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Found 13 results

  1. So many years back in the early start of FSX, Friday Harbor was my starting point for my first virtual flights. Via the supurb TE Washington it is marvelous how the quality and the 'as real look' has evolved. Therefor I revisited the area now via XP11, what a gorgeous detail:
  2. Hi guys, I purchased KFHR Friday Harbor last night and did a fight this morning. I have several static aircraft at the airport with missing textures (see photos below). Do I need to uninstall and rerun the ORBX Libraries or KFHR to correct this? Regards, Lance.
  3. Hi, I had been away from simming for a while, but came back and using FTX Central with FSX:SE with Flyinside FSX and Oculus Rift. The libraries and several add ons needed to be updated, which I did. I also ran Force Migration. Now when I run the program everything looks good EXCEPT there are no road textures. Runways are there. I see the roads and see the cars driving on them, but the roads are all dirt when they used to "Look" like concrete. I tried, so far, in Squamish and Friday Harbor with same results. I would appreciate any help. Since I am logged in I am assuming that my purchased products show up, but if not I can, at least show: Order Number FSS0467823 2016-03-12 Orbx NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest Thanks, Steve
  4. I flew my favourite AeroCommander from Friday Harbor to Swanson on my first-ever visit there. A great trip - didn't take as long as I thought in a twin. Wheels up from FHR... One of Larry Robinson's wonderful freeware AI Washington State Ferries idles at the dock... And several freeware AI Worldwide Ships are headed to or from port... Both Jefferson County and Diamond Point airports are visible in this shot (Jefferson below, Diamond above tail towards top of photo) 159 knots...won't take too long to get there... Beautiful Seattle skyline at a distance, another Washington State Ferry below... I believe this is Bremerton, which my wife and I have taken the ferry to before on vacation... SEATAC airport with 737s landing to the East of us... Not sure what this port is, but it was neat to fly above... Getting close now, yet another interesting airport to visit sometime off to the side (I never do seem to go back to them though)... Finally approaching Swanson....the AI Cessna landing helped me find the tiny field! Even challenging approaches and short fields are no problem in the trusty AeroCommander - love this aircraft..dump the flaps and glide right in. Shutdown at our destination - a fun flight! Steve
  5. Hello all - I have an unusual problem. When I take off to the south from Runway 16 at Friday Harbor, either the KFHR add on OR when that is de-activated and I run with the improved version shipped with PNW Blue, I run into the most horrible stutters shortly after takeoff. FPS drops to 3FPS or actually stops, starts, stops, starts before I break free of the invisible spider webs and begin flying at a smooth locked 30FPS. I have no such issues anywhere else, not FHR taking off to the north, not even at LAX. It's odd...any ideas on what may be causing this? Am I at the edge of some huge area of textures that needs to load up or something? It seems pretty plain, and it doesn't matter where my view is pointed at the time. Thanks, Steve
  6. Always loved the default airport area in the early years of FSX-user. The by Orbx-FTX enhanced scenery of this airport and the whole Island of San Juan is also via my FS P3D in this video the start for an aerobatic flight in the by Alabeo fine modelled stuntplane Pitts S2. Enjoy the flight as I did as virtual pilot:
  7. Last year, I installed Orbx's beautiful Friday Harbor on FSX:SE, via Dovetail through Steam, rather than from ORBX. I just discovered that SP! was not compatible with the Dovetail version. So, yesterday, I purchased the KFHR version from ORBX and installed v1.00 (after first disabling the Dovetail version in the scenery library, but not uninstalling it.) After installing v1.00, I installed SP1 (v1.10). Still with me? I took it out for a test flight, and noticed that the ferry dock model in Friday Harbor was not there. In its place was a black patch on the ground and next to it, the default ferry dock, which doesn't look like the real one. Also, it doesn't line up with the auto approach lane or a docked ferry. The thing is, the more accurate dock was present in the Dovetail version. I'm sure the new dock is supposed to be there, I'm just not sure why my installation isn't showing it. I do have the scenery complexity set to "Very Dense," and I imagine this very prominent object should be visible at this setting (it was operating with the Dovetail version.) Any ideas what I should do? I know it's a very minor thing, but if the dock is missing, is anything else? All advice is appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  8. Hi, I've just bought Friday Harbor scenery before end of year for my FSX SE. I'm really happy to own it but I found few graphic issues. I'm aware of DX10 problems in FSX but already patched it successfully by shader fix - v3.2.3. I checked also different posts about this scenery but nothing exactly match to issue which I have. The most painfull is partial black bacground on KFHR airport. This is permanent. Another pair of screens shows the same FSX running with the same settings only angle is different just a bit. When I'm moving around in external view black background dissapears and goes back. Last screen represent another building which I found flying around to check if issue is more replicable. I doublecheck another airport - Anacortes which I have and didn't encounter anything similar. My Orbx library is updated to the newest version available - 151213 I heard about upcoming service pack to this scenery. I'd like to know if my problem is known and solvable. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. As I have next to regular FSX and P3Dv2 installed the Steam Edition of FSX, I downloaded yesterday the first SE-expansion made by the Orbx-FTX team. The complete SanJuan Island in 60cm per pixel and the main airport KFHR in 15cm per pixel definition, and it is a real beauty to fly in and over:
  10. Hello, I notices a kind of blue polygon in the water at SPB SWW waterway at Roch Harbor. Is that intended. I have PNW installed and Friday Harbor package. BTW the VAS usage is 'impressive'
  11. Welcome to Friday Harbor Airport and San Juan Island! It’s been a busy few months for Turbulent Designs, but we’re pleased to finally bring our biggest project yet to the quad installer! Friday Harbor has been a huge project, not just because of the HD airport quality, but also because of the huge photo real coverage area. That’s right! Not only do you receive a high quality airport, but you’ll also have the entire of San Juan Island photo real to explore! In addition to Friday Harbor Airport, there are seven smaller airfields including Roche Harbor and Burden Field and two seaplane bases. San Juan Island is a GA pilot’s paradise! We have also added extra features to the quad installer version, including a fully modelled control tower interior, improved night lighting, branding, hard winter season, more flow technology and extra clutter objects from the updated Turbulent Designs HD object library. We’ve also optimised the photoreal imagery for improved performance. Here’s a quick feature list followed by some “Work in progress” shots. Please keep in mind that these beta shots are of a product currently in development so can be subject to change over time. In other words, more can be added and improved. December 15th is closer! More shots from the Beta team imminently! FEATURES · + Modeled control tower interior at KFHR · + Improved night lighting on KFHR buildings · + New clutter objects · + Added Hard Winter season · + Blended to NA Pacific Northwest · + Added “Flow” technology · Ground imagery at 15cm per pixel for the airport · The whole of San Juan Island in 60cm per pixel photo-real · Custom 5m terrain mesh for the entire island · Beautifully modeled airport, marina and fishing village · Updated ferry traffic · Made from actual onsite photographs taken at the airport · Incredibly detailed ground poly runway, aprons and lights · People Flow · Nature Flow · Accurate watermasks for the shores · Fully optimized for excellent performance · Expertly colour matched · Control Panel for optional content control AIRFIELDS INCLUDED · KFHR Friday Harbor (Main airport) · 1WA9 Friday West · WA09 Roche Harbor · 61WA Burden Field · 2W4 Kanaka Bay · 2W7 False Bay · 1W4 Schoolhouse Field · 3WA5 Hidden Meadows · W33 Friday Harbor Seaplane base · W39 Roche Harbor Seaplane base We hope you enjoy! Greg, Russ & James Turbulent
  12. Morning to all... With all my respect, I have been very happy with ORBX products but I must say that a great mistake was joining up with STEAM. After hearing the news of FRIDAY HARBOR exclusively available through steam, I gladly went and purchased it.... I had to go through their "STEAM GUARD" three times in one hour. End result, Out $39 dollars, No response from steam, and no download. Is there anyway I can get this through normal ORBX channels? I can provide my receipt and whatever else necessary but in all honesty, the only descent thing about STEAM, is what they did with FSX. That is it.... It is a pain to log on every time even when you are already logged on... Support has automatic responses... seems like there are no real p[people working there... and, I am not the only one. Appreciate any help on this matter since I bought your product through steam.... Thanks Will
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