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  1. Hello All, I've recently narrowed this down to a confliction between my Orbx Products. Owned Orbx Products Orbx Global base Orbx Vectors Orbx NA OpenLC Orbx NorCAl Orbx Store Order Numbers: 5cd2520b68335 | 5ccfa5ebcf56c ---- *****I do not have any other scenery products installed other than Orbx**** I'm sure this has happened to some of you with high mesh resolution settings. When a user flies over a runway with a "cliff" or sharp terrain changes on final, and at or slightly below the glide slope with a "heavy aircraft"; P3D will suck the aircraft in the ground. Here are various examples of what happens to my aircraft when I fly over a sharp terrain change (1m Mesh Resolution) on final: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-plWAfAxsXY&feature=youtu.be&t=1808 (30:08) if the link does not take you there. Made by a different user having a similar problem. More specifically, I first experienced it when on a KSFO RW28R final in the PMDG 747-8. Here are some detailed pictures of problematic areas (from a different user in a P3D bug report thread). Things I've Tried Vector Terrain Data Correction. KSFO is not listed. Verified all Orbx scenery files. Uninstalling and reinstalling Orbx Norcal Disabling Orbx NorCal. This completely fixes the landing problem, but I'd want to ideally keep the scenery Plus this causes for grass to appear on the runways. After I completely disabled Orbx NorCal, I re-enabled it to attempt to adjust the scenery load priority to have the "Mesh" component of NorCal be pushed all the way at the bottom. Although this fixed the grass on the runway, the elevation data confliction problem made a nasty reappearance. After a little more digging I instead moved the "CVX" component of NorCal to all the way at the bottom, which then fixed the elevation confliction, however thus by doing so "sinking" the textures below/ontop of the runway causing a nasty flickering and splotchy grassy runway. I am at a loss at to what to try next. Does anyone have a solution? It appears that buying FSG Pilot's mesh might be an expensive one... but am willing if I can get someone to confirm this as a fix. Thanks!
  2. Hi Sorry posted in wrong forum, but while I have your attention... Can we please get a proper representation of the San Francisco & Oakland Bay Bridges? No less than the one shown in your advertising photo (uploaded). The bridge shipped in v1.0 looks nothing like it (also uploaded). I have tried posting in the "Bug Fix" forum and have gotten nowhere. I'm hoping this post might get some attention so we can have a fix like the swift recent v1.1 So Cal scenery update to fix KSAN.
  3. The perfect gateway to Yosemite’s impressive national parks. KFAT Fresno Yosemite International Airport will provide you with the opportunity to connect quickly to multiple destinations and soar above the famed forest of Yosemite. Featuring an impressive level of quality, Fresno Yosemite International Airport is the perfect place to experience a variety of piloting opportunities. Take a flight from the airport and fly over the famous Airways Golf Club that sits just north of the dual-runway airport, or take on a helicopter tours around the city. The airport had its origins as a military airfield in World War II and is home many government agencies as well as the 144th Fighter Wing of the California Air National Guard. Another critical function operated out of Fresno is the coordination of firefighting aircraft which is managed by the Fresno Air Attack Base located at the airport. The airport gets it code (FAT) from the former name of the airport, Fresno Air Terminal, and has tried unsuccessfully in the past to have a new identifier allocated due to the negative connotations. The airport changed its name to Fresno Yosemite International Airport to hopefully attract visitors travelling to the Yosemite National Park. Featuring: Detailed and accurate rendition of Fresno Yosemite Airport Perfect for GA pilots, private jet pilots and helicopter fanatics Incredible quality texturing with PBR materials throughout Interact with the airport with SAM jetways and marshellers Atmospheric night lighting Custom static F15 and Blackhawk models Interior modelling of the main terminal Optimised for great performance Designed for TrueEarth Northern California Be sure to check new previews as we gear up for launch this weekend!
  4. One of the advertized purpose of TrueEarth Norcal is [...] You could spend days exploring and still find uniqueness throughout [...]. GOAL ACHIEVED ! I took off from San Carlos and flew randomly just looking out. And the magic of flight simulation happened. I (re)discovered area I flew already but never saw like this.
  5. Hi, I just saw these two peaks flying southwest from KSQL in the SF Bay Area. I did my best to get accurate coordinates in the last photo so these anomalies could be ironed out. (so to speak) They were not there before I installed Orbx Nor Cal yesterday. Thanks and kind regards.
