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  1. Hi. I just bought the Orbx NZQN scenery and installed it onto P3D v5.2 running the latest Hotfix 1 ( When I load into NZQN, the runway texturing appear to be flickering. Furthermore, taxiway A, for light aircraft is not visible. It is a photoreal image that is being shown. I do have NZ-South Island installed as well. Have uninstalled and re-installed both of them but to no avail. I haven't yet done a flight from elsewhere into Queenstown. So I cannot say if the "runway texture' missing problem is also existent. Have attached some screenshots as well below. Thanks
  2. After yesterdays flight ... ... we will now continue on our way back from the southern end of Aotearoa. The Dash is being made ready in Queenstown... ... and off we go. Looks like a steep climb, please keep your seatbelts fastened. Turning westwards over Lake Wakatipu... ... before crossing Shotover River in quite some altitude, already. We see the eastern plains of the Southern Island in brilliant Summer weather. At least the visibility was better when we were flying on base into Christchurch. Established with a slight offset... ... and finally safe. Nearly ready for the next connection.
  3. Here we go again, taxiing in Milford Sound. Quite impressive, at least in motion. Heading out into the fjord, with Mitre Peak ahead... ... and the settlement behind. Plus Bowen Falls in its glory. One can imagine why the rock ahead is called "The Elephant". Tourists heading north at the coast... ... while we turn inland over Martins Bay. I would welcome a slight name change to "Martyns Bay" @VH-KDK. Climbing is needed over Lake McKerrow... ... following Hollyford River... ... to Dart River and Diamond Lake. Not easy to get enough altitude to cross the Southern Alps. But once you reach Lake Wakatipu is becomes easy, you just need to descend... ... and bring your bird (and the wealthy tourists) back into Queenstown.
  4. In a flight sim we can not do some of the classical Queenstownactivities, like speedboating on Shotover River https://www.queenstownnz.co.nz/listing/shotover-jet/2272/, bungeeing from Kawarau Bridge https://www.queenstownnz.co.nz/things-to-do/adventure-activities/bungy-swing-and-zip/ or hiking on tracks like the Routeburn https://www.queenstownnz.co.nz/stories/post/great-walks-from-queenstown/ . But we can virtually hire a car or take a bus tour, ... ... drive SH6 southbound, ... ... turn west at Oreti River... ... until we reach Te Anau. Then head up Lake te Anau, ... ... follow Milford Highway... ... along Lake Gunn, ... ... pass the (hidden) Homer Tunnel, ... ... and then we´d suddenly see Mitre Peak. The icon of Milford Sound. Where we find our colleagues already parked.
  5. For this flight we start on Fox airstrip TO20, at the Tasman Sea coast of NZ´s southern island. We leave Fox River behind... ... and reach Haast Highway (SH6). You´ll meet Julius Haast´s footsteps everywhere here, fer example at Haast River. Sure the village under the left wing is named... Haast. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julius_von_Haast Now we turn upwards the river and get to... ... Haast Pass. Haast was the first European to lead an expedition across the southernmost and lowest of the passes traversing the Southern Alps. Following the Haast Pass Highway SH6 further south... ...we reach Queenstown, ... ... throw a view onto the Remarkables, ... ... fly downwind over downtown... ... and get the King landed in the town of the Queen.
  6. We see this phenomenon at some places, maybe anyone knows the reason for this observation in Queenstown?
  7. The passengers arrived too early at Milford Sound airfield, ... ... but this gave them the chance to get some more great views of Mitre Peak. Great views are also guaranteed for the pilot here. Enough space for a canyon turn, ... ... and here we go, ... ... following Milford Sound Highway, ... ... that leads us to Homer Tunnel. East of the tunnel the name of the road changes to Te Anau Highway. We just hop over the mountains to Lake Wakatipu, ... ... leaving Glenorchy behind, ... ... before approaching Queenstown soon after. Parked at the right place, and at the right time to spot the stars. And to spot the bars, I suspect.
  8. For my flight to an airport that can handle bigger metal I used a little, quick trainer: The lovely Iris PC-21. Rapidly climbing out of Queenstown... ... along Kawarau river, northbound. Lake Dunstan, ... ... and the central highlands in the evening sun. Near Twizel village one can see interesting manmade features: Windbreaking hedges and some hydroelectric instalment. Unfortunately part of the scenery was covered ... ... which showed to be an even bigger challenge when turning into final at Christchurch. Puh, safe. And here we got it. Christchurch airport, where I will prepare for a loooong flight.
