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Found 14 results

  1. Hello ! I just bought ENNO for FSX and I'm unable to install VIA Orbx central. I don't understand why it's doing that. Orbx central is setup correctly. Is there someone who went thrue this situation ? Enlightment would be very appreciated. Thank you !
  2. Introducing Notodden Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Quickly following on from the successful release of his Ålesund Vigra, developer Finn Hansen brings to life this delightful general aviation airfield located in the south of Norway. Brimming with charming details, ENNO encompasses both the airport and surrounding townsite, packing plenty of POI and off-airfield areas to explore. Continuing the theme of other recent Orbx releases, Notodden is a major upgrade of the original ESP release, with updated textures, complete PBR texturing, and many other small changes and improvements. Perfectly located as a base for VFR flying, Notodden is a short flight away from Oslo, situated in a valley at the edge of Heddalsvannet. Perfect for $100 hamburger flights (note the restaurant faithfully modelled!), the airfield is also located nearby to other Orbx classics such as Alesund, Gothenburg, Malmo and Scandinavian Mountain Airport. For those interested in amphibian flying, the airfield also hosts a water landing and docking area. The most unusual feature of the airport, however, is it's mid-runway road crossing on runway 12 - one of the few in the world. Beware of the occasional crossing vehicle when on short finals! Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator soon, Notodden will be available through OrbxDirect and Microsoft FlightSim Marketplace. Be sure to keep an eye on our forums and social media for complete pricing and crossgrade info, more screenshots and updates over the coming week!
  3. Just landed at ENNO for the first time in P3D v4.5. The runway lights are very elongated, not sure if they used to be. Is this something that can be adjusted?
  4. Evening flight from Valle Airfield (ENVE) to Notodden (ENNO) Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3DV3 - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  5. From the sale. Have avoided Ireland all this while, but in a sale - I'll take it. Started in Cork, and the weather is just what I'd expect Getting too mizzy, so headed for Norway instead - ENNO looks like another wet one, but let's give it a go Damn! Still mizzy. I'll try one more place with real weather then maybe I'll have to fake it. Let's try Shoreham - Ah, sunshine at last! That's more like it! And my thanks to Ron Attwood for the repaint.
  6. I was flying today around Finni's master piece - ENNO-Notodden. The weather was beautiful (I set for it to be so), so I decided to take these screenshots, nothing artistic, but the capture of the reality with the help of my friend "v-key." Oh, I'm in P3Dv3.2 (very good indeed) with the excellent Milviz MD-530. A very smooth flight at this chopper for sure. Thanks gents! Voyager
  7. Hi, Im thinking about buying the scenery ENNO, but at the bottom it states that ftx norway is required. What if i got base,vector and openlc Europe - do i stille have to buy Norway? thanks for your help! /Nick
  8. I'm not seeing the love for FTX Norway (and it's first payware airport masterpiece ENNO Notodden) I'd expect. Maybe people are too busy flying? Here's just a few moments from my exploration of my own country. The addition of ENNO Notodden is perfect - it's only 30 minutes flying from my home airport, ENCN Kjevik, and it has a Cessna Service Station - perfect for my A2A Cessna! Here I'm doing risky flying deep in the fjords - this is in Odda, near Bergen - the west coast of Norway is spectacular! Flying over Hardangervidda - this is Rauland. A friend of mine went into spasms looking at this place - he has a cabin here, and he found FTX Norway to be spot on. Coming nearer Notodden, I'm being awarded with a nice sunrise. Love that P3D V3 has made the AI traffic more visible! Short final at Notodden. What a lovely airport - so much personality! Time for some oil change and tightening of flaps. People boarding the King Air. Bonus shot from my home airport, ENCN Kjevik. Get out there and fly in Norway! And keep the payware airports coming - I'll get them all! :-D
  9. ENNO Buildings will not appear. Both airport and town.I have tried to reload the complete ORBX package as well as copying the texturex and scenery into the World folder in P3Dv3.1. I also have Welshpool airport which works fine.
  10. Hey guys! Had a multiplayer session with some guys from the Norwegian flightsim.no forum on Sunday. We flew some formations, took the new Lancair out for a spin, and generally chatted about the new airport. Feel free to join our MP server next time! PT-IYQ ready for engine start Close formation over Notodden city A couple low-passes! Then Tore showed up with the C69... Triple formation! ..Then we had to take a break while Airwing got their Beechcraft in the air : ) - Finn
  11. First of all, this airport is great! Had a few teething problems with installation. ObjectFlow couldn't fing any new layers in my FSX Steam roaming profile. While installing EU Norway there was somehow created a FSX roaming profile alongside my FSX-Steam one (this is a fresh Windows 10 install with no previous install of FSX). Had to manually copy all the files ENNO airport installer created in FSX to FSX-Steam and re-run the ObjectFlow library. It now works, but there are some minor issues still left to solve. These relate to spring, summer and fall scenarios: Flickering at the airport/road intersection Elevated scenery/water tile outside "Tinnegrend" train stop Otherwise - excellent!
  12. Stockholm-Arlanda to Notodden. Arrived at Notodden at 1:15 pm, so i can use the whole length of the runway for landing. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  13. Share your ENNO - Notodden winter shots here. My first one is a wide-shot from a 300 Extra on a low pass from the North. "I can see my house from here!" ("Hooked" to the left part of the helicopters landing gear. It's not blue, but white irl )
  14. Hi Everyone! Notodden airport is now finally in beta! It has been an entire year of improving my modelling, and learning new tricks and tricks from the pro's at ORBX, and now we are finally here! Main features: - ALL airport and nearby buildings modeled - Most significant buildings in nearby Notodden city modeled - Custom autogen, typical "Norwegian buildings" with density setting - Random placement of airplanes, vehicles and people - Animated car traffic across runway - Switchable runway length depending on time of day, enabling use of the entire runway length and approach lights. - Fully custom winter season with snow on roofs and ground Starting to get some testing reports now, so a few fixes and you can all enjoy this little piece of Norway! Enjoy these few shots from the beta! -- Finn
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