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  1. I noticed a problem: incorrect loc in sim map course 116(should be 114) no DME... no marker MM for rwy 11 old airport name Dubrovnik(should be CILIPI) PAPI on both sides of each runway, should only be on one side of the runway... no runway center lights
  2. Hi Guys, So recently getting back into the sim after maybe 6 months to a year out. All my other Orbx sceneries work with no problem but I'm having issues with Dubrovnik with scenery clipping in when the camera is low or in the cockpit but when the camera is high up the clipping disappears. I don't remember this issue when I last used the sim, I've also uninstalled it and reinstalled it but the problem persists. I will highlight I had a missing file upon downloading but after verifying files it was green tick. I've had a look through my scenery library and can't see anything that could be conflicting with it. Low Picture: [img]https://i.imgur.com/06tuJb0.png[/img] High Picture: [img]https://i.imgur.com/WmvHUqG.png[/img] Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Josh
  3. Hello again, after my visit to Stockholm, I checked out my updated Dubrovnik. Looks really great! Because of missing Dynamic Lighting I've added no night screenshots. And no snow, no winter pictures. the pictures from Stockholm: the updated Stockholm Arlanda + SODE + AI when Time allows, tomorrow KGPI The AFD needs some Love to get more AI an these SODE Gates. But that's easy to fix myself. Thanks Urmel, have fun
  4. Short haul trip, on a yellow plane, for sure @Jack Sawyer will enjoy On taxi, traffic provided by VATSIM, moving towards rwy 19 at EDDF Europe below descend into Pula taxi 2 the gate and be quick with the turnaround leaving Pula to Dubrovnik at the gate, we are done... leave your comments below
  5. Hey there, I absolutely love that LDDU airport scenery, makes me consider to travel there soon for vacations. By chance, I discovered some apparent bug on the apron. Whenever taxiing inside the southeastern stands, the aircraft crashes. There is no obstacle visible. This happened with static aircraft on and off. Seems to depend on own size/wingspan also. With a Cessna 182 it happened more to the center of the marked region. Taxiing and even spawning with a DHC8 caused an aircraft crash even on the outer postions of that area. The stand with the 4 marking for example or spawning on "Parking 10 - Ramp GA", causes instant crashes with A DHC8. Easily reproducable. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have a problem with LDDU Dubrovnik scenery. When I set mesh to 5m some of the houses seem to float in the air but general aviation static planes are ok. When I change resolution to 10m buildings are ok but static planes (only GA) start float in the air. Please find a screenshot attached. Fresh install of P3D v4.1 with installed: FTX Global, FTX Vector, FTX OpenLC, Trees HD, FS Global 2018 FTX, and ORBX airports. Regards, My settings
  7. Very good evening, For about two weeks, Im having this weird issue and i cannot figure, how to fix it. ORBX - LDDU - ver-1.1 P3dv4.2 Thank you very much for your help, Vojtech
  8. Hello there, I am just trying to edit my GSX config for LDDU but when I try and put the vehicles towards the edge of the apron they sink into the ground. I have my Mesh setting to 5m and Vector ticked in LDDU configurator as it should be. Any help would be appreciated. https://gyazo.com/c2d2cb982e7de2339f84c3ac64ca87c4 https://gyazo.com/6805be9031ecb09255c54646e3ed9705
  9. Have just installed LDDU and some of the mountains to the north are just black or blue ORBX_LDDU.docx
  10. Hello , On Dubrovnik Airport there are no moving Jetways and no Dynamic Lightning ? is it right ?!? When an Update comes out to solve this ? Thank you Michael Transaction ID: 59898fe36396a
  11. Dear ORBX, Since a long time, I purchased all FTX Global and airports LDDU, ESSA and LEBB On FTX Central, I see all FTX Global with Libraries installed and only LEBB installed. But I don't see LDDU and ESSA icons, so I can't install them. I use FTX Central, Prepar3D v4.1 Regards, Christophe.
  12. My best looking flight ive ever done. The post is image heavy, but pls tell me wich one i should have left out, and ill delete it... :-) Best is to open the fully to see all the details. Too bad i only have an i5 7400 and a 1060...
