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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys, First of all, I don't think this is a quick fix issue - I am hoping that when Ricahrd Bui gets to updating NIR he, or someone else will have a look at this, so feel free to mark it as resolved even if nothing is done about it now! Also, I want to say how much I enjoy NIR - it really makes a difference to flying over my home region, it looks great, and I am especially pleased with St Angelo which was basically just a runway in the default FTX/P3D version. However, I think there is a problem Belfast in NIR; it has been there all along - in P3Dv3 I get higher FPS and a smoother experience flying around Vancouver with PNW, Vancouver Plus and Victoria Plus added on than I do flying around Belfast with nothing added on except NIR. However, it really came home to me when I tried out P3Dv4. With no add-ons loaded (none were ready!) I can fly around Belfast in the P3D Bonanza with about 79-100 FPS. When the new version of Central came out and I loaded NIR, using the same aircraft the FPS drops to 30-40 on the runway and flying around drops as low as 10. The amount of stutters makes flying a helicopter really difficult and almost impossible to land at Belfast City. I cannot compare it with Vancouver with all the add-ons I have in P3Dv3 because apart from PNW, none are ready yet! But, with PNW loaded, I did try flying around Seattle and I get about 30 FPS; but Seattle is way larger than Belfast! Plus, Seattle is a lot smoother, and there is no noticeable FPS drop - it certainly doesn't get as low as 10. It does not seem to affect anywhere else in NIR, only Belfast. In fact, if you fly from any other NIR airport everything is smooth running but if you fly towards Belfast you begin to notice things getting "stuttery" and FPS dropping as you get within about 20 miles of Belfast. Newtownards (the closest airport to Belfast) is also a bit slow and has stutters, but if you fly from Newtownards away from Belfast it smooths out pretty quickly. There is even a noticeable difference between the FPS at Belfast City Runway 4 and Runway 22 (same runway, opposite ends). Using the "Go To Airport" option, if you start pointing towards Belfast centre, sitting on runway 22 the FPS is about 30, but starting at runway 4, pointing away from the centre of Belfast the FPS is about 50 or more. Also, and I don't know if this is related, but the centre of Belfast itself looks incredibly messy; like no other city in a "full fat" region. The background image over which the roads are laid seems to include roads of its own which do not line up with the simulator roads, and the simulator roads run over buildings etc. on that image. The outer parts of Belfast look fine - in fact they look great, it is just the centre itself that looks terrible; some links to screencaps: Centre vs suburbs Weird bridges/road ends Roads overlapping buildings etc. I have nothing loaded into P3Dv4 except ORBX regions - all the UK and Ireland ones plus PNW, PFJ, NRM and SAK. Possibly it is a rogue texture somewhere? If this was a huge city with lots of custom buildings etc or a really detailed airport such as Juneau or Southampton, I would expect a huge FPS hit - but Belfast? This is the place where someone once joked that it was so rural there was a cattle grid at the end of the runway...! Specs etc. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit i4790k @ 4.0 GHz 8 GB Ram NVidia GeForce GTX 970 Running P3Dv3 from 200GB SSD Partition Running P3Dv4 from 100GB SSD partition (PS - how do I get my specs automatically copied into my posts now that that signature can only be two lines?)
  2. Hey guys, I just picked up WLS, ENG (already had SCO). I am thinking about getting NIR and IRL while the sale special is happening. I did read while back that Orbx wasn't contemplating making airports for those region that time. Will there potential for some nice Orbx airports (especially catered to big and small planes) in 2016 for these 2 regions? Also - I know you guys do not give updates on time frame; but can you throw me a bone about EGHI, EGPB, EGKA update queue for P3Dv3. I bought the regions especially to have those airports. I actually do like all of your England airports. I just want to know are they up in queue for release soon or will it take like 6 months+. You guys do have lot of stuff on your P3Dv3 conversion queue. This way I can plan on when to buy those specific airports. Thank You.
  3. Folks I've been criss-crossing the British & Irish isles for a change of scenery: Departing Goodwood: Just passing through (Elstree): The Cherokee wasn't appropriate for the water crossing in this weather, somewhere near Hawarden: Near Strabane, looking north, enroute to Donegal airport: Thanks to Ron A for the Baron repaint. Mike
  4. Takeoff in the early morning from Oban (EGEO) in Scotland, flying along the coast of Northern Ireland and landing in Donegal (EIDL) in Ireland. Parking at Oban Airport Takeoff from Oban Near Oban Scottish Islands West Loch Tarbert Isle of Arran in the background Carradale Sheep Island and Sanda Leaving Scotland Coast of Northern Ireland near Ballycastle River Bann Dunree Head Lough Swilly Dunree Head and Urris Hills Glenveagh National Park Windfarm near Gweedore Lough Nacung Lower Parking at Donegal Airport Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  5. What a wonderful trip with such a Nice Lady !
  6. Just a couple of evening shots over the airport, taken from the Cerasim Bell 222B (a very forgiving chopper to fly, nicely done, and perfect for scenery in the UK, Scotland, Wales and here, Northern Ireland!): Definitely check this area out! Steven
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