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  1. G'day everyone, After four months of development, I am very excited to reveal to you all my latest scenery project, KEGE Eagle County Regional Airport in Colorado! Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX Global Base, Eagle follows on from the recent Sedona and Palm Springs packages, venturing further north into the heart of the Colorado Rockies and the true American West. This product not only includes a highly-detailed rendition of Eagle-Vail Airport (to use one of its alternate monikers), but also an enormous 1500km2 coverage area, encompassing the towns of Vail, Eagle, Gypsum, Avon, Beaver Creek, Eagle-Vail and Walcott, as well as a fair portion of the Sawatch Mountain Range, including Mount of the Holy Cross (14,011ft ) and Gold Dust Peak (13,380ft). Aside from KEGE, there are three other locations to fly to around Eagle County - "lite" renditions of Gypsum Creek Ranch Airstrip (CO47), Avon STOLPort (WHR) and Vail Medical Center. Avon STOLport is of particular note, as locals may recognise that this airstrip has been shut for many years - this depiction shows it in mid-1980s configuration, although for those seeking a truly authentic experience, this can be disabled via the CP in lieu of the present-day layout. In addition to these landing areas, there are plenty of landmarks and points of interest, including schools, shopping malls, gas stations, factories and others. A couple of bonus extras have been included, such as an animated AI helicopter near Beaver Creek and a train operating out of Gypsum. Finally, expect to find a swathe of different landscapes - from the high altitude rocky outcrops of the Sawatch Ranges to the lush valley floors around the ski resort towns, and from the semi-arid scrublands northeast of KEGE to the rural farmlands surrounding Gypsum - there is an enormous amount to explore within this scenery. KEGE itself is a regional airport located several miles east of Gypsum, Colorado, and hosts five airlines serving destinations across the US and Canada. As much of the airline traffic caters to ski-season tourist, Eagle County is the second busiest airport (behind Denver Intl) during the winter months. In addition to the airline terminal, KEGE lays claim to one of the largest FBOs in the country - Vail Valley Jet Center, which caters to an enormous amount of corporate charter and GA traffic. Lastly, and I believe possibly a first for any of our North American HD airports, is the designated military base - the Army National Guard High Altitude Aviation Training Site. Recently receiving a massive upgrade to its facilities, HAATS is used to prepare ANG helicopter pilots for mountain and high-altitude training experienced in various theatres of operation. These guys have Chinooks, Blackhawks and Kiowas based on-site; the surrounding mountains provide some great terrain to test your helicopter skills. One of the most famous aspects of Eagle County Airport is its dangerous approach and departure procedures - a combination of close-proximity terrain and severe weather phenomena ensure that flights into the airport will test even the most experienced pilots. In particular, the nearby Red Hill mesa almost totally precludes landings from the west - as a result the majority of both arrivals and departures are via rwy25. In addition to the offset ILS (requiring a small turn on late finals), the highly unusual Gypsum Five and Meeker Two departures require careful attention during all aspects of flight into and out of the airport. To add a further consideration to flying characteristics is the airport's high elevation at 6500ft, though the extra length of the runway allows operations for aircraft up to B757 in size. Located a short flight away from Denver Intl and Salt Lake City Intl airports, Eagle County is ideally situated for GA flights into the heart of the Rockies, short commuter flights to other well-known Colorado destinations, and also short-medium regional flights to well known ORBX destinations such as Jackson Hole, Palm Springs and Sedona. As always, I have spent a huge portion of the development process tweaking the scenery for maximum performance, in expectation that it will be used with your favourite resource-heavy airliner or bizjet. I hope these screenshots provide a good idea of what to expect - stay tuned for more updates in the coming week. FEATURES - Ultra-detailed rendition of KEGE Eagle County Airport - Huge 1500km2 coverage area at 30cm and 1m - including the towns of Vail, Eagle, Avon, Beaver Creek, Gypsum and Eagle-Vail, portions of the Sawatch Ranges and several prominent mountain passes and valleys. - Twenty-five unique static aircraft designed for KEGE, including new bizjet, airliner and army helicopter types and variants. - Three additional "lite" landing areas included: Avon STOLport (WHR), Gypsum Creek Ranch (CO47) and Vail Medical Center helipad. - New, updated and unique GSE fleet unique to KEGE - Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and night-lighting methods used for maximum realism - Custom landclass, vector data, custom seasons file and 10m