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  1. I was wondering if it would be possible to extend the exclusion area under the KFHR Scenery (in the area of W33). Most of the default P3D docks and boats are not visible but one area near 48° 32' 3.94" N 123° 0' 26.61" W shows a dock with boats floating about 2m in the air: The rest looks fine: If it's fairly easy to do, point me in the right direction and I will try it myself. This is for P3Dv4.4, Orbx PNW, Global, Vector, & KFHR. Thanks. Randy
  2. Been away for a little bit, and was longing for some old-fashioned PNW beauty. Mission accomplished.
  3. Hi guys, I purchased KFHR Friday Harbor last night and did a fight this morning. I have several static aircraft at the airport with missing textures (see photos below). Do I need to uninstall and rerun the ORBX Libraries or KFHR to correct this? Regards, Lance.
  4. This is the proof I recently was here outside business hours (no PeopleFlow around): This time there are guests at Ernie´s café in KFHR: Getting onboard after breakfast... A beautiful scenery that deserves a detailed inspection. Victoria, without any freeware upgrades. And arriving across Clallam Bay... ... into Sekiu. Luckily enough some fellow simmer has removed most of the trees before I came. Climbing out over a place for software pirates... ... and with a view of Sekiu town: Neah Bay... ... and the nearby Sooes Beach. I suspect the Ocean is too cold for a relaxing bath... The Olympic mountains collect rain... Here we turn "homewards" over Ocean Shores, ... ... before descending into Bowerman. In time for a little burger at Lana´s!
  5. Following my recent flight towards Seattle I just "had" to inspect some older sceneries that I did not fly in p3d yet - or even did not own before the last sales. So I set up a flight plan with a little loop, ... ... went out of KPAE... ... over Everett... ... and into the valley of the "North Fork Stillaguamish River". It should be possible to give it an even longer name, but I see it would not be easy. Fantastic mountains around Darrington... Heading on northwards over the Sauk river... ... into Concrete. These Washingtonians seem to be very resistant against cold & wet weather. Nothing more than T-shirts here... Climbing to the west over Skagit river... ... but not for long, as Israel´s Farm is waiting to be found. And finding it is a real challenge... Even on the ground the runway can easily be overlooked. It is only a short hop until the Anacortes refinery comes into view, ... ... which means the sim pilot has to make the little detour south to Deception Pass bridge. Paul was polite enough to leave the signs installed at Anacortes airfield. You´ll probably see a little anomaly here - which I will report separately as well. Downwing over San Juan Island into KFHR... ... where I naturally stop directly next to the Café for a little burger. But the windows are dark, and no guests there - did I arrive out of business hours?
  6. I took a little trip from Skagit Regional to Friday Harbor, flying over Anacortes and circumnavigating San Juan Island- so three ORBX airport sceneries all layered on top of FTX PNW. In FSX/P3D V2 days, my system would have struggled with all of this together (certainly at these settings), but now you can see the results yourself! This was also a chance to show the REX Weather Advantage radar and TrueGlass rain effects on the Milviz 310R REDUX. Enjoy!
  7. Hi, I searched in the forum and haven't found an answer. I realized that in KFHR there is no static aircrafts or people around. The windsock is working and there are vehicles around. I checked other airports like KTVL or KORS and there are people and static aircrafts. In FTX Central People Flow is checked and the libraries are up to date. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling KFHR but still the same, all working except static planes and people. In all ORBX airports looks like people flow is working. I'm using Windows 10 i7-6700 16GB RAM GTX-1060 6GB Prepared 3d V4 A lot of ORBX stuff including Global Base, Vector, Open LC Europe and North America and airports. Any help or guidance is appreciated. Thank you. Angel Vallejo
  8. Just in case you were wondering why you haven't seen the "Dude" in 0S9 Jefferson County, this is probably why! Just a little levity for the forum, (to go along with Mr. Jack Sawyer's), hope you like it! Roger 1. I'm telling you Sir, I didn't do it!! Whatever it was!! Hey Bub, can I catch a ride to Friday Harbor? That Jefferson County Sheriff told me I wasn't welcome in his town anymore! Do you beleive that! Better hurry up if you're going with me!! OK, OK, give me a second to climb up there! This is my first time to fly and I'm a bit nervous, so PLEASE be careful, OK? Ready for startup, close your door, sit back, buckle up, relax and enjoy the flight. Taxi to Rwy 09 for KFHR Well Son, you might want to take a last look at Jefferson County down there! Coming to KFHR, passing over Cattle Point on San Juan Island. Just let me out over by the terminal, my wife is waiting there, and boy is she gonna to be PO'd!! Thank you Sir for the lift, I appreciate it very much and since you got me here in one piece, let me grab some money from the little lady, hang on a sec. Hello Hon, I'll explain later, just give me some money for the pilot that got me outta Jefferson County. Dang, got rid of all the text except for the last shot (sorry bout that) !
