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Found 13 results

  1. Ready to move further westwards, to discover some of the orbx airports I have purchased since my last virtual west coast stay. This is the plane we are going to use, seen from the coffee bar in the United lounge at Houston terminal E: Cockpit preparations. Hurray! Just compare the registration of the PMDG bird with the real one above. We are serious simmers, aren´t we? A view over Houston, from the international airport to CBD. Texas in green. The cockpit in nice. Arizona in brown. Imperial Dunes, while already descending. The Gulf of California to the left... ... and the Pacific ahead, at the same time. Here you can see the use of freshwater in California. And here you can see... the visibility during final approach. A pleasure to all pilots... There is no vertical guidance on this approach, and the clouds just opened seconds before landing. So I was waytoohigh and had to pull the brakes... Made it. Then overheated the brakes, which caused blocking... so there is no gate screenie today.
  2. I left my rig more than 4 weeks ago, and when I returned I had some strange altitude issues whenever I had my 787 started up. Now, after running the Vector AEC tool as well, it went well. Moving out of St. Maarten... That runway looks fearfully short... ... but it works. I love this cockpit. I have learned the 777 has the 3rd display also updated to the touchscreen version, meanwhile. I´ll show you in a later post. Maybe San Juan... Crossing the Bahamas. First US landfall in Miami... ... and again in Texas, near Galveston. Downwind, the Houston Channel. CBD. Mark, I hope the noise was not inflicting your weekend? An amateur pilot flying manually into the 33R... ... at least successful. And here we are, parked at gate E7. Seen from the United lounge... I keep on heading west from here. Stay tuned.
  3. Time to head back to Europe I think, with Germany North closing in... So we´re preparing to take flight UA46 from Houston to Frankfurt, with routing & weather prediction given here: This is the translation into PRO-ATC/X, I simplified the route to make use of some airways... Get her ready in time, please. Here we go, with the calm avoidance of tailstriking. Unfortunately I had clouds in the sim, preventing a last view to the airport... ... which should look like this: Later, passing Savannah on FL350, dinner is served... ... and the routined traveller leaves some space for the highlight afterwards! Reaching the northmost point of our journey, while the paxes rest... ... so they can´t enjoy the organic cockpit light. Good morning Atlantic. The exit of our ETOPS period is exactly in the middle between the green circles... ongoing from there Ireland is the alternate. Descending down the rhine valley... ... and into Frankfurt. VAS was borderline during landing, so I did not take the risk to change to outside view and document. At least it worked!
  4. Leaving Corpus Christi ... ... along the Gulf coast, ... ... but is is only a short hop to Houston city, if all goes well. Downwind to get a little overview... ... and turning into final over Lake Houston. ATC is not always as perfect as it should, but this mate needs to go around... ... whilst we approach the 26R safely. A good choice of routes to explore the south from here... now I need to decide where to go next .
  5. Here we go on, from Houston down to Louisiana, close to New Orleans... Sorry I do not have a proper Embraer 145 - I had to take the default CRJ for this job. At least, I hope to meet Martyns expectations in another aspect. Boar(d)ing,... ... climbout... ... passing Port Arthur (a bit too blue for my impression) ... ... and the Mississippi. And here we arrive in Baton Rouge, LA. Shut down, time for deboarding. And to look for someone who knows to play the guitar.
  6. UA5240 was ready for boarding on this April evening at Houston International, gate A2. Just a short hop to Corpus Christi, less than 1 h by schedule. Taking off the 33R, showing the beautiful blend between FTX Global / Open_LC and FSDTs KIAH. Down the gulf coast some clouds came up... ... some more during descend. No way, mates... go around was ordered. A very calm, smooth, but steady climb, again. We were scheduled to divert to Brownsville. At least we could spot the runway here, plus the ILS was working. Never been so far south in the US before. And never seen the size of the Chinooks so impressive, imagine the Cessna pilot... As a compensation for the long travelling time, we were offered this dinner. The only European on board (me...) was confused, not having ever seen "Europe´s favourite cookie" before. Refueled, sufficient to eventually return to Houston, we started another attempt. This time successful, to get us into Corpus safely. Thanks to the crew for calm & professional action. Thanks to Orbx for the scenery. I love to repeat real flights.
