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  1. Continuing my tour down the NA Pacific coast I took a vintage bird from Monterey, ... ... visited Cannery Road once again, ... ... and climbed out over Carmel. Some minutes later I dropped the noise of my engines over Hearst Castle, ... ... yes, it is here. Crossing the detailed coast over Morro Bay, ... ... and the Pismo Dunes, ... ... before I came down to Oxnard waterfront... ... and (downwind) along Beverly Hills. An ocean of houses next to the LA Olympic stadium. And compared to this, a quiet and peaceful runway of KLAX.
  2. Here we are getting ready in the more private area of KSFO San Francisco airport. A beautiful takeoff over the bay, ... ... but a little desorientation during climbout - that does not look like safe flying from my side... However, I made it south to Palo Alto... ... with Dumbarton Bridge below. After crossing the hills towards the Pacific I passed Watsonville... ... and soon I came to Fort Ord beach, where I already turned downwind... ... into Monterey. A safe evening touchdown... ... and an adequate place to park. What´s missing now?
  3. Let's continue these short hops to be as-real-as-it-gts on Califonia. These flights on Prepar3D are real trainer for me. I can practise Foreflight mobile app on my iPad. In France, I use Skydemon, so because I plan next month to be in California, I need to be current with Foreflight. And as I'm not using anymore paper chart, I had to be efficient. Thanks to Orbx, I choose to depart from Monterey (KMRY) and FBO Monterey Jet Center FBO. My plan is to fly along the coast and below the class Bravo airspace. To do so, let's use the FLY chart on the San Francisco TAC (Terminal Area Chart) : This chart is unusual for me. I'm french and I'm not use to have a official chart which explains me how to fly below a specific airspace. With big blue arrows, it shows how to interfere with the Bravo airspace which protect big airport, like here San Francisco International KSFO. So, let's fly around the San Francisco Bay, by the west coast, from Half Moon Bay via the Golden Gate to end at Concord Buchanan (KCCR). If I want to be out of contact of anyone, let's fly below 6'000 feet, then after Half Moon Bay, let's descend below 4'000 feet, then a left-right to descend below 2'000 feet because we are right in the KSFO departure (if 28 in service) : Then, we can climb 3'000 to overfly the Golden Gate. Or we can stay lower. If I want I can to straight northbound (see the empty magenta arrow), there is a VFR transition named Coastline VFR Transition. But it requires an ATC clairance. And this clairance process is not delivered by the pretty much old ATC under FSx/Prepar3D. The route as seen from Foreflight with Navlog on top ... and the navigation log automatically generated by Foreflight... That I don't use. Let's continue with the same plane. I take N4975F (with the A2A C172 Trainer). The author of the previous texture has enhanced (better resolution) his work. We'll be 2 on board. I top-off and few luggages. N4975F is a 180 hp and we are far from the max weight. chevaux et on est loin de la masse max. As in my last trip in Monterey, I depart from Monterey Jet Center (Orbx KMRY) : I enter quickly the route in the Flight1 GTN 650. Just in case of. Just to have a backup. And to read some ETA : Taxi clairance is for holding point November, runway 28L. I draw it in green with annotate tool in Foreflight Taxi at Monterey. At the holding point, I wait 10 minutes. Ultimate Traffic Live is great... but at 100% it creates the same issue as in real. You wait I also look at arrival from the Foreflight map which display AI traffic from P3D. It helps understanding the ATC work : Then, it's time to take-off ! There is a FEW at 2'500 feet. The plan is to turn right after departure. Right turn on initial climb toward Half Moon Bay Local advice as seen from the FBO Cloud are here. I had to slalom to stay VMC Look at the beautiful brand new hi-rez texture of N4975F ! Santa Cruz is far away, I head north over the Monterey bay From Foreflight in the middle of the bay Overt Half Moon Bay And if we look closely at the chart... we are just few miles from KSFO Here is a real screen shot... I mean a screen shot taken during a real life flight Look at the ADSB traffic displayed (and visible) by the app. ADSB antenna are strong there Is there more or less traffic than my PC can generate with constant framerate with Ultimate Traffic Live ? ;))))) Again some clouds And even with a good preparation, I didn't manage correctly my altitude and flew into the Bravo without a clairance Sutro Tower at Twin Peaks just before San Francisco Merced Lake at the right and the Golden Gate Park in the left. And the Golden Gate ahead ! As I descend below 2'000 feet And don't forget all this flight is perfectly legal and possible in the real life ! Without PPR, without complicated clairance, in VFR... San Francisco