  9. I just bought KFHR, FTX central took care of the installation, however when I run FSX, the airport is not loading, is still showing the default. I went to FSX libraries to manually add it, but is not even shown there.
  10. An early morning jaunt from Sekiu to Friday Harbor. The PNW is still my favorite...even after all these years.
  11. (Images reduced from original 5760 x1080 resolution) Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, HD Trees; FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest; FTX NA KFHR Friday Harbour
  12. Ganges Aerodrome to Friday Harbour Airport on a clear spring day... Orbx – FTX: Global, Vector, Open LC North America, NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest, NA KFHR Friday Harbour Airport, NA CAX6 Ganges Water Aerodrome Leaving Ganges Here we are at Friday Harbour Need to stop at customs and declare my maple syrup Cleared customs. That’s all for today. Hmm, maybe I should go there for a nice cold beer after I get everything put away…
  13. ....... these birds will soon fly south for the winter. Thank-you, for looking in !
  14. Always loved the default airport area in the early years of FSX-user. The by Orbx-FTX enhanced scenery of this airport and the whole Island of San Juan is also via my FS P3D in this video the start for an aerobatic flight in the by Alabeo fine modelled stuntplane Pitts S2. Enjoy the flight as I did as virtual pilot:
  15. First shot is departing Friday Harbor for a trip to Nanaimo, taking a close look. Absolutly stunning scenery! Thanks for viewing.
  16. I have same problem with KFHR than before: the textures are on wrong altitude and for example in landings the runway got different kind of holes and so on. I also have PNW. There also is texture flashing, white area flashes - mostly just after take-offs or while take-off. They are parts of seconds and usually only one time while one take-off. Marko
  17. When I came (from Anacortes) to San Juan Island, intending a check of the discounted purchase airport of Friday Harbour, I was not less - and not more - expecting than an Orbx-style airport, with a bit of enhanced scenery around. But what I encountered even at the first spot at Burden Field surprised me a lot - much more than I expected. So I went over to KFHR ... ... for a coffee and an equipment change. Set up a flight plan - and went... ... back south again to Burden Field, ... ... False Bay, ... ... Kanaka Bay, ... ... heading north past a lighthouse, ... ... to Roche Harbour. Back south over the hills... ... to Hidden Meadows, ... ... Schoolhouse Field, ... ... Friday West airstrip, ... ... and finally back into KFHR, Ernie´s Cafe for sure. In fact, KFHR is more like a PNG-like mini-region, with so many tiny airfields, villages and natural spots upgraded here. As mentioned, I buy the Orbx prduct for these little suprises, but this time I was really not expecting that many great views. My compliments!
  18. Grabbed it in the sale (along with a few other places) - just a couple of first impression shots - For me, this is a good indicator of how my life with a sim has improved lately. I remember starting up over Friday Harbour in FSX when I first got into this just a couple of years ago, and I always thought it looked a bit basic and unreal (and never mind the stutters and other problems I had). Now I've got P3D, all the Orbx stuff, proper weather and textures and a machine that doesn't annoy the hell out of me. And it really is a different world out there now. Fantastic!
