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  1. When you have a lot of ORBX airports, is there a way to check to make sure that all the installed airports are complete and have no missing objects? A file or integrity checker of sorts? Thanks.
  2. Hello, So a few weeks ago I bought some of the orbx add-ons and it worked fine (Base Pack, Vector, OpenLC Europe, Trees HD and Buildings HD). A few days ago I launched P3Dv4 as usual, but when I started the flight, I noticed a lot of textures were missing. I took these 2 screenshots 20 min ago and as you can see, even the sky seems laggy. I really have no idea what's going on, I tried reinstalling all my orbx add-ons but it didn't work Can someone help me ?
  3. Hello XP support I noticed that the two Windsocks from EGTF Fairoaks Aiport are not showing the cone. Could you check this issue? See the figures below: 1. 2. 3. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have down loaded via FTX3 and installed as suggested including un-checking Orlando and KORL but it was taking ages to load and after it did there were gates ( i think GSX 2) but no Terminal buildings so i used FTX3 to uninstall. Checking default again there are now no default terminal buildings either with Orlando and KORL checked or unchecked. i reinstalled City Scene via FTX3 but still no Terminal buildings but there are buildings surrounding KMCO at Orbx city scene and default Terminal buildings at every other default airport. I have checked that Orbx FTX AA Orlando is checked and it is. I am wondering if something has accidentally been corrupted or deleted - this is a first for me; any ideas please.
  5. am fairly new to XPlane 11 and a total newbie with orbx. Have downloaded and installed(my that took a while and got my cpu all hot and bothered) Central True Earth but I'm struggling with features that are now missing such as airfield buildings(EGNO and EGNH for example) and things shown on videos such as Blackpool Tower, piers and the like. I'm not convinced that my system has loaded True Earth properly so I'm attaching my scenery.ini and log.txt files with a plea for help. Any assistance greatly appreciated. scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  6. Hello, I found missing lake in Slovakia near town Vrable. Could you add this lake in future update? missing lake in P3D: lake on google maps:
  7. Hi guys, I purchased KFHR Friday Harbor last night and did a fight this morning. I have several static aircraft at the airport with missing textures (see photos below). Do I need to uninstall and rerun the ORBX Libraries or KFHR to correct this? Regards, Lance.
  8. Hi, just installed Avalon, and it loaded up, but while all the buildings and textures were present, there were no static cars in the car park. Not a single one. All boxes were ticked in the control panel, and scenery complexity is on max. What is happening? if it makes a difference or not, I own and have installed FTX AU Australia. Libraries is up-to-date. Help greatly appreciated
  9. Dear Nick, et-al, I know this topic has been addressed before but I can't seem to find a solution to it. I'm running FTX Central 3 and P3Dv4. I also have FSX:SE installed. Other installed ORBX products including Arlanda and Australian airports work fine. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Any assistance would be appreciated. Best regards, Howard Transaction ID: 58dfaced4af29 Windows 10 Home 64 bit Service Pack 1 i7-6700kCPU @ 4.00 GHz RAM 16GB nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 Prepar3D V4.1 Oculus Rift Runtime 1.20 PFC Yoke CH Throttle CH Pro Pedals Active Sky for P3Dv4 FlyInside P3D Pro 1.90
  10. Looks like a missing tile out side of Redwing Minnesota. The airport in the screen shot is of Durand. Almost look like the land is there but the water is to high, on the other hand it also looks similar to when a tile is missing. lat N44*31.93 lon W91*56.84
  11. Hi hoping someone can help me.. The other day I downloaded and installed Orbx England seeing as it was on offer and I was a bit bored of the dull bland colours of Just Flight VFR. Today is the first day I've actually been able to test it and despite it looking brilliant and making low level VFR more interesting I am missing certain things.. As you can see I took off from London City but sadly there's no London, there's only standard FSX autogen buildings over the area. I've also noticed the same at the Dartford Crossing where the QE2 Bridge should be, there's AI cars crossing over the Thames where the bridge should be but they just drive over air. For the life of me I can't find any lighthouses either despite me flying all over Eastbourne.Also There's random autogen over certain airports like this also seen at London City. As I've mentioned, I used to use Just Flight VFR and Revolution X but I've now removed these from my system and the Orbx sceneries are installed into the scenery library and moved their priority down to below that of my addon scenery. I've also tweaked my settings to exactly match those that are recommended in the readme. I've also run the update that was available on FTX-Central and I've also migrated my system. I don't know if maybe I've missed some files because I only had the following: FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY FTX_EU_ENG_06_CVX FTX_EU_ENG_07_MESH FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM Am I missing the files numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4 or is this usual? Scenery has never been my strongpoint I'd really appreciate any help.. Thanks, C. Receipt: 590f44dfdeb47
  12. Just started using SimStarter which has an option to display a missing texture message. And, lo, at 6% --where the load has stalled since forever (I was a PNW beta tester)--I get about a dozen popups indicating that textures are missing. Unfortuanently the message has a long string of characters that look like they are registry entry but no additional info. Is there an ORBX tool (or anyone else's) that will scan all my ORBX prtoducts and look for missing tetures? I assumed FTXCentral did that, but...
