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  1. Hello I installed FTX global base and Vector and at the end of the installation when installing FTX central it tells me the remote server returned an error: (404) not found after there is a lot of line but I can not copy and after that tells me in red error when getting version I also installed FTXtrees can you help me
  2. Hello, I just bought couple days ago FTX Global Base Pack and I'm very happy and very impressed with the new textures. Basically FSX SE is turned in a whole new simulator and no Impact on FPS. So I'm planning to buy FTX Vector and FTX OpenLC Europe. My question is can somebody tell me what the differenceis between FTX Global Base Pack and FTX OpenLC Europe and FTX Vector? I would be very thankful if someone can post a two screenshots on the same airport for example (LYPG, LYBE or LYTV) one with FTX Global Base Pack and one with FTX Global and OpenLC Europe or together with FTX Vector so I can see the difference between this products. Cheers Almedin
  3. Hello, I just purchased ESGG Gothenburg airport (purchase order nº5df352880f4f7) but when I open ftx central and click on ESGG, it reads « there are no downloads available for this product ». Is there a solution ? thank you ! Ugo
  4. Hi Nick, when we we last spoke it was ref the recent release of EGNX, is there any problem on me having both FTX central and the other version on my system EGNX that was released is certainly better in presentation having used the recommended tool, when I say that the scenery is more representative of the real airport. thanks Charlie ( McEwan(
  5. Hello, I've tried many time to download the new freeware airfield Clench Common with FTX central since is out, but no matter what I do, it keep telling that there is no download available... I don't understand what am I missing... Best!
  6. I've used this software before and it worked fine, but when I finally pulled the trigger on Real Earth Washington, I cant even get the download started. I fly x-plane all the time but FTX central can't find it and doesn't have the functionality to point it to the x-plane folder. What should I do?
  7. Hello, I have just upgraded from FSX SE to p3d and I’m trying to install Orbx FTX global, but when I click install, it just sits for ages and says “scanning”. Earlier today it was nearly done installing threw up a warning that I hadn’t enough memory on the c drive so I deleted some unneeded stuff and re tried it but now it’s stuck “scanning”. Thank you
  8. Hi, I own a personal Orbx account, now my Virtual Pilot Association would benefit from the May sale and is asking me to buy and install 12 Orbx products in 4 PCs owned by the association. How can I handle this? May I use my personal account for each computer and buy and install the products locally via FTX Central? Or I have to create a different account for each computer before buying and install via FTX? An help would be highly appreciated. Thanks Giancarlo PS I am not a commercial user and the association is no-profit.
  9. I sure do need some help. I've been using FTC Central and lots of Orbx Scenery in P3Dv4 since the beginning. I also purchased XPlane 11 and enjoy the 2 simulators. Suddenly today, after updating XPlane my FTX Central no only shows XPlane and not P3D! No matter what I do I can't get myFTX Central to go back to P3Dv4. I installed the latest FTX Central with the same result. Can anyone give an old pilot some advice? Thank you, RCF (OldBob)
  10. Hello, The Night Lighting check box to disable night lighting in the NCA area for openLC NA is always unchecked when I start FTX Central From what I've read on the Orbx forums both it and the New Night Lights box should be checked because I have openLC NA installed. Both boxes remain checked for my installed regions CRM, NRM, PNW, SAK. I suppose I can uncheck both boxes for NCA, but I'd rather have it work like the other regions. So far I've reinstalled NCA, but that hasn't helped. What else can I try? Other information: I use FSX Acceleration with Windows 7 and my order number is FSS0486304, migrated to OrbxDirect with transaction ID 586c5a7091447. Mark
  11. Sorry to trouble you. Two problems: Te first is an observation, I use Immersive Display Pro. as I have 3 projectors and a curved screen. To begin with I could not make sense of ftx Central. The displayed page looks very odd, the mouse pointer dissapears but can be found by using control button which causes a shrinking circle to appear where the mouse pointer is centered. Then I discovered switching Immerisve display Pro. off during the times I was down loading scenery sorted the problem out. So an observation to anyone else having issues with the appearance of ftx Central down load page. Secondly I do have a problem with scenery, I though it might be that the scenery libraries were out of date but ftx central tells me they are up to date. But when I try and run X-Plane with my new purchases installed by ftx Central, X-Plane crashes (see attached log file) It says there are files missing from the scenery. How do I resolve this and get the new scenery I bought to work?? I am sure it is easy to resolve when you know what you are doing :-) BR Pete D. Log.txt
  12. With the new TE products being so much larger, maybe Orbx could build Bittorrent into FTX Central to help save on their bandwidth costs? I see more and more places doing that kind of thing. -Buffy
  13. When launching ORBX FTX Central I get the following message: ‘An unexpected error occurred. Please send ORBX staff the %localAppData%\Orbx\ftxc3.log’ I launched FTX Central because I discovered that the Lukla Airport had only an airstrip at the end of which was a sheer mountain face rather than a valley which is supposed to be there. Yes, I was facing the right way. I’m using Windows 10 for the P#DV4 flightsim. Please find the log, I hope I found the right one, and the screen shot attached. Unexpected error Notice 091118B.docx ftxc3.log
  14. Hello I open this new topic because FTX just have a problem.En effet I had to completely uninstall P3D V4.2 and all ADD-ON and redo a complete installation of P2D V4.3. Once this installation of P3D V4.3 made I started with all FTX products. And when I run FTX I get the following message: "An unexpected error occurred.Please send Orbx Staff the% Local / AppData% / Orbx \ ftx3.log" You will find below a copy of the ftx3.log file. Before sending you this message I went through the forum and found a close topic that recommended to use "Rebuild performance counter.cmd" what I did and the result is as follows: "Info: Rebuilding the Successful Performance Counter Setting from the System Storage Store Press a key to continue ... " Even though I try to install nothing passes. Finally I would have liked uninstalled FTX Central and start again on a clean basis but could not find the application to uninstall ftx (ftxunsinstall.exe?) Check your answer cordially G BARTHLEMY ftxc3.log
  15. I have the latest version of FTX CENTRAL I also have the latest version of P3D 4.3. FTX CENTRAL will not install certain region/airport sceneries, I'm not sure what I'm not doing/doing wrong....I deleted all the temp files as posted in previous posts, but it did not help...I've attached the error screenshot that I receive.