  9. If you are overdone by hiking, bungee jumping, paragliding or jetboat blasting, there still remains one thing to do when you are in Queenstown: Take a little scenic flight. Starting up the Kawarau River... ... and then back south over Frankton. Passing Queenstown CBD, ... ... which is a slight way down from Frankton and the airport, ... ... out to Lake Wakatipu. The calm village of Glenorchy ... ... is the gateway to some movie stages of the Lord of the Rings, ... ... which should be visible from Lake Sylvan quite well. It needs some 10000 ft altitude to cross the southern alps here... ... but finally we drop down to Martyns Bay. Pardon, Martins Bay. Now we descend further down this magnificent coast... ... until a gap to the left. Altitude 1500 gives a little thrill... ... as we enter Milford Sound. The Elephant. The Lion. The airport. No worries, ... ... there is enough parking space next to the colleague. And famous Mitre Peak waits in the background.
  10. Today we took a commercial flight from Wellington... ... over the clouds - which prevented me from making more shots in the early phase of the trip. Suddenly the weather changed, ... ... and the view got better, just to show Hayes Lake, ... ... and the outskirts of Queenstown. May the adventure begin!
  11. This problem active in Prepar3D v3, v4. Crash detection enabled and will never be disabled. In Central active libs and this scene. Sims full defaut. When i disable orbxlibs in scenery library - All OK Please do not ask me disable crash detection. Video: Скачать видео Скачать видео Скачать видео Скачать видео
  12. This video is a VFR P3D4 flight of a simulated Eurocopter. The flight departs from Queenstown Airport (NZQN) and arrives at Gleorchy Airport (NZGY) located in Frankton, Otago Region of New Zealand. I am retired and a hobby flight simulator enthusiast user name Polymerman. I would be pleased for viewers to subscribe to my OVER YOUR HEAD PRODUCTIONS channel for new releases at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_zeEUvH6_33EI0tuBTfRw. This is a non-commercial hobby YouTube channel. This channel enables me to have a year round fun hobby and share it with others of similar interests. The following credits are from my elder memory so please forgive me if I leave some out. Please post a comment and I’ll try and update this area if possible: P3D4, Lockheed Martin, Orbx Simulation Systems sceneries including True Earth Great Britain South, Internal Workings VOX-ATC, HiFi Active Sky for P3D4, and Active Sky Cloud Art, EZDOK EZCA V3. A special thank you goes to: 1. John Martin aka downunda “vadriver" for the recommendation of the VOX-ATC app. 2. Alexander Barthel for his Little Navmap (https://www.littlenavmap.org), a free open source flight planner, navigation tool, moving map, airport search and airport information system for Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D and X-Plane. 3. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.(https://obsproject.com/)
  13. Hello Something strange is happening in my NZ scenery (south Island) and airports that I have bought. The last scenery I have automatically installed is the one from Iceland (demo) Here is my scenery hierarchy. As you can see, all has been installed automatically. Then, I went to NZQN airport and see what I get (It is the same for NZFM) So can you help me having the airport properly set ? Thank you
  14. Hi, Does anyone know the reason why I am not getting any runway/taxiway lights at night at NZQN? Is it an Objectflow problem?
  15. Thanks to the sale, I was able to complete my NZ collection. Here is a set from the newly acquired Queenstown, to an old favorite, Milford Sound. Enjoy!
  16. hi, i tried today the nzqn airport and i had an elevation problem: nzqn runway was lifted up, and the white lines of the runway were "flying". i have tried the usual tricks from ftx central, using automatic elevation correction, unified lookup and i have clicked " i have ftx australia". i own all regions from orbx plus many many orbx (and other) airports. with orbx airports i never had an elevation problem before. but exactly the same problem i face it with lukk drzewiecki airport and i never found a work around. so maybe if i solve the problem with nzqn i might also solve the elevation problem with lukk. thank you
  17. Maybe it's my over eagerness or maybe I just overspend on the SALE but I'm running into all sorts of mesh problems in New Zealand. I've uninstalled and reinstalled North and South Island and still the airports are either in potholes or surrounded by heaps of elevated ground and grass floating in the air. I've tried from 1m - 19m mesh and although the heaps get lower they are still there and when you land you sink through one runway into the next. In VECTOR neither NZMF or NZQN are listed to exclude. I don't have any problem with other areas (Norway, UK, PNW, etc etc) only in New Zealand. Very strange. Maybe I'm doing something wrong somewhere but the installation and migration all went without any hiccups and I assume FTX Central has all the files in the correct order because, as I said, all other areas seem to be correct and no elevation problems so far.