  6. Let's continue these short hops to be as-real-as-it-gts on Califonia. These flights on Prepar3D are real trainer for me. I can practise Foreflight mobile app on my iPad. In France, I use Skydemon, so because I plan next month to be in California, I need to be current with Foreflight. And as I'm not using anymore paper chart, I had to be efficient. Thanks to Orbx, I choose to depart from Monterey (KMRY) and FBO Monterey Jet Center FBO. My plan is to fly along the coast and below the class Bravo airspace. To do so, let's use the FLY chart on the San Francisco TAC (Terminal Area Chart) : This chart is unusual for me. I'm french and I'm not use to have a official chart which explains me how to fly below a specific airspace. With big blue arrows, it shows how to interfere with the Bravo airspace which protect big airport, like here San Francisco International KSFO. So, let's fly around the San Francisco Bay, by the west coast, from Half Moon Bay via the Golden Gate to end at Concord Buchanan (KCCR). If I want to be out of contact of anyone, let's fly below 6'000 feet, then after Half Moon Bay, let's descend below 4'000 feet, then a left-right to descend below 2'000 feet because we are right in the KSFO departure (if 28 in service) : Then, we can climb 3'000 to overfly the Golden Gate. Or we can stay lower. If I want I can to straight northbound (see the empty magenta arrow), there is a VFR transition named Coastline VFR Transition. But it requires an ATC clairance. And this clairance process is not delivered by the pretty much old ATC under FSx/Prepar3D. The route as seen from Foreflight with Navlog on top ... and the navigation log automatically generated by Foreflight... That I don't use. Let's continue with the same plane. I take N4975F (with the A2A C172 Trainer). The author of the previous texture has enhanced (better resolution) his work. We'll be 2 on board. I top-off and few luggages. N4975F is a 180 hp and we are far from the max weight. chevaux et on est loin de la masse max. As in my last trip in Monterey, I depart from Monterey Jet Center (Orbx KMRY) : I enter quickly the route in the Flight1 GTN 650. Just in case of. Just to have a backup. And to read some ETA : Taxi clairance is for holding point November, runway 28L. I draw it in green with annotate tool in Foreflight Taxi at Monterey. At the holding point, I wait 10 minutes. Ultimate Traffic Live is great... but at 100% it creates the same issue as in real. You wait I also look at arrival from the Foreflight map which display AI traffic from P3D. It helps understanding the ATC work : Then, it's time to take-off ! There is a FEW at 2'500 feet. The plan is to turn right after departure. Right turn on initial climb toward Half Moon Bay Local advice as seen from the FBO Cloud are here. I had to slalom to stay VMC Look at the beautiful brand new hi-rez texture of N4975F ! Santa Cruz is far away, I head north over the Monterey bay From Foreflight in the middle of the bay Overt Half Moon Bay And if we look closely at the chart... we are just few miles from KSFO Here is a real screen shot... I mean a screen shot taken during a real life flight Look at the ADSB traffic displayed (and visible) by the app. ADSB antenna are strong there Is there more or less traffic than my PC can generate with constant framerate with Ultimate Traffic Live ? ;))))) Again some clouds And even with a good preparation, I didn't manage correctly my altitude and flew into the Bravo without a clairance Sutro Tower at Twin Peaks just before San Francisco Merced Lake at the right and the Golden Gate Park in the left. And the Golden Gate ahead ! As I descend below 2'000 feet And don't forget all this flight is perfectly legal and possible in the real life ! Without PPR, without complicated clairance, in VFR... San Francisco skyline, Oakland Bay Bridge and Treasure Island Almost overhead The Skyline and the Golden Gate in 2016 as seen from a C172 ... and the classical weather Golden Gate in 2008 as seen from the real 4975F Ok, let's leave the bay and all the touristic attractions : Golden Gate, Alcatraz, and San Francisco downtown A little climb to go over hills before reaching Concord (KCCR) ATC clairance is to join the left downwind 32L Turning final 32L Approach 32L is weird with this path so close to the tower ! Concord is really tricky (to taxi). I never were confident. Let's draw in green the taxi clairance to go to the Pacific State Aviation FBO Concord has a lot of school trafic Default scenery by Orbx NORCAL. Better than the default FSx/P3D ! Parked at Pacific State Aviation FBO That's it ! I hope you enjoy this short flight ! See my previous posts : From Bakerfield to Kern Valley : From Victorville to Vegas with Orbx SOCAL :
  7. Today some pics from a flight "for" Delta (DAL791) going from San Francisco to Seattle in the new Airbus A319. Finally the clouds were gone a bit and one could take some peeks at the terrain. Sadly i cannot comment because i simply dont know the place really. I still love to fly on the US wes coast with orbx stuff, its always amazing (if the weather plays around)
  8. Flying in the San Francisco bay and enjoying the autogen
  9. Absolutely no reason for this 'plane to be anywhere around here. I was messing around but was really take with the scenery around here which is just out from 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field which is well worth a visit.