  16. Hi All, I've just finished moving my FSX folder in steam to a new SSD drive, using the "Move install folder" function in Steam. Problem is, when I run FSX now it cannot find my FTX scenery. I can't find FTX Central in my programs list so I deleted the ORBX folder and downloaded the FTX central installer to reinstall. I was thinking it would give me the option to point it the new FSX location but it seems to install automatically in a default location. Unfortunately I'm still having issues (see screenshot below). Any help very much appreciated! Thanks Andy
  17. I installed FTX Global base and Vector (using my FTX Central) on my new system but it appears that it has not installed correctly, as you can see in the screenshots. The screenshot was taken in LSZH where everything was looking way better on my old PC. I already tried to uninstall and do a new reinstall of everything. I also checked my Scenery Library but everything seems to be activated there. Hope someone can help me
  18. The usual Orbx installation process on my computer is as follows: 1. Click "install" in FTX Central 2. Start the sim and see that it didn't work out properly 3. Delete the .txt-file in the "User Documents" folder 4. Go back to FTX central and click "install" again 5. Start the sim and behold the new scenery 6. Notice that all the addon.xml entries got mixed up in the scenery library again, causing problems in other parts of the world 7. Rearrange them with a 3rd-party tool 8. Start the sim and notice that openLC NA doesn't show anymore 9. Repeat steps 3 to 7... The mixed up library entries are not an Orbx problem, of course. Also, not every installation causes OLC NA to disappear. But it's standard for me now that the installation doesn't work properly at the first attempt and thus, I have to revert to the trick of deleting the .txt-file. I think that's surely not what is intended by Orbx. Treat this as a feedback. I wonder if other people have the same "routine".
  19. Hello, I purchased and downloaded Netherlands True Earth last night and ran out of space on SSD drive. I have reformatted two SSDs and created RAID 0 which should hopefully solve the problem. However, as I have to re download the Nethetrlands True Earth package, when I go to my account it shows the purchase but I get the following message and cannot re download. Can you advise please? Many thanks indeed. Download No download is currently available for EU Netherlands TrueEarth.
  20. After downloading and installing EU Netherlands TrueEarth using FTX Central V3.3.0.2, P3D v4.1 crashes at start-up. Reverting back to previous scenery.cfg, P3D starts fine. Manual addition of EU Netherlands TrueEarth causes P3D to crash if the Scenery or CVX folders are added. Addition of Custom and Mesh files fine. Transaction ID: 5ae024c04d32c - Plus everything Orbx (not active installed), except Vector and Gold Coast is installed i7 6700K 4GHz, ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming, ASUS GTX 1080Ti, 3200 MHz, DDR4 48GB RAM
  21. I have been having this problem for a couple of days. Any ideas as to what's next?
  22. My FTX Central shows me only the options P3D v4 and P3D v3. So I can see only the sceneries I have bougth for P3D v4 and P3D v3 in the previous month. No option for Aerofly FS 2. So I don't know how to install my newly bought Meigs Scenery into Aerofly FS 2. What are my otions?
  23. Hello guys. right now, I´m trying to install the FTX Global EU Airport Pack by manual download, because I´m struggling a bit with my FTX Central (Slow downloads etc.). So as the download (about 10 MB) finished, I got a ZIP file with a lot of ZIP files in a ZIP file. I really don´t know how to act with that right now at the moment. Do I have to paste them somewhere or do I have to use my FTX Central to open this file? I really don´t know, so some small instructions would be very helpful to me! Happy Landings By the way, I´m using : FSX Steam Edition
  24. Help, just downloaded ORBX Global, then downloaded FTX Central, but when I open it it says select a simulator but your cant do anything except close it. I'm sure there is a solution, I have FSX on a separate drive and I'm using windows 7
  25. When I attempt to install FTX Global Vector with FTX Central to my Steam version of FSX I get a pop-up screen that says there is a problem and to contact orbx. It appears that FTX Central can't find the Steam version which is installed on a secondary hard drive, (drive D), linked to the paging file on the main hard drive, (drive C). I've attached a copy of the ftxc3.log below. ftxc3.log.doc
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