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  1. Travel agencies, at least in my country, use to offer stopovers after NZL roundtrips. Well, if you went there with a 35 h-flight, such an offer may sound interesting. However, I tried to avoid the risky Cessna-strike before that flight... ... out of Auckland. Still climbing north we pass Whangarei... ... and then the northern tip of New Zealand. The Southern Sea - or how is it called in English? After about 3 hours we approach Fiji... ... at the coast & forests of Viti Levu. IFR. At the Queens Road. Someone has nicely cut a runway into the jungle, ... ... which is long enough for heavy birds. Let´s get the towels & briefs out for some days of lazyness!
  2. ... with a little Auckland tour, starting at Mechanics Bay heliport, just at the (Pacific) waterside. By boat, and even more by helicopter, it is just a short hop over the water to Devonport, which gives you this perspective... ... of the CBD. Surely not as realistic as with other simulators (or with a handcrafted cityscape). Here we have the view from Mt. Eden... ... and this is One Tree Hill, with the international airport already waiting in the background for our next flight.
  3. After some excursions of the geological features of Rotorua and some dives into the Maori culture, we continue northbound on NZNI. At Te Werati I did NOT spot the proposed radar station, but an impressive change from forested hills to the lowlands. Small things part 1: Near Matamata should be the remainders of the Hobbiton movie set. Obviously too small to be seen from above. So we went on to Hamilton... ... and here we can spot some coulourful dots near the lake. Small things part 2: A lovely collection of balloons! I find the representation of the flat land quite impressive as well. At Glenbrook we reach Manakau Harbour, ... ... where we approach... ... NZAA. Ready to explore Auckland!
  4. For all of us who always suffered in boring geological lessons in school: We make it a bit more lively today. But first some Kiwi camouflage in Wellington. Into the clouds... ... over Windy Wellington... ... and along the path on Mt. Victoria. Heading north along the west coast we come to Kapiti Island. Due to the lack of european predators one of the few places where Kiwi birds and other ground-living animals can live undisturbed. The region around Taihape looks as if sheep could also live undisturbed here. The geo lesson begins: As part of the Pacific Ring of Fire NZL has some impressive volcanoes, like Mt. Ruapehu, ... ... Mt. Ngauruhoe, ... ... and Mt. Tongariro. As we continue along Lake Taupo, we could see some geothermal fields and power stations. I did not check, but Mt. Tarawera is probably also volcanic. And approaching over Lake Rototi... ... we reach Rotorua, famous for hot springs and geysirs. Quite the distance today - a tourist on the ground could spend a week for this tour.
  5. After a good and long breakfast we had to check out at our hotel in Nelson and hurry on. Too late to use a car, so we went to the airport. We leaft eastbound, with Tasman Bay behind and Nelson underneath us. Following Maitai and Pelorus River... ... and passing Havelock... ... we reached Picton, with the ferry piers below, abandoned. So we went along Queen Charlotte Sound... ... and there we met the Aratere, finally. That´s the price for the long breakfast, we had missed our ship. Good that we did not pay in advance. At least we could overlook the northern peninsulas of NZSI... ... and stay in the Dornier for the hop over Cook Strait. Turning into Wellington is a nice approach as well... ... and the runway is easy to spot. Plus, it is long enough for a smooth landing. Maybe even smoother that the waves during the ferry ride... Documentation: Check.
  6. ... and they will continue to be from P3D. I see there is more VFR eye candy in the new model, but I am totally happy with the flying in my complete P3D instalment. Like this flight (already done two months ago), from Wellington... ... over Centennial Park, ... ... and the Capital´s city center... ... to Westwind windfarm. Bye, bye, North Island. Hello South Island. Cook Strait can be a bit rough when travelling on sea level (I´d like to do this in a few years). And this is the ship one may take: The Kaitaki. Picton, the cross-strait ferry port. If one likes, take the numerous curves of the Queen Charlotte drive, ... ... passing Havelock, ... ... and towards Nelson. We would drive around Wairoa Bay... ... through the green fields... ... to Motueka. Quite a good trip for one day, me thinks.
  7. ... if I can manage to post a screenshot with imgur and the new forum design. Wellington, NZ, in the morning. [img]https://i.imgur.com/n5DiB7n.jpg[/img] I was somehow unsure after reading https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/199812-i-very-much-like-the-new-forum-design/?tab=comments#comment-1709355
  8. This flight leads us back from a volcanic hikers paradise into civilisation. From Turangi, ... ... at the banks of Lake Taupo, ... ... over the hiding Mt. Tongariro... ... and the (nearby) hotels... ... to Mt. Ngauruhoe. Also hidden, as so likely in this area. Following Ohakune road southwards... ... and passing Mt. Ruapehu, ... ... we come to flatter lands at Waiouru. Highway 1 shows lots of nice bridges, here near Mangaweka. Here we approach Palmerston North, surrounded by farmland, ... ... and, at the west coast, we pass Kapiti Island. The island is home to a number of native birds, mostly re-introduced. The brown kiwi and little spotted kiwi were released on the island between 1890 and 1910, and the island is now the stronghold for the latter species. Just a short hop over little hills... ... leads us to the capital of new Zealand. We pass a little private boat on our final into... ... Wellington.