  19. Last year, I installed Orbx's beautiful Friday Harbor on FSX:SE, via Dovetail through Steam, rather than from ORBX. I just discovered that SP! was not compatible with the Dovetail version. So, yesterday, I purchased the KFHR version from ORBX and installed v1.00 (after first disabling the Dovetail version in the scenery library, but not uninstalling it.) After installing v1.00, I installed SP1 (v1.10). Still with me? I took it out for a test flight, and noticed that the ferry dock model in Friday Harbor was not there. In its place was a black patch on the ground and next to it, the default ferry dock, which doesn't look like the real one. Also, it doesn't line up with the auto approach lane or a docked ferry. The thing is, the more accurate dock was present in the Dovetail version. I'm sure the new dock is supposed to be there, I'm just not sure why my installation isn't showing it. I do have the scenery complexity set to "Very Dense," and I imagine this very prominent object should be visible at this setting (it was operating with the Dovetail version.) Any ideas what I should do? I know it's a very minor thing, but if the dock is missing, is anything else? All advice is appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  20. KFHR was first released through Steam before it was available through direct download. It worked fine, but I was never sure where the scenery files landed (nor did I care.) But, with the release of SP1, I realized that KFHR is not visible in FTX Central 2 and cannot be configured or updated using that tool. So, I downloaded SP1 from the Orbx Support page and ran the install. Now, KFHR is visible in FTX Central 2, but the Configure tool cannot find a number of bgl files needed to toggle the various features on/off, and so Configure doesn't work. I did a brief flight over San Juan Island, and the scenery looked sound, but I couldn't tell if it was accessing the SP1 updates. What is the best way to repair this install so Configure works and I know that the region is working properly as well? - Steve
  21. I should have gotten this plane a long, LONG time ago!
  22. Hi there, i fly around KFHR now for some while. Im a big fan of Turbulent Design you guys are great KFHR is one place that was still missing in the PNW area. It looks really awesome. What i miss now is a smooth performance of the field. I made a lot of changes to get it work as i think it should. I know it is a whole island and i know that it is pretty demanding scenery set. Even on my system which is quite beefy KFHR can bring it down to its knees but just in one case. Here is my observation. After fiddling around with lots of CPU tweaking (different AM, HT=ON vs HT=OFF) and cfg tweaking i ended up with my current settings which gives me solid and smooth 30 FPS. Even in situations where FPS drops to 25 the sim runs very smooth. My settings can be determined as medium to high. The most demanding settings are the shadows=ultra cloud shadows and building shadows=on autogen buildings=maxed out and last not least LOD set max. In heavy sceneries like FSDT KIAH and FB´s KPHX with complex aircraft (Carenado Hawker 850, QW Avro) i have an overall very smooth sim experience. Ok so far about overall performance. Going to KFHR now has two faces concerning performance. I disabled almost everything and turning down the resolution to 1024 leaving People/Vehicle Flow as well as the grass active. Furthermore i did the flight tests with even turned down settings (no shadows no autogen lowest LOD). Nearly the same experience as stated in the following observation. When i fly inbound to KFHR coming from the Seattle TMA to land on RWY 34 the frames and the smoothness goes down (less than 25FPS). After landing taxing around the overall performance is ok (not more then 26 FPS) I thought the reason might be FSDT CYVR further in the north. So i made a flight from CYVR to KFHR with the Hawker but the frames where 30-40 till i approach the San Juan island where the FPS where 25-30 with some occasional stuttering. Departing the field on RWY 16 is a different story. I get rocksolid smooth 30FPS on take off roll (tested that with the A2A Piper Comanche, Carenado F406) After departure (1NM south) the sim stops for 2 seconds and continues with heavy stutters for another 2-3 seconds. After that back to smooth experience. This is just my observation i made during my flights around San Juan island. Maybe it help you guys. Oh i never ever experienced any OOM. Keep up your great work!!!
  23. Hi, I have noticed that some of the boats at Friday Harbor W33 are suspended above the water along with the dock they are tied up to. It is the dock to the left of the ferry terminal (along warbass way). The other boats in the harbor appear to be fine. See attached pic. I have tried reinstalling Friday Harbor, recycling regions in FTX central and reinstalling orbxlib. Figured it was a bug. Please advise. Kind Regards and Merry Christmas Brett
  24. A Café-racer is a type of motorcycle for daredevils, but in a way to compare with this out of proportion plane. The GeeBee is more like an engine with a couple of tiny wings attached on it. Not so difficult to get this machine in the air...but to land is another challenge: extremely difficult and I'm honest, not yet successful achieved;
  25. Hi, I have a problem with some secondary airfields/airstrips in KFHR scenary. While landing in Schoolhouse Field (3WA7) and Friday West (1WA9) it's all ok, in Kanaka Bay (2w4) and Rabbit Run (61WA) the plane goes beyond the terrein in some parts during the landing roll, making the roll extremely bumpy. It's more like a "crashing" landing roll. I just have the issue with this two airfields. Changing all the mesh settings to max doesn't makes better. Anyone having the same problem?
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