  10. So after much cursing and messing around, I'm beginning to get v4 working and looking how I want it. Got the payware PTA on there, and after a bunch of not very productive attempts at my own setup I found and tried out the thopat preset. A couple of minor tweaks to suit my own particular taste and now it's beginning to be fun. These are from a test run out of the default Angwin Parrett Field in NorCal. Haven't got Active Sky or Rex or any other textures/weather yet. Sliders maxxed, all 4k, default texture_thingy=8. Don't want to upgrade my current PC with a new graphics card yet but I'll probably up my RAM to 32gb sometime soon and see how that helps. In the meantime, away we go - had been just aimlessly pootling around, then spotted water ahead. Turns out to be a place called Clear Lake and it looks like another wonderful chunk of northern Californian bliss. (and if anyone on the forum is from around there and is going to tell me it's polluted like crazy and full of bad people I don't want to know - it looks wonderful and that's all I need!) I know my preferences are a bit dark for some people, but I'm really pleased with how this is coming along. This is going to be such fun as all the ORBX strips make it on to the system To infinity (or maybe Eureka) and beyond! Enjoy!
  11. Have just installed my Pilot's GU NG and they mentioned Mount Shasta as being a place to visit, so off I went. Started out from Scott Valley (A30) and have now discovered yet another great big area to explore! Settings are end of September, ASN live weather, 4k images, PTA and all sliders maxed. Nice little airfield to start out from Just starting down the runway and spotted the dog walker. Sure I've seen them before (at the delightfully named Funny Farm) Pulling away from the strip Seems a lovely little valley, wouldn't mind settling down there myself And that's where we're heading getting close now Going to fly past and turn round Heading back now Pretty impressive thing, but no urge to climb it heading back into the valley Got a choice now, I can go left and put down at Dunsmuir (1O6), or right to Weed (O46). As an ex-hippie and child of the sixties, there's no real doubt where I have to land, but I'll go and have a look at Dunsmuir first anyway. Actually, a rather lovely setting But I'm going to turn round and head back to Weed, so - That valley looks interesting, I may come back in the hang glider or similar later Heading to Weed now Coming in - Another nice little airfield out in the sticks. I love the atmosphere in these scenes Heading over to fill up Bit of an oddity here - one guy seems to be embedded in the fuel tank And there's the reason for this trip behind us now. Once again, I'm knocked out by the buzz I get from this stuff (the simming, not Weed <grin>). With all the talk at the moment of X-Plane 11, P3Dv4, Dovetail's new sim, Aerofly etc (and I've got X-Plane, Aerofly and Flight School already)) there's still nothing for me that comes close to this environment. And that's 90% down to ORBX. So as usual, all thanks to all the people who put this stuff together.
  12. Hi- I'm a huge Orbx fan, and own a great many of their very fine products. I recently noted a possible VAS issue when flying from KSMF (Sacramento CA) to KPSP (Palm Springs CA) with both NorCal and SoCal products installed and active. My free happened about 98 NM from KSMF Sacramento. Does anyone know if this could be a possible issue when transitioning between the two? I am now running Orbx Direct FTX Central 3 with all updates. I don't think this is a tech support question... but if it is, I apologize. Appreciate any comments.
  13. I am having problems getting Global and NorCal working. I’ve installed and uninstalled them both several time following the FAQ Forms posts instructions carefully. And I can’t seem to solve it. Things appear to work in FTX Central in that I can apply the region or Global but when I load the sim everything comes out default. I’ve made sure to update the Orbx Libraries and I downloaded the most recent installers from The Flight Sim Store. I amusing FSX:SE. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nicolas Order #FSS0351328 Order #FSS0408830
  14. FTX NorCal O37 many cars suspended in air scattered around various spots. Fuel tank suspended in mid air. gravity effect starting at this fuel tank and access road. no brakes applied, throttle at zero, plane will roll all the way off the airport because of downhill slope?