Holgermesh to ensure maximum fidelity. - Plenty of VFR landmarks and POI to explore including schools, shops, factories, custom bridges and others. - Animated AI helicopter over Beaver Creek and animated train near Gypsum - Full suite of ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2, TextureFlow and more included - Extensive control panel with options for alternative APX/AI configurations - General Aviation AI Flight Plans included (requires free FTX NA AI to be installed) - Strongly optimised for good performance with complex aircraft types - Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX GLOBAL (Base) in both P3Dv2 and FSX/FSX:SE If you are considering purchasing a copy of KEGE when it is released, it is vital that you update your ORBXlibs to the latest version. Whilst it always important to ensure you have the latest ORBXlibs installed, it is even more so with KEGE as new custom autogen groupings are included - a vital component of the scenery package. As such, if you are looking forward to purchasing KEGE I'd recommend running the following steps: 1. Go to fullterrain,com/support and download the latest version of the ORBX Libraries 2. Once installed, open FTX-Central via the shortcut on your desktop, select a region and press apply. This will cycle and update core autogen files to the latest versions. COVERAGE AREA Enjoy! Jarrad Lastly, these two animated gif's show some of the unique seasonal variations. I was able to have access to two NAIP 1m imagery sources for the mountain areas, so the spring variant shown here utilises actual snowlines from the source material. The airport valley PR shows a slightly different approach to the winter season - whilst snow still blankets the slightly higher elevations quite late into March/April, the valley floor has less (though still noticeable) coverage. A higher-detail shot of the airport during this "late winter" season can be seen in the above shots.
  2. When I try to install the scenery I get an error message "2 files failed to extract click verify files" and I do and get the same error message. Any ideas?
  3. One of the 4 Orbx US-airports made for AFS2 lies in the mountainous scenery of the Colorado Rockies. A take-off with a B737-500 in 'American' livery :
  4. Continue talking, I'm just passing by...
  5. P3D, KEGE Control Tower, Ultimate Traffic Live, SkyForce 3D, Active Sky! A "friend" ask if I could fill in at the tower this evening for him for a few hours, I, like the idiot I am said of course I could. I had not seen the weather report and I think that he had seen it! Anyway I showed up at KEGE for tower duty just about dusk, sat down at the computer to see how this might go. 1. Looks like it might be a quiet evening for me, nothing on the radar for several miles around, no arrivals, no departures to worry about other than a few small GA so, a little coffee, snacks and relaxation! HA! 2. About the time this little guy calls in for clearance for take off, all HE...double hockey sticks broke out around the area! Thunder, lighting, wind, not good, not good at all. So I hunkered down for the duration and made my plans to strangle my so called ATC friend! 3. After several hours of this mess, luckily no rain to speak of, although a couple of power outages and it was getting late... 4. The lightning and wind drove this poor fellow to ground in a hurry! 5. That bolt looks like it just might have made contact with the skin of the plane, but I guess not, he made it down to the runway just fine! 6. It finally started to clear up, other than an occasional strike off in the distance and I was able to enjoy my last cup of joe! 7. One last hoorah of a strike! Spilled that hot coffee all over myself, now my "friend" is really gonna suffer!! Thanks for spending a thrilling evening with me in the Control Tower at KEGE!
  6. Started an early morning flight out of KBZN for KEGE, maybe a bit too early since the weather was horrendous at 0600! Waited a few hours and tried again at 1000 hrs and had much better luck. Carenado 390 Premier 1A, N390GM paint, Adam's PTA! It's been awhile since my last post, hope I haven't been totally forgotten here on the forum, I have just not been having great luck with my P3D setup lately and a bit to frustrated to fly, all is much better now, thus the post! 1. Weather too nasty for takeoff at 0600, let's wait for better sky's! 2. Lot's of lightning around the area this morning! 3. Finally about 1000 hrs, the storms blew through and allowed a take off from KBZN (Bozeman) Rwy 12, 4. Positive rate gear going up! 5. And... we are off and away! 6. Baldy Mountain & Bridger Peak in the background! 7. Coming up on Kremmling (RLG) to begin approach Rwy 25 KEGE with what I believe to be Rocky Mountain National Park in the far distance, and Routt Nat'l Forest in the near distance! 8. Long final into KEGE! 390 Golf Mike cleared to land Rwy 25! 9. Short final now, spotted coming in over the Costco Store at Gypsum CO. 10. Close to the threshold! 11. 50.... 40.... 30.... 20....! 12. TD Vail Valley Jet Center, looking forward to the next adventure already! Thanks for riding along today! Have a good one!
