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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys which is the best load order in the scenery libary for germany north and south my other scenerys by Orbx are openlc and base and airports. All other scenerys are by other devs. Thank you very much
  2. Berlin Tegel Airportn now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Available here: orbxdirect.com/product/gaya-eddt-msfs Also- Special bundle and discount for limited time of 1 week! For one week only there is a 15% discount for customers that have Gaya Simulations' LGKO Kos Airport or LOWW Vienna for P3D/XPlane in their OrbxDirect accounts. Also available for one week only is a special bundle offer for Microsoft Flight Simulator LOWW Vienna and EDDT Berlin-Tegel. Purchase both and save 15%! - https://orbxdirect.com/bundle/msfs-vienna-and-berlin-bundle --------------------------------------- Located a short 10 kilometres by road from the centre of Berlin, Tegel is most certainly an urban hub - and it's this proximity which we, Gaya Simulations, have used to our advantage in making our next flagship scenery. Blending with Microsoft Flight Simulator's excellent default cityscape, we picked out Tegel with the city in mind. The skyline includes all of the points of interest you've come to know from the German capital - add to that a high quality custom model of the Brandenburg Gate which we've created and you've got an inseparable pair. As always with Gaya Simulations airports, Berlin Tegel is designed for best in-class immersion, detailing and performance. Our artists have spent months trawling through documents, images and other primary sources in order to create the most compelling and realistic recreation of the airport on the market. The hub of the now defunct Air Berlin, Tegel is the perfect place to perform some retro rotations - or if you're looking for something more modern, perhaps try some Easyjet laps in the A320. Just try not to gawp as you approach over the beautiful city! Berlin-Tegel Airport by Gaya Simulations: Coming Soon for MSFS, P3D and XP-11!
  3. Another short 25 mile flight in German country side resulting in a crash to desktop. Error message please restart FSX as you have run out of available memory. This is happening 8 out of 10 flights. Fair weather, reduced settings in FTX Germany FTX Central.
  4. Hello, Sim: P3DV4.2 Installed: FTX Global: Base Open LC Europe Vector Trees HD Lights Libraries Europe: every ORBX product in Europe I'm a member of the biggest french virtual company. Many other members have the same ORBX configuration. and we all get this ( see image) when we choose to go to EDDK. We have tried the usual solutions.: scenery .cf order and so on. But we definitely need some help. Best regards daniel Kittler
  5. In December I bought all regions (I have the Global installed originally), but when I fly through Germany I see strange behavior. Departing from Leipzig you can see not only strange blocks but they seem to go on and off also: Some other images of this flight from Leipzig to Braunschweig: Is there a solution? I hope so, because this is looking bad. Greetings, Wil
  6. Hi, I haven't yet GE.N but I read on Avsim posts about poor performace (FPS and stutter) of this Region compared to other big regions of FTX. Is it true? What are your impressions ...
  7. Hi, I bought GEN and GES on first of October and installed it into my simulator of choice (P3Dv4), but both regions started to display ground "blurries" on my system. I tweaked all possible settings (except the .cfg) within the simulator and FTX Central. I seem to not be able to get my P3D to display proper ground graphics with even the lowest settings in the "World" section of P3D and everything turned off in the regions' configurators. Before I purchased the regions I used FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC EU and a third party mesh product in that area. With those add-ons I never encountered any texture or "blurring" problems, in fact I've been usually flying at around 50FPS with high settings in performance hungry aircraft (FSL A320X/PMDG 747) and had no problems. My system consists of an Intel Core i5 7600K overclocked to 4.5Ghz, 16GB 3200Mhz Ram, a GTX 970 that is factory overclocked and a SATA III 6GB/s SSD that has nothing but the simulator and it's add-ons (except those that write into the Documents folder) on it. My SSD is definitely fast enough for loading the ground graphics into the simulator. I did not tweak my .cfg, as this caused "blurries" in my P3Dv3. All other textures around the globe (FTX Global & OpenLC EU/NA) display normally. I completely reinstalled P3D v4 with new files from the 4.1 release and additionally made sure to delete all LM folders in AppData Roaming/Local and ProgramData directories before the new installation to achieve a completely "clean" install. For add-on aircraft my range goes from the performance friendliest, the A2A Comanche 250 to the FSLabs A320. In all aircraft I encountered the textures being "blurred" while this effect was most noticeably in performance hungry aircraft. I also use Active Sky ASP4 with ASCA (512DXT textures) with live weather - wich was excellent the last couple days, there were no clouds or significant winds but this has no impact on the "blurries". GEN/GES is uninstalled at the moment because there was no setting other than the uninstallation to recover sharp rendered ground textures. With that I changed back to my "normal" settings for complex aircraft wich display the ground very nicely, I see no difference whatsoever when setting LOD, Autogen draw distance or texture resolution within the regions. Outside of the regions my performance gets a little better (2-5fps). Am I setting something incorrectly? My PC should be capable of loading the required data but somehow it does not do it correctly... Regards, Johannes Butz
  8. Hey again :-) Today i post some mixed pics from my GES flights. Mostly VFR but also some biggies, so all heights included. And the last here is really crazy. Its the City Ulm in South of Germany, one time in Sim and one time on the map. And the following one is the real map from google, same pos/view.
