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Found 14 results

  1. Macbook Pro 2019 / Catalina X-Plane 11.50r3 (build 115033 64-bit, Metal) Has PilotEdge plugin Everything was working fine. Installed Orbx Southern California last night Now when I try to start a flight at a southern California airport (eg, BUR or LAX), I get the message, "Error, could not locate image file for terrain." (See attached screenshot.) After I acknowledge the message, X-Plane quits. For at least one southern California airport (L52), X-Plane simply quits unexpectedly without a message. It appears that airports outside southern California (eg MSN) load properly. There may have been an issue during Orbx installation. I left the installation running when I went to bed last night. It appeared to be downloading and installing files normally. When I checked it this morning, the installer wasn't running. I reran the installer. It appeared to resume where it left off, as indicated by the progress bar. It appeared to finish successfully. Attachments screenshot.png Log.txt scenery_packs.ini from the "Custom Scenery" folder. Please help! I'm so excited to use Orbx! Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  2. Hello, my sim friends. To begin, I have a relatively new Macbook Pro with Catalina OS. With that said, I was VERY excited to purchase and download the Orbx SoCal HD. However, when running X-Plane 11 after selecting the SoCal airport of my choice to begin, it crashes midway through the loading process. Next thing that appears is my computer desktop and asking if I want to relaunch X-Plane. This has been extremely frustrating as I've tried everything, including moving all of my custom scenery files to a backup folder and starting from scratch. Still, the same thing. I could really use some help. Thanks, everyone. -Paul
  3. Hello, I migrated AeroFly FS2 to a MAC computer (Catalina IOS) and I have the Steam version. But there is a problem: I tried to install the sceneries bought directly from Orbx using Orbx-Central app. The issue is that Orbx-Central does not find Aerofly and only offer me, for fixing it, the option of "X-Plane 11" but not Aerofly. I attach a screen capture. I need your help. Regards, Angel Fernandez
  4. I've tried re installing and verifying files but no luck any help will be great.
  5. I installed TE GB south a couple of weeks ago on my iMac—lovely, no worries. Today I unpacked TE GB Central and... there are no roads. There may be a few motorways around, but Lincoln looking decidedly off. Ideas? Cheers, Richard
  6. I installed GB North for X-Plane with no problems. I tried to install both GB Central and GB South for X-Plane and got an error message about missing dds files that should be in the texture folder. Somehow my conversion of the texture files to dds was not 100% successful. When I try to run the conversion again, it starts in terminal but then says it is complete. The texture file still contains png versions of the missing dds files, so they were not converted. How can I re-run the converter please?
  7. It was grey and drizzly this afternoon, but I wanted to check out my roads problem, so I took off from City in Nikki, did something that in real life would have got me shot down "Why helloooo HMS Belfast" and ended up testing the ILS on approach to Edinburgh. Might need to recalibrate my altimeter.
  8. I was very excited when I discovered that ORBX had made maps of central UK. A bit sceptical that my late 2015 iMac would be happy, but installed anyway and... My favourite current route is shuttling between North Weald (EGSX) in Essex (where I have an hour's flight booked next month) and Rochester (EGTO) (near where I live). Here's the view of the Medway bridge just after takeoff: Heading towards Gravesend over the A2, the QE2 Bridge in the background: Then Gravesend itself, with my local Shell garage: And inexplicably, the Gurdwara has turned into a cathedral: Still, there's the ferry and (some of the) wind turbines... ...although when I got to the bridge, something very odd was happening to the traffic: A nice view of the City: and finals to 02 at North Weald: I'm going to have to do something about those motorway signs. Oh, and here's the settings that work. For some of those screenshots I had RW objects on max, but it can get a bit juddery when I do that.
  9. just purchased my first ORBX product for Mac - GB True Earth central. According to the readme file I should have 3 folders when the download completed viz: Orbx_A_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Custom Orbx_B_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Overlay Orbx_C_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Orthos But my download is missing the Orbx_A_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Custom folder. I've followed the install instructions running the mac_1_conversion script - which took several hours - and then the mac_2 cleanup script - which took minutes. All appeared to be successful in that XPlane loaded with no error messages. But all I have is vanilla XPlane - no photo-realistic ground and no custom objects. What has gone wrong? John Fleet
  10. Please help I am a relative newbie but have successfully installed all three True Earth UK Scenery packs on my mac. I have bought Southampton and Sumburgh and tried to install last night. After reading forums I wonder if missing Orbx libraries is the problem. Downloaded today and its a folder with seven zip files in. Not sure what to do with them and where to put them - all help appreciated. I realise I am probably missing something obvious. Thanks in advance for help. Log.txt
  11. Just bought EGFF and need the libraries. Any help with how to do it will be class.
  12. Hi Guys I'm a long term Orbx customer (many purchases for my old MS-FSX) but now run X-plane 11 on iMac I realise this is a little subjective, but just wondered if anyone notices any significant change in frame-rate with this new UK scenery (that I must have!!!) In my previous experiences with Orbx products, I found very little (if any) frame rate change. Many thanks for any feedback Cheers Pete
  13. I bought the orbx south gb add on, installed it which took 38 hours. Everything looks great expect for airports. It looks like the autogen is generating over default and custom airports. I have changed the scenery.ini file to fix this but nothing has helped. Any help would be great
  14. Hello, When will the Mac download be available for TrueEarth? Many thanks, Dan P.s. Common' Ben, you can do this ;B
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