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Found 20 results

  1. KCGX — A simple test flight on my BK-117+RAD+WP into X-Plane 11 a. b. c. d. e. Cheers,
  2. ...of Chicago from the Meigs Field HQ of The Illinois State Highway Patrol (fictional) but I thought it sounded good! AFS2 was my sim of choice for this flight due to the HP Cessna! I gotta star on my car and one on my chest, A gun on my hip and the right to arrest Working for the Highway Patrol (Junior Brown) Taxi to runway 36 for a cruise around the city streets! Holding short rwy 36. Lined up and ready to go. Leveled out. Headed west now. Tower view, I'm back there somewhere behind all those buildings! Headed south, after a long day in the air (well, not really too long!) Eastbound now, airport in sight Sun reflecting off of the buildings Configured for a decent landing (hopefully) Made it smoothly to the surface!
  3. Attention please, this is a raw video. It was recorded while flown, uncut. A fast flight (an aggressive one even! LoL). Wanting too much in no time... haha. However, there is a certain malice of mine: I want you to notice the smoothness of XP11 ... Despite the certain aggressiveness, the flight continues smoothly. Cheers,
  4. Flying along just fine in Aerofly FS2 around Chicago and Meigs Field and then.... ...this happened!! Now I've got a mess in my sim room!! Images created by me using GIMP, instructions provided by Nick Saporito
  5. After the update on the Chicago city area, the visible autogen on buildings and trees is greatly exptended but some issues: 1. Misplaced buildings or constructions on the Cumberland Hiway-crossing close to airport O'Hare, direction NW from Chicago: 2. Why not the airport O'Hare and/or Midway usuable next to the magnificent, but not actual existing anymore Meigs? Both have only flat photoscenery. I'm willing to pay for one or both if in future made available as extra scenery add-on:
  6. Arrival on the appron of Meigs airport KCGX in the Beech Baron58. Again an overwelming experience regarding the quality of this Addon for Aerosoft FS2 :
  7. Around Chicago from Schaumburg Regional Airport to Meigs Field Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  8. So, hung around waiting for my passenger for about 50 minutes, then off we go back up to Meigs. Dark now, so we'll get to see the bright lights of the city at night this time heading past KGYY again Meigs coming up below us Approaching to land - When my passenger decides he wants to go sight-seeing instead, so off we go (ran out of time at this point. Saved the flight, might go back and explore O'Hare at some point, but for now, that's it!)
  9. Hadn't been to Chicago for a long while. Went back there and found a weird floating building on the runway but a bit of poking around here in the forums revealed a strange bug in OZX's Liguria that required a bit of jigging around with the scenery order. Once that was sorted, time for a bit of a hover round the Windy City. got no weather set here, as I was initially just checking the floating palace had gone. Nice evening light though so I stayed with it for a while Not a fan of the big cities in real life any more (it's a young man's place as far as I'm concerned), but fun to fly around in here Don't know what this feature is called, but it has a little whiff of my childhood town (Southend-on-Sea) about it. I dare say a true Chicagoan might not like to have his town compared to a faded pokey Brit seaside town but it's meant to be a compliment. Better be careful what I say though, the few Chicago natives I got to know over the years could all start an argument in an empty room - I always figured it was living with that weather that did it <grin> Pulled in some weather now, and going to head to the south shore to see what it looks like down there Heading back over Meigs. Shame it's not really there now. Again, don't know if this district has its own name, but heading south down the shoreline. Afraid my only visits to Chicago were very much of the "out of the airport, off to the hotel, off to the office, back to the airport" variety, so never had much of a look round. Never even got to see the El. Sun going down, lights coming up. That's KGYY ahead, but apparently I have to stop over at that little strip over on my right (I think it's 05C) and pick up a passenger to head back up to the city later So, here we are and down I plan to pick up my passenger in about 45 minutes and head back to town. Should get some nice views of the big city at night (in a later post). Enjoy! (full screen best)
  10. Good morning all! I just recently installed numerous ORBX Airports to go along side my NA Regions and Global/Vector in FSX:SE. Before I got all the airports installed, all seemed fine. After moving forward with the airports, some of them are missing buildings and POI like KCGX (no stadium), KTVL (no buildings), 11S (no buildings), etc. Also, after the airport(s) install, I notice that in the Airport Elevation Corrections that the disabled side is completely blank after running the auto-detect. Some how, all elevations are still correct in-game for both ORBX scenery and not. I have tried some solutions. I tried running the modularinstaller.exe for Object Flow with no solution. I downloaded the most recent Libraries from ORBX website, but can't manually reinstall them to FTX Central V3 so I would think I have a current and correct version? Should I try seeing if the priority list is correct? All help is much appreciated. Thank you all! Brian
  11. Welcome back! The wait is up, Tim Harris and myself are pleased to announce the quad installer for KCGX Merrill C. Meigs Field in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX Global Base and integrate with FTX Vector, Meigs Field has been revitalized and restored to its former glory. This not only includes Meigs Field restored to how it was in the late 1990's and early 2000's, but it also includes a complete re-build of downtown Chicago. With 30cm photoreal coverage extending from south of Meigs Field up to Navy Pier the entire skyline has been rebuilt for improved visuals and performance. The lakefront features a complete set of prominent points of interest to create a highly immersive experience both in the air and on the ground. Releasing January 22nd. Features Ultra detailed rendition of KCGX Merrill C. Meigs Field circa late 1990's and early 2000's Extraordinarily detailed interior model of the terminal Highly detailed Chicago landmarks, including Soldier Field, Cloudgate, Adler Planetarium, Navy Pier and the Shedd Aquarium Custom CBD for Chicago skyline including the Sears Tower, Aeon Center, Trump Tower, Hancock Center, and improved "generic" models for many other towers Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion, and night-lighting Ground imagery at 30cm per pixel resolution Beautifully modelled static aircraft 10m resolution mesh Animated PeopleFlow models Designed to work best with FTX Global basepack For FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv1, P3Dv2, P3Dv3 By veteran developers Alex Goff and Tim Harris Coverage Please enjoy the following previews!
