, so I took a 777 out of FVFA Victoria Falls. No doubt why the airport got this name. Climbing out with the Sambesi river in the background. Hours later, at Luanda/Angola, we reach the Atlantic coast. And some more hours further we make landfall again near Ghana. Preparing for a little stopover and heading downwind over the Abidjan lagoon... ... and into DIAP airport. Beautiful location! Plus a comfortable landing, luckily.
  5. I think (or hope) South African Airways still serve regional flights, for example out of Jo´burg... ... and over Botsuana. It could be a good option to visit the Okavango Delta from here... ... but as the new scenery is not available in P3D, I went on to the Victoria Falls. Can you spot them in the background? I´ll park at FVFA for some hours, so that you can visit the falls!
  6. Relative wilderness in this case. From Kruger Mpumalanga... ... along the R37 to Sabie, ... ... and over Long Tom Pass. Followed the road over Mashishing and eMakhazeni to the outskirts of Johannesburg. O. R. Tambo airport ahead, ... ... and below. FAOR requires payware, as it is only very basic in default P3D...
  7. I downloaded the Aeroworx freeware airstrips on avsim and did a little tour between various safari resorts in Kruger NP. Took off from Hoedspruit FAHS, ... ... flew over the Kapama Game Reserve (spotting no animals), ... ... to AW50 Inyathi. Not really working. The next one is Singita AW52. May be usable, but not immpressive. Read a little review here, if you are interested in luxury travel: https://onemileatatime.com/singita-safari/ Othawa AW51 has not much more to show, but at least a little. Chitwa Safari Lodge, ... Djuma Game Reserve, ... ... and Chitwa Game Lodge. What does work well is Skukuza airport FASZ. I did not run the Vector elevation tool, maybe this was the reason for the troubles. On the other hand this is FSX freeware, must not necessarily work with OLC. Does anyone have better experience?
  8. Coming from FADS Hoedspruit we climb over Moholoholo Animal Rehab center https://www.moholoholo.co.za/ ... ... up to the northern Drakensbergs... ... just behind the Three Rondavels. No, Martyn, this is not a Circus artist group, it means 3 hills looking like the local traditional round houses. You can imagine this if you watch the scenery from Lowveld Lookout. Next to the creek down there are the Bourke´s Luck Potholes, unfortunately not to be seen in the sim. And the Lisbon River should begin at the falls of the same name. Graskop is a village with hotels, bars and restaurants (and tourist attractions) at the southern end of the Panorama Route. Finally we leave the mountains... ... fly across Hazyview, ... ... until we spot FAKN Kruger Mpumalanga airport on a plateau (left). The place to rest for this night.
  9. After an intermediate stop at Ladysmith we choose the right plane, obviously, as we can see in the background. Following the long roads (namely the N4) in South Africas mainland lead us to eMakhazeni. After turning north we reach Ohrigstad, ... ... pass the Three Rondavels at the top end of the Panorama Route, ... ... and cross Balule Nature Reserve... ... on the approach to Hoedspruit. Interesting view, ... let us see what the tourists discover tomorrow!
  10. Not just around the corner from King Shaka airport, ... ... of Durban, ... ... but quite some hours to drive from Forest Hills... ... and Hillcrest, where one of our forum members lives. On my tour the visibility became even more a challenge around Pietermaritzburg.... ... and the Sappi Pinewoods, ... ... so I cheated a bit to clear up the sky at the villages of Underberg (you can see the village under the Berg)... ... and Himeville. Both are good resting points for an early morning drive... ... uphill... ... along the famous Sani Pass Road. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sani_Pass The Drakensberg mountains climb up to 3500 m / 11400 ft. Sani Pass to Lesotho, with a little settlement (and the aforementioned highest pub) on top. https://toseethe.world/reviews/highest-pub-in-africa-sani-mountain-lodge/ For today, we turn back over Wagendrift nature Reserve... ... to Ladysmith, ready for the next leg.
  11. After some days of watching the discussiouns about the Orbx roadmap we are now ready to leave the ostrich capital, Oudtshoorn... ... cross the Swaartberg mountains... ... and head down to the Ocean coast at George. A village called "Wilderness"... ... on the way to Wolfe Lagoon... ... and Knysna. Unlike most real-life travellers we do not stop there, but head on to Storms River... ... and the Sunshine Coast... ... towards Port Elizabeth.
  12. Today we take a quick connection along the Southern Ocean´s coast out of FAPE Port Elizabeth. The impression of this OLC pack is fantastic, ... ... with its combination of vector data, trees, settlements and mesh. We are climbing eastwards along the coast... ... and leave some mountains in the distance, ... ... until we reach Durban. Turning into final over the ocean... ... and following the road... ... which brings us perfectly to the runway... ... of FALE King Shaka airport. Being not present in the default sim it needed a 3rd party upgrade. Now I can follow the local´s hints to explore Durban and its surroundings...
  13. There might be a time when tourists can go to Cape Town again, ... ... leaving the city across False Bay ... ... towards the Cape of Good Hope. Half way back to the city is Boulders beach with its famous penguin colony. And a mysterious mark on the hill?! We approach Table mountain from the "backside", ... ... look down an the CBD, ... ... and back to the mountain, ... ... before we complete our tour back at FACT airport.