  7. An extremely enjoyable flight from Eagle County to Steamboat Springs. I'm liking 4.4.
  8. I thought I might share this one. An A320 over part of the Eagle County scenery for Aerofly FS2.
  9. Eagle County Airport, Vail, CO - KEGE Hi team, I turned off the Seasonal AI in the config, because I usually operated with 100% active AI. However, it appears the models are still casting their shadow. I don't really want to turn shadows off, as all the other shadows cast look good. Anybody know what's the deal with the AI shadows where the 757's once sat? See screenshot:
  10. Hi, since a few days I´m also an Aerofly FS2 pilot. I purchased the box of Aerosoft. Today i bought (because I´m a great fan of FTX/ORBX) KEGE and KMRY. So far so good. Download and installation both worked very well. But now, you know near KMRY (along the shore in the direction of the North) I have the great elevation problem and double planes at the airport, some are standing right on the ground and the others are sunken. Sunken airplanes I have also at KEGE. Is it possible to solve the problems now? Or where can I get the updates, which are the solution for the problems. Since today I know, that there is a difference between Steam Edition and Aerosoft Box. Thank you very much for all your efforts. Regards Mike
  11. G'day everyone, Following hot on the heals of Monterey, I am very pleased to announce our fourth airport for IPACS Aerofly FS2: Eagle County Regional Airport! Whilst many of you were expecting Jackson Hole after Wednesday's announcement (don't worry, this will be my next release!), I've been adding some final spit and polish to this well-known Colorado airport. A highly popular ORBX destination that was originally released for FSX and P3Dv4 in 2015, Eagle-Vail has been brought to life for the new simulator. With an enormous 1500km2 coverage area, this scenery not only encompasses KEGE, but also two additional "lite" airstrips; Gypsum Creek Ranch (CO47) and Avon STOLPort (WHR), the latter depicted in it's mid-1980s configuration. Explore the ski resort townships of Vail, Eagle, Gypsum, Beaver Creak and Walcott, as well as large chunks of the imposing Sawatch Mountain Range. As can be expected from any ORBX destination, colour-matched and edited ground textures, detailed hand-placed buildings, vegetation, landmarks and 3D lighting can be found across the coverage area. These features are coupled with Aerofly's trademark crisp terrain engine, effortlessly smooth performance and curved runway models. Situated deep in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Eagle County is as famous for it's challenging approaches as it is for it's dramatic scenery. Surrounded by difficult terrain and prone to bad weather, KEGE is a high-altitude airport that will test even seasoned pilots. The airfield itself is a regional airport located several miles east of Gypsum, Colorado, and hosts five airlines serving destinations across the US and Canada. As much of the airline traffic caters to ski-season tourist, Eagle County is Colorado's second busiest airport during the winter months. In addition to the airline terminal, KEGE lays claim to one of the largest FBOs in the country - Vail Valley Jet Center, which caters to an enormous amount of corporate charter and GA traffic. For the military aficionados amongst you, explore the Army National Guard High Altitude Aviation Training Site, located on the north side of the field. Whilst the high altitude and terrain prove challenging at all times of year, the airport is designed to handle aircraft up to Boeing 757 in size. Located a short flight to many of the best-designed default Aerofly Airports seen to date; take your Q400 or A320 to Denver, Salt Lake City or ( the upcoming ORBX) Jackson Hole, or jump in something smaller and pop over to Aspen, Telluride or Monument Valley, all short flights away. Eagle County has been designed to best blend with the freeware Colorado DLC from IPACS, if you haven't downloaded your copy yet from Steam, you're missing out! As mentioned in various posts over recent weeks, there is a flurry of activity going into Aerofly development as I speak; Eagle County is the perfect destination to explore some of the most dramatic scenery in the United States and sets the