skyline, Oakland Bay Bridge and Treasure Island Almost overhead The Skyline and the Golden Gate in 2016 as seen from a C172 ... and the classical weather Golden Gate in 2008 as seen from the real 4975F Ok, let's leave the bay and all the touristic attractions : Golden Gate, Alcatraz, and San Francisco downtown A little climb to go over hills before reaching Concord (KCCR) ATC clairance is to join the left downwind 32L Turning final 32L Approach 32L is weird with this path so close to the tower ! Concord is really tricky (to taxi). I never were confident. Let's draw in green the taxi clairance to go to the Pacific State Aviation FBO Concord has a lot of school trafic Default scenery by Orbx NORCAL. Better than the default FSx/P3D ! Parked at Pacific State Aviation FBO That's it ! I hope you enjoy this short flight ! See my previous posts : From Bakerfield to Kern Valley : From Victorville to Vegas with Orbx SOCAL :
  4. I just had to get one more flight in before it was time to call it a day. A quick jaunt from Half Moon Bay to Monterrey. It got foggy along the way, and I had flashbacks to my last flight in murky weather; that did not end well. Luckily, I had the GTN 750 ready to assist, and it cleared up regardless. I simply can not get enough of A2A's Bonanza!
  5. Getting ready at Sonny Bono Airport for a trip to the coast, once again with AS16 real weather - and hoping for californian sun... This is what I call a blurry VC, as already reported I have this impression since I changed from 4.1 to 4.3. I must try to change some settings (which I did not change actively)... At least we can get her in the air and leave Palm Springs with nice views. Passing the San Gabriel mountains... ... before entering thick overcast on descend. Again. These coastal clouds are a pain! While I was carefully descending, ATC announced a change of runway, just to increase my stress level a bit. I was not even able to capture a shot of the milk outside - just in the final seconds the runway came into view: Full brakes... ... and here we are, ready for some crab dinner at Cannery Road. But where is the sunshine?
  6. ... for a little lift from Monterey... ... over San Francisco Bay... ... to Half Moon Bay. Please proceed to the terminal. Now what should I do: Stay for a coffee or take the car?
  7. Departing KHQM... Damn this thing climbs like a rocket...! (Been flying the C182 plenty lately haha) Flying _above_ the weather for once... lol! Descending... Captured! 50... 40... 30... 20... 10... Hello Monterey! Love this airport by Orbx!
  8. I´m using Aerofly FS2 box edition - and I get this elevation issue around KMRY. Does anyone have a solution or an idea, what I can do? Help would be very appreciated! Thank you very much for all your efforts. Many regards Mike
  9. Hi, since a few days I´m also an Aerofly FS2 pilot. I purchased the box of Aerosoft. Today i bought (because I´m a great fan of FTX/ORBX) KEGE and KMRY. So far so good. Download and installation both worked very well. But now, you know near KMRY (along the shore in the direction of the North) I have the great elevation problem and double planes at the airport, some are standing right on the ground and the others are sunken. Sunken airplanes I have also at KEGE. Is it possible to solve the problems now? Or where can I get the updates, which are the solution for the problems. Since today I know, that there is a difference between Steam Edition and Aerosoft Box. Thank you very much for all your efforts. Regards Mike
  10. During a regular flight in California, I landed at Monterey airport KMRY in a Beech Bonanza A36(model from Carenado). I go to park my plane, on the way via the taxiway I observe a simular plane as mine, even with same registration, parked opposite to parkplace 'Parking 52' with running engine. I was curious and I parked left from him to compare. I was surprised that it was in same Carenado-quality. I was not flying in multiplayer, well the AI in P3Dv4.1 was engaged for 30%. How is possible to have a 'mirror'-plane next to mine? Thanks for any explanation, Johnny
  11. Some more shots from a morning tour of Monterey in the Baron 58.
  12. Hi Guys, recently back into P3D and happily installing all my ORBX back catalogue via the new to me FTX Central v3...very slick by the way. The only issue I have come across is with KMRY and I cannot resolve the elevation issues I have with it. I have FTX global, vector and Nor Cal all also installed. I have followed the existing threads on this issue including the re-install of Nor Cal and I have run the auto elevation correction tool through vector and changed to auto assigned values, I have also removed any potential My Traffic 6 conflicts and as you can see still no good... I really don't know how to resolve and I really want to be able to use this scenery. I cannot find my FSS order number now I have converted to ORBX direct but the scenery transaction ID is 5909df8e7c1ef. Please help!?