  14. It is really a short hop from Cape Town... ... to the famous wine region of Stellenbosch. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stellenbosch What a mesh... ... and you can already feel the grapes growing here! Following the coastline to the east you´d come to Hermanus, the whale watching capital of South Africa. You can even watch whales from the cliff-tops here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermanus The southernmost point of Africa is Cape Agulhas... ... with Arniston being the closest point for a good rest nearby. But we continue over Swellendam... ... towards Heidelberg. Last time I saw a city with that name a castle was looking over the Neckar river... From Mossel Bay we turn inlands... ... towards Oudtshoorn. In former times famous as the world center for ostrich farming, exporting the feathers everywhere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oudtshoorn
  15. In that time it was possible to enter an Airbus in Lüderitz, ... ... fly southwards along the Namib desert... ... at the Atlantic coast, ... ... ´til you came to the green areas near Cape Town. What a beauty, the Table Mountain. An acceptable landing on the 16... ... into FACT. No alternatives!
  16. Todays flight takes us from Otjiwarongo... ... over the Groot Paresis hills... ... towards the Kunene desert. Soon we reach this scenery highlight: The Brandberg mountains, ... ... the highest peaks of Namibia. And naturally the highest elevation of the region since the Atlantic Ocean. We fly southwards along Henties Bay... ... across Swakopmund... ... to Walvis Bay.
  17. Here we go again, from Walvis Bay... ... over the city center... ... to the peninsula of Pelican Point. Then southwards into the Namib desert, to the famous Soussosvlei dunes... ... and to the nearest airport, Lüderitz. Ready to change to a bigger plane for tomorrow.
  18. From Grootfontein (there must be some water around, as the name of this settlement suggests) ... ... along the B8 highway... ... it is just a short way to reach the Etosha pan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etosha_pan In the dry season it looks like a salt pan. 120 * 55 km big. But in the wet season it periodically becomes filled with water and attracts millions of animals. Not in the sim, unfortunately. We continue over Outjo village... ... to Otjiwarongo. One of the bigger and better-known cities of Namibia.
  19. The early morning saw me taking off from Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean... ... to a short hop over the strait... ... and to Dar es-Salaam for an intermediate stop. Maybe better to take a faster plane for the rest of this days leg. Climbing out of the coastal city again and turning westwards. It was confusing to enter all these waypoints over central Africa: Some were present in Skyvector, some in Pro-ATC/X, and some other in the PMDG system. But finally I came to the central Namibian deserts (which look a bit boring here from the altitude) ... ... approaching to Grootfontein (where the landscape looks much better), ... ... ready to explore the surroundings - and the Atlantic coast - in VFR flights.
  20. Today we fly from Kilimanjaro airport southwards ... ... along the rift valley. Very impressive, for example here at the gap of Same city. The Kisima range to our left ... ... and then we have to cross the Lutindi Hills ... ... on our way to the coast of the Indian Ocean near Pangani. Crossing the little channel brings us to Zanzibar, ... ... where one of the greatest singers & composers of our time had been born. Rest in peace, Freddie Mercury!
  21. The initial leg of this season´s trip through Africa brings us from Jomo Kenyatta airport ... ... over Nairobi NP... ... to the East African rift. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_African_Rift It opens up the ground to form huge lakes, like Lake Natron. Next to it remain huge volcanos, like Mt. Empakaai. Arriving at Ngorongoro crater we even find some rain! The crater is the world's largest inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic caldera. As it has two water sources, many animals inhabit it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngorongoro_Conservation_Area#Ngorongoro_Crater We just fly some miles east to Arusha... ... a city under Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  22. In these times global logistics are much more important than passenger travel. Today we load medical supplies at Singers... ... take off in the "wrong" direction... ... but turn back westwards soon to see the CBD in the background. Pekanbaru / Sumatra is the last Asian city we cross... ... before we see Praslin / Seychelles. And finally the Kenya coast... ... on our way towards the Kilimanjaro... ... and Jomo Kenyatta airport of Nairobi. "Hurry Harry, to bring that stuff back into cold storage!"
  23. As the title suggests an urgent call into the crater was received. Take off at Lake Manyara airport Flying along the perimeter of Lake Manyara Flying along the plateau There is the crater! Entering the crater Descending Flaring for touch down - This will be rough! Made it down safely Waiting for the rangers
  24. Despite my current virtual Australia travels, which will be continued in the next posts, I simply had to do a little hop in OLC Africa. And I chose the only area I know by personal experience: Taking off from GCLP Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, as always to the north: The city of las Palmas with La Isleta and the north coast of the island. As you know, the north-western part of the island is green, as the clouds are captured by the mountains. Unfortunately for the VFR pilot, some clouds are captured by the mountains... Managed it! Here you can see that the southern part is dry and grey - the other side of the medal I just described. And now, finally, correctly shown in the sim! Arguineguin to the left, and two typical holiday resorts (Balito and Puerto Rico) of the south coast. Maspalomas and Faro. Here I start to miss some more houses (=Autogen)... A bit further to the north is San Agustin. Here we definetively need more urbanity, just compare to the real life shot taken 2 decades ago. The tomato fields near Pozo are, again, totally correct. After all, OLC exactly shows Gran Canaria as I expected - despite the little lack of autogen. I hope some helpful soul will just drop it along the coast for an upcoming revision... .
  25. A selection (I make no apologies for compiling a highlights reel of the obvious sites!) Table Mountain, South Africa Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya Mount Silali, Kenya Oasis near Sabha, Libya Cape Peninsula, South Africa Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
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