tone of what is to come. FTX EAGLE COUNTY REGIONAL AIRPORT for AEROFLY FS2 FEATURES: • Highly-detailed rendition of KEGE airport • Massive 1500sqkm coverage area • Incredible ground textures at 30cm/1m • 2x bonus lite airfields • Gypsum Creek Ranch & Avon STOLPort • Amazing sloped runway • Detailed ground poly with complete spec/bump mapping • Extreme high-density vegetation cultivation • Accurate hand-placed buildings for the entire coverage area • Animated PeopleFlow2 technology • 3D night lighting for the entire city • New generic building textures to better suit Colorado environment (not currently depicted) • Detailed grass and vegetation at airport • Animated airport ground vehicles • Many landmarks and POI • New soft-blend terrain to surrounding ASF2 • Dozens of custom aircraft, vehicles and GSE created specifically for Eagle County • Runway and taxiway lighting • 100% compatible with IPACS Colorado DLC • Amazing performance on even mid-range machines! COVERAGE AREA & SLOPED RUNWAY Z More details and screenshots to come after the holidays, in the mean time, please have a great Christmas break, and enjoy the previews! Jarrad
  12. Hi Everyone, I’ve released another flight video. What I enjoy about flying are departures, landings and nice scenery. Based on YouTube analytical data, on the average my videos are watched for about 2 minutes. Therefore, I’ve changed the format of my flight videos. My flight videos will concentrate on departures, landings and scenery. Unfortunately, including most of the important air traffic control commands the flights will be about 20 minutes. The first video using this format is a FSX flight of a simulated Embraer Phenom 300 aircraft using PRO-ATC/X. The flight departs from Eagle County Regional airport (KEGE) in Gypsum, Colorado and arrives at Denver International Airport (KDEN). in Denver, Colorado. (KEGE is Orbx’s scenery and KDEN is Flightbeam’s new KDEN-HD scenery.) I hope you enjoy it! Views, subscriptions and comments are appreciated too!
  13. ...got a passenger other than "the Dude" to take a ride with us in our recently purchased Helo. We asked the "girl in red" standing under the canopy but she declined ! So just a short trip around KEGE and back to drop her off! Hey there Miss, would you like a trip around the airport? Don't mind if I do boys, you are qualified to fly this thing aren't you? Sure, we said, rather awkwardly! Is there room for my baggage in here too? Yep, just throw it in the back seat with you, buckle up and we are off! Gonna look around at other aiports to see if there are any more ride takers!
  14. I recently switched to P3D V4.1 and started flying again! Good to be back in the skies! Here's a short, snowy hop from Colorado Springs (COS) to Eagle, CO. Decided to take the Superbug on this trip. --Enjoy! Snowy COS Departure Vail Ski Resort A little high on approach to KEGE Costco! - Anyone need 10-gallons of Ketchup? The fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at amazing at the front desk inside the Vail Valley Jet Center... ..but I decided to visit the guys at the Colorado Army National Guard so they can check out the Super Hornet
  15. Hi! I seem to be having trouble with elevation at KEGE. It looks like the airport is floating above the ground in certain places. It's not a huge issue, just a bit distracting. I do have FTX Vector and I've disabled AEC (without doing that the airport 'sinks'). I also have FreeMeshX but disabling this makes no difference. Any help would be much appreciated!
  16. Short FedEx Flight from Grand Junction [KGJT] to Eagle County [KEGE]
  17. New one for me, just time for a quick look.. Orbx - FTX: Global KEGE Eagle County Regional
  18. It was a fun flight until I got close to Telluride, and it was shrouded in clouds...dumb flying ensued, and I eventually put it safely on the ground. I would NEVER do this in real life. I should've landed at an alternate when I came upon the scene in shot #6, but I was a real idiot getting as close to nature as I got in shot #7. ...and now I'll go relax with a shot of old #7...
  19. Picked up the Dash 8 and GSX over the weekend. Haven't even tried to start her up yet, but at Eagle County, all of the add-on's look amazing!
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