  13. I love LOVE all of the Orbx airports but for the money, I expect the models should be current to at least the last year or two. I am noticing the lack of detail given to enhanced taxiway center line markings at airports that are required to have them. KPSP and now KMRY suffer from this. KMRY is also lacking the required red runway designation painted o the pavement at hold short points. This isn't a small detail and this FAA requirement has been in affect for several years now. It's like your modelers took a snapshot of the airports from 5+ years ago to use as their basis. A quick look at Google maps will show what should be represented. The attached photo is KMRY as it has probably looked for at least the last 2 years. I feel like we're due for update on all Orbx airports that are missing these details. Thanks! Here is a link explaining what, when and where "enhanced taxiway center line markings" are used. https://www.faasafety.gov/spans/noticeView.aspx?nid=3212
  14. Monterey to Sonoma County Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - Orbx Weather 3 Cheers Karsten
  15. I purchased KMRY today because of the sale. The manual states that without NorCal installed I would lose some functionality such as photoreal blending, moving traffic, lights, and houses. None of those really bothered me so I went and got it anyway thinking I would still be able to use the airport. I do not have Orbx NorCal because of fps and vas problems around SFO. After loading into the scenery for the first time I noticed a huge cliff between 28L and 28R and some floating grass. I do not have vector installed anymore so I don't have the AEC tool. I do have all the recommended settings set and I've moved KMRY around in the scenery library but nothing has worked. I was under the assumption when purchasing that I would lose some functionality that wasn't even going to affect me, but there is no functionality with it now. Any help would be appreciated as I don't want the money I spent to go to waste. Thanks Jarad
  16. 'Waking up' one engine at a time. This old bird needs no introduction .......
  17. This -10 is more like a DC 4 ½ than a 9... Here are some of the DC 9-10 on a flight departing from Monterey See? I told you it was Monterey... The flight was originally intended to go on to Lake Tahoe, but my computer has been playing up lately - and 10 minutes before the scheduled arrival it just froze and rebooted (better than the tearing of graphics and BSOD that I have been seeing from time to time when running pretty much any application) More or less cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  18. Two takeoff shots and one landing shot, enjoy! #1 #2 #3
  19. As you can see my elevation is all screwed up around both Airports. Libs up to date.I checked ADE_FTX_NCA_KFOT_elevation_adjustment.bgl and ADE_FTX_NCA_KMRY_elevation_adjustment.bgl in my scenery\world\scenery folder and both say BGL. Any other recommendations would be helpful. Thank you
  20. Just thought I'll take the Carenado Bonanza F33a for a spin after I completed my first repaint. The livery is a tribute to Carenado. Let me know what you all think!
  21. Getting back into the swings of things, getting everything reinstalled into P3D v3.2. Took the always-great A2A Cherokee up for an afternoon spin around the Monterey area. Hope you enjoyed! A lot more to come very soon.
  22. Laguna Seca Raceway Weather clear - AS2016 + ASCA Global Auto When you want it to be foggy/cloudy it's clear.
  23. Getting in before dark . . . Moss Landing and Elkhorn Slough on Monterey Bay. Approaching KMRY Monterey Airport. No sea fog as there often is this time of year due to an offshore wind, landing RWY 10R Passing Monterey Airport Terminal to the GA parking ramp Thanks for viewing
  24. I'm seeing the taxiway/runway markings disappear/reappear at KMRY Monterey depending on view angle. This is in P3Dv3.3. I know LM has made a change in the code and has caused layering issues or Z-fighting at many airports. On my system it appears that Monterey is also affected. Can we expect any updates for this issue? I haven't tested other Orbx airports. Has Orbx? Trying to decide if I should roll back to v3.2. I don't want to give up my Orbx goodness. Edit: I'm seeing the same thing at KRDD Redding and KSTS Sonoma. Don't see an issue with KTVL or KEGE. I don't want to look at anymore.
  25. Visiting the Monterey Region in NorCal today ......... the scenery left me speechless ...... I can't wait to get off the ground in this region !
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