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  1. Hey everyone! I just install the Global Base pack and I want to know how it’s should looks like, because I’m looking the terrain textures and I see that there are a lot of textures repeated, for example in Cali-Colombia (SKCL). Can u show me how the terrain textures around this airport looks like? Pdst: I have FSX-SE
  2. I've been successfully using FSXSE with EU England and UK2000 Airports. I thought I'd try Orbx Shoreham (EGKA) but I'm disappointed with the windsocks. Firstly, they're plain (the ones in the advertising video are striped - not that I mind the colour!) but more importantly to me, whilst they do indicate wind direction and strength, they don't 'move' realistically in the wind as the UK2000 ones do. I'd like to find a way to remove the Orbx windsocks, but I haven't figured out how to do so. If I could do that I could then reactivate the UK2000 ones. Does anyone know if it's possible and, if so, how I go about it? I have some experience of ADE if that would help, although I'm not sure which file I'd be changing. Thanks.
  3. This morning I bought my first Orbx product, Chaseplane and on attempting to install Chaseplane Orbx Central told me the scenery.cfg file could not be found, so I searched my pc for Scenery.cfg and I found Scenery.cfg and moved it into various places I heard would work (e.g. the FSX Steam Main Folder) although this hasn't worked either. Thanks, Alex
  4. EGAA (Belfast Aldergrove) screenshot tells it all. I've run Global Vector and applied several times with reboots. I run FSX-SE on its own HDD, I have P3Dv4 on a different HDD. I do not have FSX box version on this PC. Global vector sees FSX and LM P3D but not FSX-SE. I verified the Orbx NI files, and re-ran the vector program. Nothing seems to make any difference. Isle of Man (EGNS), and Edinburgh (EGPH) are good (Orbx Scotland installed).
  5. Hi, I have recently installed FSX-SE on a new PC and purchased the AU 2 pack. On trying to install it using OC (4.1.1) I am getting a few failures, primarily it is saying that it cannot sync with the simulator. During the initial start of OC it asked me to set up the library for Orbx and I created one, which failed at the synch step, so I tried a couple of others thinking it was a DIR naming issue. Apparently not. As a side note, I cannot delete these Lib entries now. Anyway, also please see attached the log file that I captured. 2020-03-30T11:15:02.415Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Queue added job 2020-03-30T11:15:02.501Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Synchronizing fsxse (D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FSX) 2020-03-30T11:15:02.501Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Mutator loaded 0 configuration files 2020-03-30T11:15:02.501Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Mutation time: 00:00:00.0000124 2020-03-30T11:15:02.501Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Using for scenery configuration. 2020-03-30T11:15:02.501Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [ERROR] Unable to rebuild scenery configuration. 2020-03-30T11:15:02.502Z [INFO] [Saturn] - System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'path') 2020-03-30T11:15:02.502Z [INFO] [Saturn] - at System.IO.StreamReader.ValidateArgsAndOpenPath(String path, Encoding encoding, Int32 bufferSize) 2020-03-30T11:15:02.502Z [INFO] [Saturn] - at Saturn.Utilities.Configuration.ConfigurationFile.Parse() 2020-03-30T11:15:02.502Z [INFO] [Saturn] - at Saturn.Utilities.Configuration.ConfigurationFile.Parse(String path) 2020-03-30T11:15:02.502Z [INFO] [Saturn] - at Saturn.Utilities.Configuration.Scenery.AdvancedSceneryConfiguration..ctor(Simulator sim, List`1 libraries) 2020-03-30T11:15:02.502Z [INFO] [Saturn] - at Saturn.Jobs.SyncSimulator.SyncSimulatorJobRunner.SyncESP() 2020-03-30T11:15:02.507Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Job released 839539230 2020-03-30T11:15:02.507Z [INFO] [Saturn] - System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'path') 2020-03-30T11:15:02.508Z [INFO] [Saturn] - at Saturn.Jobs.SyncSimulator.SyncSimulatorJobRunner.SyncESP() 2020-03-30T11:15:02.508Z [INFO] [Saturn] - at Saturn.Jobs.SyncSimulator.SyncSimulatorJobRunner.Execute() 2020-03-30T11:15:02.508Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [ERROR] Synchronizing failed. 2020-03-30T11:15:02.509Z [ERROR] [Central::SimulatorService] - {"data":{"status":false},"id":839539230,"name":"SyncSimulatorResponseMessage","success":false} 2020-03-30T11:15:43.122Z [DEBUG] [Central::SimulatorService] - Using simIsRunningCache 2020-03-30T11:15:43.122Z [INFO] [Central::SimulatorService] - Sending sync request Any assistance is appreciated. Also, please note that I have installed, uninstalled FSX-SE and no cigar. I am also installing both FSX-SE and the Orbx on an alternate drive d: from the OS drive. Thanks central.log
  6. Recently purchased the scenery on the Orbx website and have tried to activate the scenery in game but couldn't get much further. Everything still stays at the default scenery provided by FSX. Not sure what to do. Cheers.