  9. Here we go for another tour over Aotearoa, or (like some say), New Zealand. From the (default) Auckland airport... ... over the mudfields at Karaka harbourside... ... and the hills near Te Kauwhata... ... to Hamilton. By air it is just under 20 miles to the movie scenery of the Hobbiton. Unfortunately I couldn´t spot their coves and gardens from the air. (Neither could I see the ballons at Hamilton, did I mess up something with the setup?) So I went on to Rotorua, ... ... turned downwind over the lake, ... ... and into the airfield. Get out mates, for some sightseeing!
  10. My NZL tour goes on, from Rotorua, ... ... over the city... ... towards the hot springs just in Rotoruas outskirts. Passing Mt. Tarawera in the background, ... ... before we cross the geothermal fields near Taupo. Some famous volcanoes south of us, ... ... and here we spot our destination airstrip: Taumarunui. Looks lovely like a classical OZx place, doesn´t it?
  11. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is among the most popular day hikes in the country https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tongariro_Alpine_Crossing . The full distance of the track is usually 19.4 km (12.1 mi). We´ll take the lazy way, and use a Cessna instead of our feet. Getting ready at Taumarunui, ... ... with really a typical OZx feeling here. Trees like these - I like that impression. Flying over Taumarunui village, ... ... and towards Mt. Ruapehu. The settlement below consists of the majority of hotels, hostels and B&Bs that host the trekking tourists. Mt. Ngauruhoe ahead. Do you see the road circle left of the lava stream? That is Mangatepopo carpark, the official entry point of the hike. The steepest climb on the track is Devils Staircase, leading up the saddle below. Walkers would pass Mt. Doom, you can see the path in the left. After passing the Red Crater summit, the Emerald Lakes await. And then it goes down. Steep down. A look back to Mordor. You see the road end below? That is Ketetahi Carpark, the official exit point of the track, where you can grab a bus. If you are not too late... I just went down to nearby Turangi airstrip. Which has an interesting advertisement.
  12. ... we used to fly with P3D. I still do and enjoy the virtual planet! For example in Auckland - I did a little city tour, coming from the airport south of the city... ... over a beautiful bridge... ... towards One Tree Hill. The view from this famous mountain does not seem to be overwhelming. So I hopped over to Mt. Eden, ... ... and here you have the CBD! Okay, somewhat closer if you utilize the helicopter. After crossing the water that is the view from Quinton Park. Or should we better go to Blair Park? At least we can stop in the city at Mechanics bay heliport and enjoy the bars and restaurants. That is the route I used to explore the city, looking forward to some bright day when these trips might be possible in reality again.
  13. I would like to travel to Santiago de Chile one day, but today I will just leave it, virtually. Just like the commercial flights in my direction, this simulated one leaves around midnight, local time. Concepcion, the last spot of the South American continent on this trip. You may guess where this is going. Hint: The only possible airport for emergencies around is la Isla de Pasqua, and this is still ETOPS 240... At least our plane is reliable and makes landfall in New Zealand, ... ... near Gisbourne, which is hidden under a table cloth. Some decent mountains peek through the clouds as we pass Rotorua. Gliding down ... ... over the Hunua Ranges NP ... ... into Auckland. Another place I´d like to see in real. A nice view of office and city, I felt. Ready to land. Deboarding in Corona times: All separate, with the bus, directly to testing and into the quarantine hotel.
  14. Sounds like a Buddy Holly song, but it's really another gem from JK Blom! I love the Cub - but really can't decide on those Tundra wheels. Correction: I've decided .... I hate them, LOL! Near NZAR (Ardmore) - Orbx NZNI. Well done JK - many thanks - looking forward to featuring more! Adam.
  15. Today we took a commercial flight from Wellington... ... over the clouds - which prevented me from making more shots in the early phase of the trip. Suddenly the weather changed, ... ... and the view got better, just to show Hayes Lake, ... ... and the outskirts of Queenstown. May the adventure begin!
  16. Good that Frodo and Sam did not start their journey by checking the flights from Gisbourne: Surprising destinations they have on offer. However: The King is ready to return. Once again the lovely runway 27 was selected by ATC... Bye, bye Gisborne. May your wineyards carry many fruits when we return. Waikaremoana Lake. Man, do these places have names. Taupo with its "boiling grounds" - geothermal energy sources. And here we see, surrounded by clouds... ... Mordor and Mt. Doom. Drop the ring, Frodo! And now let us hurry away before any explosion may occur. Survived, just to have an eagle-like peaceful flight down the west coast... ... towards Wellington. Another great place of this planet, it seems. That was it. Simply flown in and out. Boromir would be surprised.
