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Found 10 results

  1. Dear Orbx, After I have installed the scenery, everything seems fine except for one problem I have with the jetways at the international terminal. They for some reason aligned improperly. Can you please help me with this? I have attached a picture to show you how it looks like. Many thanks. Sincerely, Nico
  2. Whenever I activate a jetway, either through GSX, or ctrl-j, the bridges twist and turn and the shoot upwards. See attached photo. Please help. Thanks!
  3. I have bought and installed OrbX's lovely EGFF Cardiff/Caerdydd airport. My favoured A/C is the Zibo mod 737-800. When I load this up on Stand 9 at EGFF, the jetway is never connected. If I switch A/C to, say, the JarDesign A320, the jetway is connected. Is anyone else having this problem with the Zibo 738?
  4. My issue is I have now over 10 airports with the Jetway in the sky. I do 90 Percent of my flying in USA. I have verified all my products and ran FTX Global airport elevation and no change just same . Thank you in advance for your help. William
  5. Aften Update at ESSA i have static jetway and Next to it a SODE jetway, fully Workning. Any solotion ?
  6. Hi, I am wanting to update the jetways at all of the airports listed to SODE using the brilliant new feature in GSX Level 2 expansion. I was hoping someone at Orbx could let me know if the sceneries for each airport have the gates included in separate bgl's, or are the gates included in the same bgl as the building/structure they're attached to? Also, if the gates are in separate bgl's, which ones are they specifically? This will determine if I can upgrade to SODE jetways. I apologise upfront if there's a bit of mucking around to find out, however the end result I'm after will justify the means as new SODE jetways in each of those airports will improve the immersion by at least a factor of 10. Thanks & Regards, Steve
  7. This doesn't just have to do with KPSP, but it's late and that's the only piece of graphical interactive artwork I can think of at the moment. The root question is, will there be SODE jetway implementation in your current and future airport projects that have...err...jetways? Thanks, Mark
  8. Just purchased KPSP / Palm Springs. I noticed a few things: * Default aircraft are unresponsive to jetways at gates 10 and 11 (default / open jetways). I'm using the scenery with GSX and the menu says "no jetways here". * I'm hearing a campfire / fire sound while parked. Is there a campfire or other flame inside the main terminal, or is my sim malfunctioning? I'm using FSX Steam Edition and have used other Orbx airport sceneries such as Block Island and Jackson Hole. Thank you for your time.
  9. My Orbx airfields have misaligned parking slots/jetways. Attached shot of LEBB. I've tried putting the scenery to the top of the library with no luck. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Solved- Just Flight Global Traffic 'scenery' too high in library.
  10. hi not sure if this is the right place as im new I have installed the ybbn airport addon it seems ok but the default jetways still exsist any ideas pls not sure how to put a pic in so you guys can see it is flight sim x.
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