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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I need help transferring FTX Global License from Flightsimstore. I log into OrbxDirect , click on account and I don't get an FSS License transfer button. Order Number is FSS022328. Thanks for any help. Matt
  2. I have just about everything ORBX has published. When I downloaded P3Dv4.1, however, I wanted to put all of it into the P3D FTXC3 and had the following experience. When I went to orbxdirect.com, thru the FTXC3, and clicked on my account, All my scenery was listed. I have been told that the green window to the right should say "FSS Transfer", but it says "Crossgate DVD". How do I find the "FSS Transfer" window? I have been to the Flightsimstore and all my download files are there, but no information on how to transfer them to OrBX. Help please....
  3. Hello everyone, Effective immediately, we are restricting the number of Orbx products you can download whose licenses you transferred from FSS. The restriction will be set to ONE product download per customer per day, until further notice. NOTE - this restriction does NOT apply to any new products you have purchased from OrbxDirect, nor freeware demos or downloads. That is, anything you have purchased from OrbxDirect since November 1st has NO download restrictions. We have requested Adrian at FSS enable the validation server for all your old FSS wrapper installers so you can re-install from those at any time. Again, this is a temporary measure. We have not yet heard back from Adrian regarding this request but I am sure it won't be a major technical issue for him to implement. Why are we doing this? 1. PANIC DOWNLOADING. It appears that a "panic" has set in with all customers who transferred their FSS licenses to OrbxDirect. Because the old FSS wrapper installers can no longer be validated after the transfer of licenses, we think people felt insecure about a potential PC or Windows crash/reinstall without any backed up installers. This has caused a mad rush of downloads on our servers, generating over 50TB!! of data downloaded in less than a week. That is 50,000GB of data. 2. CUSTOMERS NOT READING INSTRUCTIONS. Despite our best attempts at creating a FAQ, step-by-step guide, video and answering countless customer questions, the message has still not gotten through - YOU DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD EVERY ORBX PRODUCT WHOSE LICENSE WAS TRANSFERRED FROM FSS. 3. UNNECESSARY DOWNLOADS. Just because with OrbxDirect all products now use a different installation method (FTX Central v3), and use a different backup (encrypted nested ZIP files/folders), does NOT mean you should download and create backups for EVERY Orbx product license you transferred from FSS. After all, if they are installed and working in your simulator before you transferred your licenses, why do anything at all - unless you are literally planning a PC rebuild, OS re-install? I doubt that many of you are in this situation. 4. REBUILD AT A CONTROLLED PACE. Even if the worst were to happen and you had to re-install all products, downloading them from our servers is not a major headache, nor does it necessarily need to be done all at once. After all, as has been said numerous times, can you really visit every Orbx product location in one day, or one session? No. So we find the need to download and create backups for your entire library rather odd behaviour to say the least. 5. ARE WE ARCHIVE LIBRARIANS OR SIMMERS? Can I make a comparison? I recently purchased a new laptop. I installed FTXC V3 and installed Prepar3D V3.4.9, then downloaded FTX Global, Vector and openLC NA. I then enjoyed many flights in the sim in between doing other tasks. I also installed Steam and began to download some games I had previously purchased. Since many of them are > 30GB in size and I only have 7.5Mb/sec broadband, I usually installed one every few days, or one per week. Many times these downloads I would leave running overnight. I then began to add other Orbx regions and airports, perhaps one a day. My point is that it was unreasonable for me to expect to re-install my entire Orbx library or my entire Steam games collection all at once. Nor did I even create backups of my Orbx and Steam installers, since it's just easier for me to install what I need, when I need it. I am more interested in flying or gaming, than being an archive librarian. Keeping archived installers also takes a LOT of space; in the case of Orbx it's 200GB excluding freeware. I understand this restriction will be received with some negativity from certain people, but frankly - we can't justify the cost of 50-100TB of data transfer per week - that would erode any profit from our sales, which would limit Orbx's future expansion and growth plans or new product rollouts. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. The only reason we offered to transfer your FSS licenses in the first place was to make it easier and simpler to manage ALL your Orbx products you have purchased from day one - in one place, with one store, one installation method and one way to apply updates, patches and service packs. We did this to make things easier for YOU. What we did not expect was such a crazy demand on our servers for archiving the entire collections of old purchases. It would have been easier to allow old FSS installers to remain active and useable, which is what we are reverting to now. Sorry for the blip in programming - with anything new, there are bound to be warts and tweaks, so we're doing our best to provide you with a seamless customer experience, but not at the expense of eroding all profit margins on bandwidth costs, sorry. This is a temporary measure only. We will review bandwidth over the coming months and adjust download limits accordingly.
  4. .... don't really see a choice? How long are we expected to wait for a response from a human at FSS? Is there some better way than writing them an email or submitting a ticket? I will be the first to say that these guys have been nothing but the BEST in my previous dealings with them. They have been exceedingly fair with me, I want to be clear. That said, they are painfully slow and I don't think I have ever managed to establish contact with them without some form of public griping here on the forums. Is this a 'me' problem? Is there some better way to reach them directly?
  5. Hello. Purchased FTX Global Base from above Flight sim Reg No.removed I have Steam and win 10. It will not finish unwrapping . Have tried everway. I gets to select setting,bit, I cannot put a setting in Please any help. Please answer. Keith..
  6. I set up my new FS station yesterday but was a bit concerned when the CH yoke I had been using for years would not clamp onto the new desk. The new desk top is twice the thickness of the old one and the thread had stripped in one of the clamps so I ordered a new yoke from FSS expecting to see it delivered late next week with the Xmas rush on. So you can imagine my surprise when Star Track pulled up in my drive at 10;30 this morning. In less than 24 hours I had placed the order and had the Yoke in my house. Thanks Adrian and Star Track for such excellent service.
  7. Hi, This is just a query, does anybody know if FSS are having any troubles? I purchased Monument Valley this morning ( 01:52 BST) and I got a confirmation Email but it did not have any Order number on it and their site has not registered my purchase. I have forwarded the confirmation email to store@flightsimstore.com. I have not had a reply about my purchase except the "The FlightSim Store | May 17, 2015 11:41AM EST Thank you for submitting your request. We have received your request and are working on responding to you as soon as possible. If you have any additional information to add to this case, please reply to this email." message. I would appreciate any advise/help please. Best regards, Nigel
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