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Found 3 results

  1. Located in the Atlantic Ocean about 860 Km SouthWest from mainland Portugal lies Island Madeira located with it's Capital Funchal. Orbx-partner AmSim has improved the modelling of the airport LPMA and is so a lot more detailled than the handcrafted one by Asobo. In the 3 last shots are the differences visual and it's necessary to make the handcrafted one inactive. My option is simply give the status "false" in the content.xml file, deleting the asobo-file of LPMA is of coarse the more drastic way but not my favourite way to perform. Hereby some views: In follow 3 shots the difference between the Asobo handcrafted, the mixed(if not made inactive) and the most realistic one by AmSim:
  2. Hi all. I don't know whether this issue has been raised here before, but it was certainly raised on the Aerosoft forum around 2 years ago. It appears to be an issue with Vector rather than with the Madeira X Evolution scenery. Please have a look at the following topic from the Aerosoft forum: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/120871-madeira-mesh-mega-topic/ The issue is with the Vector Configuration Tool. Please look particularly at point 4 in MK-Studios' posting on March 9 2017 (the second posting on the thread): "What we observed running "FTX Vector Configurator" doesn't solve the problem as two filesABP_LPMA_Default.bgl and ABP_LPPS_Default.bgl remain unchanged after using the program. So it's required to remove/renameit manually every time you use "FTX Vector Configurator" (!)." This bug has never been fixed. I have to go through this process every time I install a new scenery and run the Airport Elevation Correction tool, otherwise there are significant elevation problems at the 2 airports in the Madeira scenery, especially at Porto Santo LPPS. I would assume that Aerosoft's Madeira scenery is quite popular because of the notoriety of LPMA. If this is indeed a Vector bug, please could this be fixed so that those of us who use the Madeira scenery do not have to keep on editing files. Thank you. Adrian.
  3. Hi Guys, i bought this Madeira X Scenery from Aeorosoft and get same Problems as many customers wrote here. Now my Situation is: After Running the ORBX Vector Tool and activating the Hybrid Mode in the ORBX Products my planes finally on Ground :-). although the AI Planes from WOAI. GSX is not working, but i beliefe i saw a Workaround here with a bgl. file in a new Scenery higher than Madeira. But in LPPS again is the runway 36 behind a hill, on LPMA street around the Airport have different heights. Cars and busses fall down !!! Poor People there!! I changed the bgl files as described here in the Forum, but there must be another hint ?? In the Textfile first Line you will find the Diagnose Number i produced with FTX Central and the things i changed. My Order Number for Global Vector is FSS0456451 Hope you can help me Thanks Diagnose File.txt
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