  13. Just purchased Dubrovnik, LDDU in your sale. Excellent scenery We're flying there on Hols in a few weeks, we're staying on the Island of Sipan which happens to be on the LDDU approach. Sadly I noticed that The Island itself is incomplete with a large chunk of the bottom corner truncated (Hatched yellow in pic) There are also a few surrounding Islands missing (circled red) N 42 43.51 E 17 51.19 Any chance of rectifying this in future updates? Thanks for your time
  14. Hello again :-) Today i only post one screenshot...and even someone may thing theres not much of ORBX scenery to see, well, its exactly this trees from this very airport that made the shot possible, so if not for LDDU in this moment, it wouldnt be same. Zoom :-)
  15. Another flight in my trusted Comanche 250, this time along the adriatic coast line of Croatia to check out Dubrovnik airport. Hope it's fine that I'm not starting this flight from an ORBX airport, everything else is indeed ORBX goodness
  16. My short flight between ORBX airports with PRO-ATC/X.
  17. Went to start a flight from LDDU to EDDB today but there is a big problem with a rodent. My mouse would not work. So into town and picked up a new one and soon it was installed and ready to fly. 1. On our way from LDDU after about one hours delay. 2. The weather ahead is not going to be too kind for much sightseeing, a last look at Dubrovnik before climbing above the clouds. 3. After flying over Bosnia Herzegovina we are now back over Croatia again at Novska. 4. Jasenovac sits on the confluence if the Una and Sava Rivers. Its name means Ash Forest, which sounds idyllic but it was the site of a concentration camp in WW2 5. Now over Austria and Graz which is the second largest city after Vienna. 6. At Murzzuschlag with some of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains on the horizon. 7. Passing the Danube but Vienna is hidden under the clouds. 8. Well into the descent and close to Jutterbog. 9. Approaching Berlin Schonefeld. 10. An empty airport, my my! I must install my My Traffic. 11. A perfect touch down for me. 12. Another bunch of happy holidaymakers delivered safely back to their home airport. Must remember the RatSak next time. Hope you enjoyed flying along and a flight well worth repeating with less cloud. Ooops, shots 10 and 11 are the wrong way round. I won't try and alter thing as I will probably mess it up even more.
  18. Inspired by a cooking show I watched at lunch time I thought I would do a flight from Corse or Corsica to us English speaking types. So I chose the Lufthansa A310 for the flight. 1. Getting ready at LFKJ Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport. I like how the air bridges work, not bad at all eh. 2. Taking off over a very pleasant Mediterranean beach. 3. Great, got the GPS working so we can head off to the east. 4. Some very impressive mountainous scenery with Sardinia on the horizon. 5. Crossing the Tirrenean Sea approaching Rome and Fiumicino Airport, which is close to Italy. 6. So much to view over Rome and the Holy See. St Peters Square is behind the starboard wing with the River Tiber prominent. 7. About to leave Italy over the Abruzzo region at Pineto. The Apennines make a spectacular backdrop. 8. The harbour at Pescara is highlighted by the sun's reflection in this shot. 9. Soon we have crossed The Adriatic and are turning to land at LDDU close to Banici. 10. Still time to marvel at the wonderful scenery at Dubrovnik. 11. Now things get interesting as I have no idea how to use the ILS, so off with the Ap and fly it in manually. 12. All lined up nicely, flaps down and speed set. 13. Landed with a slight bounce, pressed P to disengage the AT and apply the speed brakes. When I came out of Pause the plane banked sharply to port and went half off the runway. Don't know why that happened, anyway all is well now. 14. Gate 10 is MT so I will park here. 15. Waiting for the air bridge so our happy passengers can decant this fine old jet. Hope you enjoyed this flight as much as I have.
  19. Dusk approach into Dubrovnic (LDDU) - runway 12 in the PMDG NGX 737-800WL (Air Berlin) from Munich (EDDM). (I was set up for a circle to land for runway 30 - and then the wind changed and was cleared for runway 12 ILS). Amazing scenery and performance. AS16+ASCA for the weather and clouds.
  20. Every time I fly in or out of LDDU I always head north. This time I will go south to one of the FTX Global Freeware airports in Greece. 1. Very cloudy skies don't make for viewing the scenery. 2. Played God and changed the weather to something more akin to the Adriatic in summer. 3. Dubrovnik, wanted to get a shot including the old town next but some clouds got in the way. 4. The Bojana River with Sasko Jezero(lake) in the background. 5. From a distance I think it looks quite nice but it is called Lake Ohrid! (just below the clouds). 6. Right on Albania's border with Greece is the small town of Carcove on the banks of the Aoos River. The ridge are the Nemercke Mountains. 7. Well into our descent and crossing the coast at Parga. 8. Levkas on the island of Lefkada can be seen out of the cockpit. 9. Here we are at LGPZ Preveza, Akiton or Lefkada Airport. The military part of the airport is on the right of the runway. 10. A strange set up with the apron having blast barriers on 2 sides. In RL there appear only to be glass houses or poly-tunnels around the airport which possibly explains the barriers. I enjoy setting the AP and sitting back admiring the fantastic scenery and pressing V. Hope you like the shots and don't be afraid to leave a comment.
  21. Easy ... just stay over 1,000ft ! If it came to a choice between Peopleflow and other scenery detail ... I'm happy to lose those peeps! It's a stunning airport - set in such a beautiful valley ... and by the sea too! Must be amazing in RL. Adam.
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