  17. After walking down to Whangarei airport I found an interesting announcement. 90% off, that´s a word! But too exciting for me this looks. So I turned left ... ... and saw what I was heading for: A cute little two-seater. Started up the engine and went up over Whangarei, ... ... out to Whangarei Heads ... ... and to Great Barrier Island. The Lancair is fast enough to hop quickly down to Coromandel, ... ... further to Tauranga ... ... and to the geyser-land of Rotorua. Passing Patutahi ... ... towards the intended destination for today, Gisborne. The assigned runway 27 is hard to spot ... ... because it is a very green one. No worries, we´ll gonna have a good glass of white nearby!
  18. For this flight I started at the barebone airport of Auckland... ... and enjoyed the details of Auckland´s city soon after. Crossing the northern plains near Springfield... ... before reaching the outskirts of Whangarei. I always remembered the NZ scenery as deep green, but mid of January seems to put it into "hot summer" mode. Marsden refinery in the background. And there we are. Ready for further exploration...
  19. ... continue the flight that was interrupted by a medical emergency the day before. So we boarded again in lovely polynesian weather... TrueGlass does a fascinating job. At least speed helps to get the screen clear! Bye bye Pago Pago. A few hours after we reached New Zealands northern island, in hot summer conditions. NZAA is really looking poor. At least the landing works, as well as the unloading of our expedition luggage.
  20. When I get a new piece of scenery I never start there.. got to fly there. It's just me... Manukau Heads First look Across the coast Sale A decade of suburban sprawl Turning final on to 34 The performance over Melbourne was surprisingly good. I've turned off the extra ships, but that's about it. Time to jump in a 737 or Dash 8 and head to the country... Mike
  21. So, I haven't had much time to fly lately, and even less time to take screenshots and post them. That said, I managed a short flight out of Whangarei and flew in a meandering northerly direction, landing at the Bay of Islands airfield in Kerikeri. Once landed, I noticed an odd advertisement for a place far far away from Kerikeri...pretty cool! It is in the last screenshot: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Not sure who has found that before, but it is the first time I have seen it Love the little hidden surprises like this in Orbx scenery! Cheers!
  22. Suspicious activity noted around the Waitemata Harbour: Ti Rakau Drive, close eye being kept... Highbrook Drive on the right, Southern Motorway on the left. Mangere Bridge. A likely spot... One Tree Hill. Unlikely to be flown under, given the volcanic rock nature of the medium making lift generation improbable. However, inverted flypast activities are to be watched for Tamaki Drive, just west of Hobson Point. Unlikely location due to the minimal clearance underneath Ports of Auckland. Lack of wind across the deck makes these unlikely targets for anything non-rotary, however a Mr. J Sawyer has been known to try anything once. Shelly Beach Road. Given that the passage under is along State Highway 1, witnesses would be expected. The Bridge... the most likely gathering place of local suffers of what is becoming known as The Sawyer Effect: Finally, Upper Harbour Bridge. Given the proximity to RNZAF Auckland (Whenuapai to the rest of us), the chances of sufferers striking here unnoticed would appear to be low. It is possible that the subject in the above photographs is in the early stages of YIUB virus or the related Sawyer Effect. Subject was last seen on track for the North Shore aerodrome. While not inverted, footage from Boxing Day last year: http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2018/01/civil-aviation-authority-investigating-after-plane-flies-under-auckland-harbour-bridge.html It would appear the CAA is not amused.
  23. Taking Jankee's TEAL livery for a low level sortie from Whenuapai, Auckland's airport at the time. The Mangere airport wasn't opened until 1965, in the DC-8 era. Gear up: The bridge and downtown: Probably Tapu, being this low over Rangitoto... Kaipara Harbour Downwind As the punters might see one:
  24. Not only Cook Strait will be crossed in this flight, this is also my first IFR flight in p3d with PRO-ATC/X support, and my first flight with the Majestic Dash 8-Q400 in this simulator. Moreless totally experimental today. Boarding in Wellington was with no trouble (and no GSX, yet...). But what is this AI pilot doing? Can´t he see my takeoff release from the ATC above?? OK, we´re just simming. So the steel was unharmed and I could climb towards the South Island. No Orbx scenery here, but the blue was just too impressing for me (finally I got a nice sky color). Christchurch. The HD moon textures from FSX work well. Weather is getting somehow tricky whilst descending into Queenstown, ... ... and I had to circle down. Me no like that visibility! Resulted in an Albatros-like landing... ... but no one was able to complain after the flight!
  25. Next levels achieved: AU AI traffic shows up, Carenado birds installed - with all the liveries I collected in good old FSX times. This one from Richard Louis is one of the most famous, just the right one to start at New Plymouth: Beautiful Mt. Taranaki. As beautiful is the rain in AS/p3d: At least we could see the final into Wellington... .. and the Kiwis flying there!
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