  9. Hi! Here are some pictures from my region - the Ruhrgebiet (West Germany) Picture 1: Evening mood in the Ruhr area. The Power Station Scholven - Uniper Picture 2: More green than its reputation - the Ruhr area Picture 3: The Gasometer in Oberhausen. It is an industrial monument and is the highest exhibition and event center in Europe Picture 4: Ruhr area typical industrial plants. In the distance you can see the industrial plants in Duisburg Picture 5: Sunset in the Ruhr area. Here the river Lippe flows into the Rhine Picture 6: On the right is the Villa Huegel of the Krupp family. It is located on Lake Baldeneysee Picture 7: Close-up of Baldeneysee in Essen. Just great what you get with vector and lc-data Picture 8: The city of Essen in flight simulator. On the left is the UNESCO-World Heritage "Zollverein" (red building complex). In the center of the image, the RWE tower of the energy group of the same name is clearly recognizable (round tower)
  10. Hi, there is a reservoir missing in NW Germany at 52.586389°, 7.296111° (Speicherbecken Geeste). Also, a small harbor at a nearby canal is suddenly AWOL. The area at Google Maps, Sat. view. Note the reservoir and the small harbor at the oil refinery (bottom of the picture): Seen from SW in FSX with ORBX Global+OpenLC Europe+FS Mesh (but without Global Vector). Same perspective as before but with all of the above packages plus Global Vector activated - reservoir and small harbor are gone: My order # for Global Vector: 514044 (There's the separate issue of OpenLC not zoning the refinery correctly, but I should probably take that to the appropriate forum.) Would be great if you could fix the Vector issues in an update. Thanks!
  11. Hi! After all, what in Berlin is recognizable, one can say that the one who was at work here, know how to do it and how to use the right tools to this "over the top" - working to make. This is a league in which only a few can play. Last night I had taken the opportunity and I looked at FTX Berlin shortly (in slew mode); I nearly fell off my chair! The air imaging for flight simulation is not much better. Previously, I always thought that I would quite good about it at the subject air imaging, at least I had always imagined that. Well, how should I say it, I have been disabused; alone color embedded in the ORBX World is extremely successful - the aerial image blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Or the perfectly incorporated Blend.- and water masks, just the best. The Autogen created is also not to beat - it is not only perfectly placed, no, it is also very varied, been so used variably. You can see that just very good at the vegetation, if you as sports fields provides that, as in reality, through trees "framed" are. But the buildings are created by all available types of buildings of P3D - this is a scene in the scene that will not soon get bored. Many thanks for this outstanding scenery Christian Some pictures from Berlin? Perfect Aerial embedding Surrounding country Berlin Surrounding country Berlin Perfect used vegetation Sports complex with plastic appearance Night Imperessions Siegessäule in Tiergarten Evening at the Lake Brian likes
  12. Dear Bernd, dear Stefan, first let me thank you and the whole ORBX team for transforming FS X in a realistic new world. When checking out the OpenLC EU together with FTX Vector around my hometown I noticed that Lake Ratscher reservoir is missing. Maybe you could add it to your list for v1.20? Dankeschön Christoph FSX (SP2), FTX Global, FTX Vector, FS Global 2010 FTX and OpenLC EU N50° 31.01 E10° 45.20
  13. For this year's Christmas holidays, my wife and i decided to go skiing for one week in the Kaunertal, Austria. It's our first visit to that area, so i decided to have a look at the scenery using FSX. I think we've made a good decision. A flight from Berlin would've taken to long, so i choose Memmingen as my destination for this flight. Parking at Allgäu Airport, Memmingen Takeoff from Memmingen River Iller near Memmingen The Alps are coming in sight Bodensee/Lake Constance with Lindau and Bregenz in the distance Valley of river Rhine near Bregenz Arlberg Pass Kuchenspitze and Patteriol Famous skiing resort St. Anton am Arlberg and Hoher Riffler Hoher Riffler seen from Landeck Valley of river Inn in the distance Kaunertal Landing at Gepatsch Stausee (reservoir) with Weißseespitze. The skiing area of the Kaunertal is located at the foot of Weißseespitze Gepatsch Stausee Thanks for looking!
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