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  1. Hello, I just bought couple days ago FTX Global Base Pack and I'm very happy and very impressed with the new textures. Basically FSX SE is turned in a whole new simulator and no Impact on FPS. So I'm planning to buy FTX Vector and FTX OpenLC Europe. My question is can somebody tell me what the differenceis between FTX Global Base Pack and FTX OpenLC Europe and FTX Vector? I would be very thankful if someone can post a two screenshots on the same airport for example (LYPG, LYBE or LYTV) one with FTX Global Base Pack and one with FTX Global and OpenLC Europe or together with FTX Vector so I can see the difference between this products. Cheers Almedin
  2. Hello simmers, I need something like a FS Recorder or something like that. I need to record the flight then I want to play replay and record some good videos! Any recommendations? FS Recroder on FSX SE dosen't work. And, can i use this like replay player or is just a flight recorder https://store.steampowered.com/app/643684/FSX_Steam_Edition_Flight_Recorder_AddOn/ Thanks! Regards, Almedin
  3. Hello, I just moved to FSX steam edition as I heard its more stable on newer machines than fsx boxed edition. I already had the latest FTX central installer downloaded in my downloads folder so used that to install my orbx FTX Global and FTX Scotland to my new steam fsx. NB, I uninstalled fsx boxed yesterday and didn't do the registry repair fix as i didn't realise this was required till after install. Here is my problem. It says my orbx products are installed and up to date, but in the scenery library there are only the open land class base, europe and north america folders and only the ftxaa orbx libs. But in the simulator, loading a flight everything seems right, I can see that the orbx textures have been installed but I remember for fsx boxed edition there were more ftx global entries than the ones in my fsx steam scenery library. Is this normal, and if not what should I do. A complete reinstall of fsx steam, registry repair and then reinstall? There was no way for me to specify what folder to send the orbx products to so I fear they have been installed to a now non existent fsx box version? Please help. Thankyou ps , I ran the trouble shooter and it came with this; as I havent installed scotland yet. But everything else seems normal?
  4. Hello, when I restart the PC and start FSX SE I need about 7-8 min to wait until the FSX SE goes to main menu. But after that every next time when I start FSX SE it's loads up to the main menu for 7-10 sec max. all until I restart the PC. I noticed this problem has come a couple of months ago before that everything was fine. I reinstalled FSX SE several times and nothing still the same. Does someone have a similar problem? Regards, Almedin
  5. Good Morning simmers, enjoy in beautiful A2A P-51D Mustang and LOWI Innsbruck Airport! And... Subscribe for more if you want. Cheers, Almedin
  6. Hi There Simmers! I just tested my new airplane A2A P-51H Mustang above the LOWI! Enjoy in screenshots: Cheers, Almedin
  7. Hi There, I just bought LDDU Dubrovnik Airport and is looks beautiful but I have small problem with texture parking areas flickering here is my problem in video: Deafinitely the problem is with EZdok EZCA 2 camera addon when I edit cameras.cfg in the section EZCA2 Aircraft cam line ClipMode to Normal everything is ok but it breaks my cameras on airplane. is there are any other fix for this problem? [CameraDefinition.203] Title= EZCA2 Aircraft cam Guid={9975B7A2-68A4-4F72-9203-788AB1A63B7A} Description=Universal camera for EZdok cam utility Origin=Center SnapPbhAdjust=Swivel SnapPbhReturn=FALSE PanPbhAdjust=Swivel PanPbhReturn=FALSE Track=None ShowAxis=FALSE AllowZoom=TRUE InitialZoom=0.40 ShowWeather=Yes InitialXyz=0,0,0 InitialPbh=10, 0, 0 XyzAdjust=TRUE Category=Aircraft MomentumEffect=FALSE ClipMode=Minimum I'm planing to buy today LDPL Pula Airport and LOWI Innsbruck Airpot but I think I will have the same problem... Thanks, Cheers, Almedin
  8. Hello simmers, these days I was in Sar Mountains it's a small region in Kosovo called Gora between Albanian and Macedonian border it's a beautiful place for resting that's the place I'm from that's the place where I'm born after my trip I bought FTX Global openLC Europe and FTX Global Vector and fly over the Gora here is the screenshot in real life and in FSX SE with openLC Europe. Cheers, Almedin
  9. Hi There simmers, I just bought LDDU Dubrovnik Airport and it looks beautiful. Cheers, Almedin
  10. Hi There Simmers, this is my first video about the Orbx products. If you have a litle time take look. Thanks, Almedin
  11. Somewhere in Montenegro. Cheers, Almedin
  12. Hi There simmers, this is my new video with my Airbus A319.
  13. Hi There simmer, today I was practiced ILS approach with my Airbus A319. Cheers, Almedin
  14. Hi There simmers, landing at LYTV with my new plane.
  15. Hi There simmer, this is my video about AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand by Orbx! Enjoy! Regards, Almedin
  16. Hi There simmers! Two screenshots for the start. Montenegro near LYPG Airport, FTX Global. Over the Serbia, on road to Belgrade FTX Global. Montenegro clear sky, dusk! AirSerba Airbus A319.
  17. Hi There simmers, Hello from Edge Of Space! With F/A-18 Super Hornet! Cheers, Almedin
  18. Hi There simmers! Today I was flying around the Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Airport. Here is some shots: Cheers Almedin
  19. Hi There, it's me Almedin! I just found this little Airport! Cheers, Almedin
  20. Yes.. I know, another problem, sorry. When I'm looking at my scenery library, I do not see the Global Base in there. Furthermore I would like some advise regarding the order in the scenery library. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience with me. Rasmus
  21. Hello guys, I have FSX SE and everything is fine with my orbx products but I downloaded the free ai traffic add on to my fsx steam but I don't see any traffic, my settings are showing 80% so i don't get to much performance impact but anyway I don't see any planes anywhere, I do a lot of charters so I fly in the US, Caribbean, Europe, etc and I never see an airplane taking off, landing or cruising, something is wrong, I did the installation and I see all the ai aircraft on my folder so im not sure whats wrong, please if anyone can help me thanks.
  22. Do I necessary need to have Global to buy any of the orbx airports? If not whats maybe the difference thanks
  23. An evening flight into St. Louis, MO.
  24. Hi, I am noticing a strange issue with the runway lighting at dusk at ESSA where the central runway lights look small (halo) and embedded in the runway as you would expect, but the edge lighting of the runways appears like a candle effect with a pointed halo above the light. I assume the halo effect below the light is also present, but is blocked by the runway surface. Anyway it appears as though a series of candles are burning along the edge of the runway. Very weird! Screenshot: Have tried both FSX Boxed and FSX Steam Edition and the same effect is seen in both at the same airport. Have tried messing with the FTX Lights Configurator and everything is set to v. small but I think this only effects street lighting, not airport lighting. Apron lighting at ESSA is fine. Am running DX10 Fixer and have set the bloom settings to 60% but still no joy. Any ideas/thoughts what to try to reduce this halo effect on top on the runway edge lighting? Thanks Mark
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