  13. Hello. Im just wondering what the problem are. If im flying on the day, the streetlights dont work. There are just "black boxes". Im wondering if there is a problem with the texture/scenery, and what i could do to fix it?
  14. Hello. I'm new to this forum. I recently installed the Global Base and Global Vector programs January 29th. I was very happy with the result until today. There are black shapes in place of houses and trees everywhere I go. What could have changed? I found updates on FTX Central and found missing and re-acquired files in Steam. Someone suggested the sliders might be set to high but I had no problems until recently. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. i5 4460 GTX 1060 6gb
  15. Hello all, After I reinstalled my FSX recently, I noticed that there were patches in my game where there weren't any 3d objects. Just the roads, and regular ground textures. I uninstalled my FTX Global, and found the problem was resolved, but upon reinstallation of FTX Global, the problem persists, any help would be appreciated. -Felix.
  16. Hello all,After I reinstalled my FSX recently ,I noticed that there were patches in my game where there weren't any 3d objects. Just the roads, and regular ground textures. I uninstalled my FTX Global, and found the problem was resolved, but upon reinstallation of FTX Global, the problem persists, any help would be appreciated. -Felix.
  17. In P3D v3.4 I installed FTX EU England. Most of it looks ok, but if I'm flying from London City airport (EGLC) I see very few of the authentic buildings that are so characteristic for this scenery. What is missing is Canary Warf, Tower Bridge, Tower, O2 Arena, Big Ben, Westminster, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, BT Tower and many more. I have uninstalled, reinstalled this package, reinstalled ORBX libraries, etc. Setting scenery settings to the max, nothing solved this problem. As a last attempt I installed ORBX on FSX on the same disk and to my surprise the picture of the City is complete here! Normally I never fly with FSX, so this doen't help me much. In the library list and order in P3D I find nothing wrong. Has anyone seen this before or have a clue?
  18. After having FTX Global for a while, I decided to buy FTX England to improve my scenery in the UK. After installation I jumped into flight sim (I have FSX:SE) and was surprised to see that there were no trees anywhere. Everything like buildings and other 3D objects were there except trees. I reinstalled FTX England multiple times and updated the Orbx libraries to the latest version but that didn't fix the problem. I've linked a screenshot of some kind of error message I received during installation and an in-game screenshot of the problem I'm experiencing. I would greatly appreciate any help, Thanks.
  19. Hello, I installed the FTX Vector 1.40 update. Then I was missing all roads (except traffic and railroads) in the area defined by N 50 37.50 ; E 3 45.00 N 53 26.30 ; E 7 30.00 It concerns almost all of the Netherlands, most of Belgium en and a part of Germany. Beyond this area everything looks normal. I did a complete reinstal of FTX Vector. The problem occurs only after the 1.40 update. I have FTX global Base, global LC Europe, global Vector and various regions which are not active in this area. I disabled the freeware NL2000, which is active in a part of this area. I use FTX Central v2 with the last update. In the Vector configuration tool all the roads are turned on. I updated the library en installed it after the update of Vector. So, now I don't know what to do more. I did't find this problem with other members of this forum. Can anyone confirm this in their configuration? Thank you, Peter
  20. Hi, there is a reservoir missing in NW Germany at 52.586389°, 7.296111° (Speicherbecken Geeste). Also, a small harbor at a nearby canal is suddenly AWOL. The area at Google Maps, Sat. view. Note the reservoir and the small harbor at the oil refinery (bottom of the picture): Seen from SW in FSX with ORBX Global+OpenLC Europe+FS Mesh (but without Global Vector). Same perspective as before but with all of the above packages plus Global Vector activated - reservoir and small harbor are gone: My order # for Global Vector: 514044 (There's the separate issue of OpenLC not zoning the refinery correctly, but I should probably take that to the appropriate forum.) Would be great if you could fix the Vector issues in an update. Thanks!
  21. Two importants reservoirs in Catalonia, Spain, are missing: Coordinates: Sau reservoir: 41.974182, 2.384427 Susqueda reservoir 41.974811, 2.509404 Here what you see in Google Maps Here what you see in P3D with Vector:
  22. Hi Jarrad, was wondering if you would be kind enough to investigate this issue. When using GSX and arriving at KPSP, GSX does not recognise Gate 9 (Jetway) at the main Terminal building. Since GSX reads the afcad, and since Gate 9 is also missing from FSX ATC parking request - I assumed it was an issue within KPSP. Even the gate numbers and assignments in some instances don't seem to match/marry up or even display with the GSX parking feature. Please see the attached screenshot. If I'm wrong, please let me know. Much appreciated.
  23. I found more missing reservoirs: Benagéber Reservoir Coordinates: 39.739646, -1.112724 Loriguilla Reservoir Coordinates: 39.673666, -0.917596 Both are in Spain. Thanks
  24. Hi, There's a small reservoir missing in Spain. "Embalse de Contreras" Coordinates: 39.589470 -1.521709 The sim looks like this:
  25. After downloading and installing Rugen Airport the terminal building is missing?
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