  7. Hey so i was just given a new to me pc with nothing on it and i downloaded my fsx steam edition and flew just fine. Then i download orbx central and had some problems being able to install the packages i bought. i got it to where i can install but when i open fsx now it pops up with error for objectflow.dll if i run anyway fsx crashes, if i dont run and i try to fly all my scenery is all messed up. please help i paid too much for this stuff not to work.
  8. I have installed my ORBX catalogue (2 regions, 3 airports , 1 cityscape + freeware) using FTXCentral on new pc and added New purchases YBAS & YBRM . The new airports display perfectly but my default FSX airports have random shaped roads, fields and rivers where grass should be. VIDP is an example but also found this landing at EGPF. Runways and buildings appear ok. All Orbx products appear at top of Scenery Library. I am not sure this is corrdct. How do I resolve issues pls. Transaction id 5d9ad11b7019c
  9. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit 1903 Build Simulator: FSX-SE Screenshot: See below Issue: LOWI is installed but not in scenery.cfg Hi guys, I installed FSX-SE on a new windows 10 system. Clean as it gets. Just installed Orbx global+vector+openlc EU, NA, SA along with pilots 2018ng mesh. Now, I just installed LOWI. It shows it is installed by nothing gets updated on scenery.cfg. I even did a file verification. I get a check - all files verified. PS - I had to edit the .json file for global base to have the zBase that way base is below all other global/openlc files. Hope all this info helps. Thanks central.log
  10. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro Simulator: Windows 10 Pro 1809 Screenshot: See Below Issue: Global library order Hi, Here is my central log. Newest release of Central 4.0.10 was installed on a clean system with FSX-SE only installed. i am still seeing a same issue that I have always had from FTX Central 3 days. Orbx Base is always above OpenLC_Europe1 and NAMERICA1 scenery layers. Right now I have only installed Global. Though the same case persists if I install Openlc EU / NA. In the past I used a updated text file that Nick Cooper gave me a while back. It is a simple text file with Openlc_zBase <<<---- emphasis on the letter 'z" as that makes the global layer go below openlc insertion points. Right now, I do not see on how I can update the scenery order config with Orbx Central global install logic. I am just highlighting the potential bug. I am seeing that in my other screenshots posted by other members that their openlc enteries are below BASE. Attached is log and screenshot. Hope this data helps. You guys are on a roll with so many things happening on Orbx Front. Thank you. Update: Now lets say, I change the order of the global base scenery order and bring it down below Europe1 and NAmerica1. It stays that way once scenery.cfg is saved. It remains intact even if open/quit the Central app. If I click on Sync Simulator on Central 4 - that option reverts the scenery order back to the way it was - base is above the openlc enteries. Weird!!! central.log
  11. I am in the process of getting P3D v4 setup on my computer with FSX-SE and P3D on two separate SSDs. I want to be able to continue using FSX-SE until I get P3D completely setup and I get use to it. Can I keep my ORBX scenery on the FSX-SE drive and also have it on the P3D drive. Or will I have to remove it all from FSX-SE to be able to put it on P3D?
  12. I am thinking of switching to Prepar3D v4 from FSX-SE. I have a good bit of ORBX scenery, North America, Europe, Germany, England and several airports. All purchased for either FSX or FSX-SE. Even though my system is up to date and high performance I am beginning to have Out Of Memory problems. My question is this will any of my current ORBX scenery work with Prepar3D or X Plane 10 or 11?