  7. With so many great city tours in Open_LC NA being posted currently, I may jump in into @Ripcords backyard. Well, quite a big backyard this is... Taking off from KIAH´s 09R... ... heading west, to Cypress (and the Premium Outlet Mall, which does not have an airstrip [yet]). Down to downtown... ... and further to Johnson Space Center. No problem. Turning east over Clear Lake (which is no lake at all), ... ... and back north to work. La Porte: And finally into the 9R again. A pleasure to tour here!
  8. Finally, after a long way of downloading, installing, correcting, I am set for this long awaited flight. Long awaited, as the RL pics are prepared since months. I could make use of some pictures at KLAX taken earlier (with more cloudy weather, as in reality), and the complete flight in OLC at more sunny conditions. Taxiing at KLAX... ... queuing ... ATC assigns the 25R, whereas in RL we got the 25L. Here we go, with a collection of sights. Turning back over Palm Beach... ... and Oceanside. The Imperial Dunes from FL390 - not as impressive as from lower levels. Tucson. Even with OLC the sights get less impressive here (the boneyard is unfortunately not depicted). El Paso. West Texas, here we must be near @Gypsy Pilot´s home. Hmm, I got to find out what this structure is... Descending over Austin. OpenLC does its job... Turning into final over north Houston. The pilot´s view... ... the passenger´s view. On downwind, towards one of the 26 runways. ATC gave me the 15R today. Finally, taxing to the cate - to meet a colleague. 29 pictures. Might be my record. Do I have to say sorry for taking your time? However, the trip will be continued from Houston. With shorter flights, I promise.
  9. The Delta flight KIAL-KLAS is being equipped at gate A15, to have enough coffee for a 3.5 h flight: Off we go. The 757 is a rocket, at least when it is not fully fuelled and on sea level: Rio Pecos: The sun and the moon: Albuquerque, the "half-way mark": Someone has carved this area in stone (for simmers the "someone" is known: Antonio and Holger). KCGN, enhanced by Maurizio: A little overview across the scene... ... but Lake Mead isn´t boring either: Las Vegas under the engine. Lake Mead again, in the passengers view, ... ... and on final into KLAS: Now let´s go gambling, and earn some presents for my family...
  10. No Show Boat, but the trusty Dash, climbing out of KIAH... ... towards Port Arthur / Sabine Pass... ... and over Calcasieu Lake: Here we are: The Ol´ man river in sight: Baton Rouge, painted in rouge: Sure there are some on this forum who see this river more often than me...
  11. The climb out of Corpus Christie to the north looks unspecatcular from the bird´s view ... ... but the AXE cockpit never looked so impressive before in my FSX, remember to have the fsx.cfg-entry "ForceVCShadowMap=1": Passing Matagorda Island... ... before I had the chance for another heading & shadow change: Houston, here we come (do you see the city in the background?)... ... but, hey - where is the runway? No shadows left. OK. No airport left. Not so OK. Stay calm, and leave the autopilots on... 500 ft AGL. The problem is solved. Autopilot off. Enjoying the last meters...! Thanks to Steve Parsons and his continous efforts to improve!
  12. Heading out of Houston International for a little tour with Jan Kees´ brilliantly fitting repaint*... ... over Galveston Island ... ... Freeport ... ... and towards the endless Matagorda Island, ... ... before reaching Corpus Christie. As we are pilots here, an evening spin needed to be done before getting a Ziegenbock and some fresh fish in the Water Street Oyster Bar... Unfortunately the Harbour Bridge is missing in our virtual world (yet). As does the Lexington. Quite some icons here for a scnery designer... * "flown by Training Squadron VT-35 Stingrays of Training Air Wing 4 at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi", http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/3347-carenado-b200-king-air-us-navy-tc-12b-161197/
  13. ... with incorporating the airport from the current sales into Global. It is so great we got rid of FSX´s default world - and I expect more to come with OpenLC ! Even the WoAI traffic fits perfectly: As we all know this pilot had more trouble, documented in his communication with ATC Houston... (picture taken earlier this year):
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