  12. Let´s move on northwards from Kankakee, crossing the big Warmart store just north of the airport (well, not present in our landclass product, but fully stocked in RL)... ... and crossing the famous Homestead restaurant in Kankakee city. Famous it was, currently it is closed... So we move just a little north to Bourbonnais, where we find a good place to refuel. The serious pilot goes on to the suburb of Midlothian (do the also have a Heart of Midlothian here?), ... ... and towards Chicago CBD. Great views. Getting down along Millenium Park... ... into Meigs. And, after cooling down, for a drink and a burger into town. Indeed, we did have a burger there, just after seeing they serve tons of Sauerkraut, Bratwurst and even Grünkohl (before November - blasphemic!). What a surprise for the unprepared German traveller.
  13. Lone American 737 NGX at Meigs Field on a winter morning...
  14. I just bought KCGX (Meigs field) today.. when i loaded up the scenery it looked like horrible FS9 graphics.. the stadium and other buildings like adler planetarium were all flat.. I have FTX Global installed.. I tried promoting KCGX to top level in scenery library, still same issue.. look at attached pics.. I went thru installation doc and set up scenery density sliders ALL to maximum.. still most buildings are flat and whole scenery looks very bad in quality.. also no car traffic on ORBX highway near michigan coastline.. car traffic runs only on FSX roads.. Pls HELP!!
  15. Thanks to you you guys I get finaly home too now, chose for Meigs Few little trips
  16. I've been trying to rack my brain and going in circles here. So I appreciate the help. I'll try to break it down. 1. Tried installing the following products to my FSX-SE set up: FTX Global + Vector + KCGX (Meigs Field). I was having issues seeing Chicago Skyline and Meigs and then started to question whether or not I actually installed it correctly. Realized I also had GEX installed so I figured I'd blow it all up and start over. 2. Uninstalled FSX:SE, carefully following steps listed on various websites including PMDG and others. Took my time, cleared registries, etc. 3. Reinstalled FSX:SE. Restarted computer. Followed all those steps. I then figured I'd reinstall my add-ons using the ground-up system. 4. Tried to install FTX Global. Ran into issues where FTX could not find my scenery.cfg. So I renamed the Microsoft FSX folder to FSX:SE. Or maybe it was reversed, sorry, not in front of my computer, but, regardless, I renamed a folder and I got FTX Global to not give me any scenery.cfg error messages after pressing Apply. 5. I then made sure the scenery.cfg file in that folder that I renamed was changed. The time/date modified updated. I then copied that scenery.cfg file into my Steam FSX folder. Replaced old one. I read that FSX:SE uses THAT scenery.cfg file. Correct move?? 6. Restarted. Fired up FSX:SE and flew out of Chicago (Midway) to test it out. I also made sure that the ORBX scenery files were listed in the FSX:SE settings (they were). Looked nice, I guess, but I started wondering if FTX was installed correctly. What really made me wonder was flying to downtown Chicago, I saw no familiar skyscrapers. It looked like a bunch of generic buildings. No Sears (called Willis now), Hancock, no Navy Pier, no Chicago Bears Soldier Field. And I know I've seen those structures in base, untouched FSX:SE. So it's making me question if I installed correctly or what's going on. 7. I then installed FTX Vector. Did same Scenery.cfg file steps I explained above. 8. I then thought maybe KCGX (Meigs) would be what I needed to see correct Chicago Skyline. I installed that. Same scenery.cfg file steps. Loaded up FSX:SE and still nothing. No Meigs Field. No skyline. No Navy Pier. Soldier Field. Nothing. So now I'm left stumped. I had a fresh install of FSX:SE. No other add-ons or scenery. And I'm left questioning if I'm actually seeing the effects of FTX. I don't want to "think" I'm looking at the scenery and then realize that I'm looking at stock FSX. And what's going on with KCGX? I have NO idea! With FTX Global, should I see the Chicago Skyline? Or is that just with Meigs Airport add-on? If it's just with Meigs, then why can't I see Meigs or anything Meigs contains? These are questions that are driving me crazy. I have no problem doing another uninstall and fresh install. But maybe I'm missing something and doing it incorrectly. I've been scouring the internet and forums for a while now. Please help. I DID create a ticket or support request through FTX Central. Here is the code that I'm supposed to copy and paste to a tech: ot4c6c16fcf39c561bc02c7b0b69aaeec3 Thank you for reading and thanks for any and all help that anyone can give.
  17. As usual, I had not only to install and enjoy, but also to compare the scenery with some of my shots taken before the FTX release... What is really missing is the intense MegaCityPeopleFlow... Some areas are brilliantly reproduced from one dimension to the other, some are lacking a bit... sorry to say. But who knows if OpenLC will help us?
  18. Hi Alex & Tim, it´s a pleaseure to fly over a detailed city again, and I hope it will profit from OpenLC further. On my tour I tried to capture a screenie after landing at the end of Navy Pier, but...: Would it be possible to make the Pier landable?
  19. A quick flight around Meigs Field with the Lancair Legacy v2. The first time I departed and landed in the less safe condition with tailwind. Still an interesting experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLDhOjuhRIE
  20. New Meigs Scenery and New Real Air Lancair V2 for P3D V2 & V3 : The paradise in sim land ! Have a good flight and an excellent weekend
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