  13. Order # 584cd7f95047e - orbx_ftxcentral_log.txt - FTX fails to find an FSX-SE file and requests to close. This is a new Win10 install April 27, 2019. FSX-Steam has been installed & removed 3 or 4 times with reboots after 1 minute off. FSX-SE is installed on a C:\ 500GB SSD.STEAM support's suggestions have all been tried with no success. But, I have not requested support from DoveTail Games yet. My P3D products install and run fine. Thank you for your assistance - Dan Wheeler
  14. Tinkered some more with the paint.
  15. Hi Folks, very quick question. I've flown FSX & FSX-SE for many years and have lots of Orbx Addons. Do I have to pay again if I change to P3D to use my Orbx products. Can I just install FTX Central with the new sim and use all the scenery and airports I already have on FSX ?? Thanks
  16. I have the Orbx Libraries, 3 Orbx airports (Jandakot, Busselton and Cunderdin), Holgermesh and AU Australia installed, as well as (via Steam) Discover Australia installed. Besides this no other addons. When I fly all the power and lamp poles are showing up as black blobs: I am using FSX Steam Edition. I did have to edit a file (C:\Users\stuart\AppData\Local\Orbx\Simulators\fsxse.c3json) to get it to even see my sim as the scenery config is in "%PROGRAMDATA%\\Microsoft\\FSX\\scenery.cfg" instead of FSX-SE\\scenery.cfg and similar on for other paths.
  17. I've just installed Innsbruck (I have the global scenery also) and everything is running really well apart from a strange effect that happens during daytime. I have tried different aircraft and different settings but this only goes away at night time and during dawn or dusk settings. The lines seems to start at the airport building and follow the planes about. My gaming system is a fast i5 processor, nvidia 1070 graphics and 16gb RAM. Many thanks for any help in advance. (image is attached)
  18. Hopefully I can find a fix for this... Unfortunately my sim has been crashing randomly due to this module from Nvidia coming form (C:\Windows\system32\nvwgf2um.dll). The crash happens either while on the ground, or during cruze. I have tried countless different settings on FSX DX9 mode; DX10 Fixer; windowed mode; borderless windowed mode, and the crash keeps on happening. I have not tried fullscreen mode scince i have multiple monitors for vpilot, etc. All drivers are updated and any addon software associated with FSXSE are as well. the CFG file is default only entry is affinitymask=14. everything in FSXSE installed outside of the C Drive. This has been very frustrating and annoying. and I appreciate you all that can help me with this. I have been useing FSX for Years and i never experienced this before. Also here is my nvidia inspector settings if it helps... W7 Ultimate i5 3570K 16GB gskill 2133 Nvidia Titan X - 2 Jean.
  19. Your transaction ID is 58b12307530a9. 2-25-17 Last night I purchased two products to install to FSX-SE using Orbx Central. The England scenery installed without any problems but the Scotland scenery will not install. As instructed by the error message, I am attaching the requested file. I have no dual install - FSX regular has never been installed on this computer. I have about a dozen Orbx sceneries installed and all have done so with problems. I also installed some freeware products last night without problems. Thank you for your assistance Ian Scott ftxc3.log
  20. Hey there! I'm new to the whole simming experience and I'm trying to set up my orbx with FSX-SE. I've utilized FTX Central to install all the packs, but I can't confirm if FTX Global Base has been installed or not, since I'm not seeing it in the ORBX folder in my FSX root folder, and I don't see it in the scenery library, unless I'm missing something. Could someone please assist? Here's a screengrab of my scenery library. I know about the issues with FTX and FSX-SE, and I've corrected the regedit stuff with the tweak file that I found in another thread. I just don't know what else to do to find out if this is actually working. Thanks!
  21. Hello everybody! I just installed the new FTX central 3! No problem with my P3D install but it doesn't find my FSX-SE install(I had no problem so far with FTX central 2)as you can see with the pic joined! Any solution to cure this problem? Thank you for helping Cheers Pat
  22. I did a fresh, clean reinst. of FSX-SE (on Win10) and first add-on to be was FTX Global Base (1.40). At an initial stage I'm prompted for selecting version, but in the drop-down there is none(!) and thus no version can be chosen and so installation can not continue! So now I am really stuck
  23. Hi I bought the ESSA Scenery and tried to install a few times as I had a couple of problem installing it but after a day or two I managed to get It installed but found the problem that aroun T5F and the taxiways around it but also the whole of runway 8/26 would be really happy to get an answer.
  24. I have both FSX-SE and FSX Box installed. I am trying to install FTX Global Base Pack. The Orbx installer wants to install the textures to Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) vice Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (FSX-SE). The installer asks “Where do you like FTX Global Base Pack installed?”, but does not give me the ability to direct the installation away from FSX and to FSX-SE. Please advise. Thanks in advance. Mike Nellis
  25. Hi guys - i've read loads of stuff about how you should install ORBX when using FSX-SE and I think I've followed the correct procedures but when it come the installation process I get to the below and there are no drop down options (See attached picture) Any ideas what I'm doing wrong??!
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