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Found 20 results

  1. Apparently I got a problem that was fixed via patch in P3Dv3 - Snow on the airport does not match the surrounding area at all. What I tried: - Disabling all shader add-ons - Reinstalling the scenery (after verifying Norway files and doing the VECTOR elevation setup) - Making sure my insertion points are set up correctly (and the required files from Norway are set off) - Making sure I have the recommended texture settings enabled - Changing seasons (does work, only problematic with snow)
  2. Is the 20% off for previous owners of a P3D version no longer implemented?
  3. Getting ready in Hammerfest. A remote place, but so well modeled here! Just look at these huts next to the sloped runway... A last view of the city... ... and it´s out of sight. Next alternate: Hasvik. A nice little detail is the Fakken windfarm. Seems to be at the end of the world... Tromsö. Nearly a metropolis! Bardufoss seems to be an easier-to-land airport... But if you descend next to the Setermoen mountains... ... to approach into Narvik, ... ... you may cross the city as slow as you like: As soon as the ATC assigns you to land on runway 01, you´ll have a bad landing nearly guaranteed, due to the mountains in the approach. At least virtually it works, don´t ask how.
  4. Supplying the North needs planes that are capable to deal with short runways and harsh conditions. Not this modern fiddly high-tech stuff! Taking off from Kiruna... ... and over the fantastic twilight of the Swedish-Finnish-Norwegian border region. Hmm, a little challenge for VFR, ... ... but the city of Alta appeared clearly shortly after. Here we approach... ... into Hammerfest. Finally I recognized the runway, too perfectly fit into the scenery! Got it. And parked on #4, just like Ben did yesterday https://Orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/188217-not-too-huge-this-time/
  5. Well, not so high if you start a flight in Hammerfest... ... turn round ENHF Valan... ... and cross the (hidden) Nordkap. Passing a windfarm ... ... on the way back to Hammerfest, ... ... ENHK Hasvik, ... ... and finally Tromsö. I had to go around, increasing my chances to see the northern lights (sucessless). And finally we were allowed to land.
  6. We had booked an early morning flight with Mule Air Services to see the Aurora Borealis. But then... ... they had rebooked us! At least the weather looked promising... Narvik in its beauty. But no polar lights... The sun was rising over Sorkjosen... ... and Alta. The scheduled approach over Kvalöya island... ... into Hammerfest. I need to check the polar light timing again. And I need to find out why the Mule flight was cancelled today!
  7. Hello, I have problem of elevation of Runway and Building with ENHF under P3Dv4.1. Any solution please ? Thank you. ps : Transaction ID / receipt number is 5a2084611646d
  8. Hi i have problems with ENHF on p3d v4.1, i tried putting it all the way up in scen lib, and under aiports of norwaym with no luck.
  9. It is not the red lady saluting us as we leave Hammerfest. A nice view of the aircraft-carrier shaped runway... ... and the entire scenery. Alta in sight... ... more or less. But it worked good enough to change to a regular SAS flight... ...climbing out, ... ... and sending last greetings to Altafjord. 2 hours later, approaching Copenhagen ... ... in typical northern summer weather.
  10. While everybody seems to be installing, adjusting and tweaking P3Dv4, I took my time moving all my installation to bigger SSDs and adding more RAM. Getting prepared..., but as usual I will be waiting some months to make a move - hoping that 99% of the issues will be sorted out by then, my most important planes running and some comprehensive instructions written. Time for a thorough inspection of the northern scenery... I first tried this with real weather, maybe not such a good idea... ... so I went to the tower and asked the officer for the weather forecast. He said "You´ll be fine in a minute...!", ... ... and off we went. Trying to land on the tender in Hammerfest harbour. Unfortunately it is not as solid as it looks, I got wet... ... so I inspected the refinery and the city church... ... before climbing out to get an overview. For an even more detailed tour I changed to a smaller bird, making it possible to send greetings to @Jack Sawyers boss, ... ... and to return to the refinery island. A fine island, simulationwise.
  11. I did not have much time the last week to fly or to post. But at least I made it to head further towards the fresher regions of Europe, where the sun is now refusing to disappear for nearly 24 hours per day. With a King Air connection from Narvik... ... downwind to Tromsö, ... ... and into final. The visibility of the runway could be better. But here we are. The airport is pure EU_NOR. And here we go again... ... into the remainders of winter, ... ... over Altafjord... ... and into Hammerfest. We are on base here, though you can hardly spot the runway in the middle of the picture. Maybe now you get it. Ready to deboard... ... towards something I had missed so often in simmed airports: The Gold lounge!
  12. If I start a flight at this APT I have the choice in the FSX 1) on active RWY: then the ACFT is placed facing to the RWY edge 2) on the apron: then the ACFT is half underground, half ACFT. If I taxi from the RWY to the same parking area the ACFT is perfectly on the ground.
  13. i have tried to unistall and install it many times... but i just can get it to work... Anyone here that can help me?
  14. Hello! Why is the snow around the airport of a brighter white colour than the surrounding terrain? It does not look right... I have no PTA Tweaks or anything installed. Thanks!
  15. Hi When starting at active runway my plane are on the side, like its crossing the runway. When starting at parking 3 my plane is sunken into ground. I only have one scenery for ENHF and thats Orbx. My mesh is set at 5m. Airport scanner tells me that I only have one afcad. Any ideas guys ?
  16. A few shots from recent flights and buys. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  17. Here's Hammerfest's sloping runway: I only just managed to get airborne! Maybe I should have ignored the wind direction and taken off downhill <?>. Is it always this dark in Norway? This is **mid-day**! Adam.
  18. Installed ENHF. Have deleted all ENHF files from other scenery and checked in file explorer. (AoN airport and ground). Ok to fly in and land. Trying to use it as take off airport results in a crash directly after loading. (Plane crash not the sim.)
  19. Welcome to the arctic circle, welcome to the northernmost city in the world - Welcome to Hammerfest ! I am very proud to introduce my second airport for Orbx, currently beina tested by our beta team. Hammerfest is located at 71* North, and is considered the northernmost city in the world. The summers are green and lush, with daylight and low sun through the night, while the winters are cold and dark, with snow covering the entire island. The airport features a challenging approach onto a short, curved runway, sitting on a plateau above the city. The fire from the nearby LNG facility can be seen from miles away, and the port is visited by both LNG carriers and the 'Hurtigruta' cruise ship that sails along the entire Norwegian coast. It has been almost a year since I finished Notodden, and I've used many techniques that I learned in that project to make this one even better! Features: - Full interior modelling - Entire cityscape of Hammerfest with custom autogen and selected buildings - Custom GA aircraft with real to world repaints - 3 seasons, including summer, autumn and winter with snow on all roofs - Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facility with custom effects and helipad - Curved Runway - Silk smooth performance, due to optimization of textures and model batching - 10 cm/px aerial photo of the airport and city, and 50 cm/px surroundings - Advanced AO shaddow baking and night lighting - Running rabbit approach lights - Circle-to-land lights - Custom Runway and approach lights - Custom animated windsock - Orbx PeopleFlow It has been an adventure modelling and getting to know this little pearl, and I cannot wait to share it with you all !! Regards, Finn
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