  15. I hope this is the correct place to ask this. There is a section of fence on the approach end of runway 28L at Hayward Executive Airport (KHWD). I would like to know if there is any way to fix this issue. The only reason I care so much is this is my home base and I start and end many IFR flights on 28L. I'm running: - P3D V3.1 (had the same issue with V3.0) - Orbx Northern California region - FSUIPC - A few A2A aircraft - Hawaii photo-real scenery
  16. The Mighty Dash kicks off irregularly unscheduled service between two recent Orbx masterpieces. Best, Marshall
  17. Viewer request tutorial on doing an RNAV approach. Also with bonus segment on using Cat And Duck Method. Flightbeam KSFO and Orbx NorCal. Best, Marshall https://youtu.be/5ktC1w1ZbdY
  18. Tasty NorCal terrain. Residents running for cover. They're fleeing the spinning, falling, twisting, turning Mighty Dash. Ahhh, but they need not fear, because we are armed with knowledge that will save them from chunks of wreckage in the ole attic. Attempting here to translate the American Airlines unusual attitude training sessions (Warren Vanderburgh, YouTube) into the Dash cockpit, as well as using my own experience in the sim. Some of it may match RW. Most of it seems to work in the sim. Still, I'd love some additional feedback on the training that RW Q400-jockeys get. It's vital stuff, and I don't see nearly enough of it in the sim community. Plenty of navigation, FMS, autopilot and buffoonery (guilty, your honor), but very little recovery techniques for us flying Bozos. Hope this helps anyone who finds themselves in a bad spot in the sky. Best, Marshall
  19. Foggy SF Bay goodness, and a little tutorial for anyone trying to crack the code to smoothly landing The Mighty Dash. Best, Marshall
  20. Something for scenery-lovers as well as Majestic geeks alike: Testing out, in a quick KMRY-KSFO NorCal run, a happy discovery on Page 127 of Majestic's System Tutorial. Essentially it seamlessly blends an ILS into FMS data to yield an LNAV/VNAV "Pink Needles ILS" approach. Here's the citation: The VNAV function has a special provision in order to enable flying the approaches in a coupled mode. What this means, is that it is possible for the FMS to combine ***all the navigation information available (IRS/GPS, and the ILS inputs), to generate and automatically fly the glide and lateral slope for the approach.*** Pretty slick stuff! Best, marshall
  21. Great learning flight for me. KSFO-KMRY, with a full ILS approach, including procedure turn, on arrival. Bunch of mistakes. And mistakes corrected. And hand-flying. Screwed up on departure. Fixed it. Then the FMS did something weird on arrival. Not being a Child of The Magenta Line (Seriously, watch the AAL training video of that title on YouTube), I dropped down a level of automation and dealt with it. Good hand-flying workout and HUD use. The new Dash Pro really flies well! ---NOTE--- Forgot to say when talking in the video about performance and settings, in 4K, in Flightbeam KSFO and Orbx NorCal, I'm getting a solid 40FPS on Runway 1R. That's with docks and marinas turned off in the new configurator. Amazing! Best, Marshall
  22. Driving into work for another day on the job... Jeez...there's always somebody with a better set of wheels than yourself !!! OK, we got a shout...suspicious cargo boat just docked down town...let's roll... Always feels a bit James Bond this bit... Wow... this little bird is quick to climb... Suspect Vessel in sight Nothing suspicious to report here base...over# Might as well park up and eat my sandwiches...oh well...another boring day at the office!!!
  23. Some pics from two flights with the 222B - both times checking out the helicopter landing pads included in the sceneries The first set taken at and around Bathurst The second set taken at and around Redding More or less cropped Cheers Mallard
  24. After the -32 series pics in the "Western visitor" set I chose the -73 for some air hauling between Palm Springs and Redding Passing over Yosemite National Park So sue me - I'm taking the scenic route past Lake Tahoe Redding in sight If the Air Force One can land there, then I can as well Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  25. Click to enlarge. Real weather dished this up to me..Opus and Rex doing an awesome job,Amazing lighting also. Stu
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