  18. Hi everyone! I was practicing circling landing in ORBX NZQN these days. But I found my runway textures just refused to load correctly before touchdown. Even when I finally landed on the runway, the textures were still disappeared. I have checked that I purchased and installed NZ South Island. I also tried uninstalling and re-installing NZQN. And it should be noticed that when I load the sim on runway directly, everything looks normal. This only happened when I fly from somewhere to NZQN. Is this a texture load problem? Or an elevation problem? Will be grateful if someone know what happened! Best wishes and happy new year!
  19. Hello, I bought New Zealand South Island, plus Queenstown today, but I'm having some problems installing it correctly. When I load the airport I see a lot of blacked out people and buildings, along with some elevation issues. I do run FTX Vector, so that's my usual first check for this, but NZQN isn't showing as a problem there. I tried to search on these forums for an answer, and I read that it's best to install the island scenery before the airport, so I tried uninstalling everything related to New Zealand, and reinstalling first the South Island, loading the sim, then installing Queenstown, but the problem is still there. I am using P3D 4.2, and will be happy to supply any further information should it be needed. Thanks for any help you can provide, Dan
  20. Hello, I bought New Zealand South Island, plus Queenstown today, but I'm having some problems installing it correctly. When I load the airport I see a lot of blacked out people and buildings, along with some elevation issues. I do run FTX Vector, so that's my usual first check for this, but NZQN isn't showing as a problem there. I tried to search on these forums for an answer, and I read that it's best to install the island scenery before the airport, so I tried uninstalling everything related to New Zealand, and reinstalling first the South Island, loading the sim, then installing Queenstown, but the problem is still there. I am using P3D 4.2, and will be happy to supply any further information should it be needed. Thanks for any help you can provide, Dan
  21. Rainy weather in Queenstown, so I decided to move away from the South. As the distance to Queenstown is a bit longer, a slighty more spacious plane needed to be installed. Escaped from the rain... ... but not clear of the clouds yet. OK, looks clear now... ... but not for long ;-(. At least, Christchurch is big enough and equipped with electric helpers to find the runway!
  22. After installing the Carenado planes into p3dv4 I went on to another of my favourite GAs - unfortunately without a p3d installer. Added all the liveries, and - voila: Good that this is just the taxiway... The beauty of Milford Sound... ... and the west coast. Entering Doubtful Sound in something more exclusive than a cruiseship... ... and climbing over the rocks... ... to Lake Manapouri. This is where someone filmed the Anduin River... ... and Lothlorien. Mavora Lake... ... and Lake Wakatipu. Queenstown ahead. VFR flying at its finest... ... unfortunately I could not turn the CRS needle. This may be the only p3d-deficit that occurs - does anybody have better experience with this bird? At least I could bring her down safely...
  23. Not only Cook Strait will be crossed in this flight, this is also my first IFR flight in p3d with PRO-ATC/X support, and my first flight with the Majestic Dash 8-Q400 in this simulator. Moreless totally experimental today. Boarding in Wellington was with no trouble (and no GSX, yet...). But what is this AI pilot doing? Can´t he see my takeoff release from the ATC above?? OK, we´re just simming. So the steel was unharmed and I could climb towards the South Island. No Orbx scenery here, but the blue was just too impressing for me (finally I got a nice sky color). Christchurch. The HD moon textures from FSX work well. Weather is getting somehow tricky whilst descending into Queenstown, ... ... and I had to circle down. Me no like that visibility! Resulted in an Albatros-like landing... ... but no one was able to complain after the flight!
  24. Has anyone a hint how I can reduce the size of the runway lights in Queenstown?
  25. Having some issues with airport elevation when using NQZN. I've got New Zealand South Island, NZQN, FTX Global BASE and FTX Global Vector installed. My scenery config is as follows: ORBX Libs FTX LOWI FTX NZMF FTX NZQN FTX New Zealand South Island FTX YBBN FTX YRED FTX Australia FTX OpenLC Europe FTX OpenLC Base P3dv4 standard global, airports, cities, etc FTX Vector 0001-1107 base scenery FTX Vector AEC Scenery\Base Scenery\World I've run the AEC in FTX Vector's control panel Any ideas?
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