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  1. Hi P3Dv4.5 Win 10 64 bit When at EGFF on ramp stands selected put A/C in tree plantation or and amongst trees. any help appreciated to resolve Charlie
  2. Autumnal England and Wales in Orbx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o016ujtlwYk&t=47s https://youtu.be/o016ujtlwYk
  3. Went all retro 80s with my repaints @ new EGFF on 1st visit
  4. Hi, I bought and installed "EU Wales" product on P3D V4. Regarding EGFF, this is I see: To be compared to this (From Wales product page) On the Wales product page, it is indicated that the payware of EGFF is included. In the EU-Wales files scenery, no mention of EGFF. So, IMHO, there is a problem here. Patrice.
  5. Testing the settings of "Image and Texture Quality" in 1024 ==> P3Dv3.3.5. Orbx Systems, FTX EGFF Cardiff, AS16/ASCA and CARENADO E25B HAWKER 850XP. Thanks gents! Voyager
  6. Take off from Cardiff airport EGFF in Sth Wales in an vintage twinturbo airliner for a sightseeing tour, no worries sofar: Again meeting the 'British Green' : But suddenly my left motor stop turning...looking to my fuel gauge...and...auwch!...empty... A little while later the second engine also stops turning...and yes...no more fuel at all left....ended badly in a crash somewher in the countryside
  7. over Popham Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather
  8. I had nearly no time for flying or commenting (I'm very sorry for that! ) the last couple of days (or weeks?) but i was able to fly with some Heavy Metal from Cardiff to Oslo on Thursday. Leaving the UK... ... arriving in Norway Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather, edit a bit Google Picasa
  9. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  10. I actually wanted to call this set "stubby" - but thought that I might get some grief because I did not post pics of beer bottles Taking the (in my opinion very stubby) 318 on a shake-down from Cardiff to the Isle of Man Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  11. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade, edited with Google Picasa
  12. A flight from Cardiff to (EarthSimulation's) Isle of Man Leaving Orbx EUWales behind and arriving at ES's IoM Now I can understand why JV endorsed this product. It is really nice - and it works flawlessly with the Orbx regions... Certainly makes for a great starting-point / stop-over / destination from the surrounding EU packs All pics cropped but otherwise unedited FSX DX10s Cheers Mallard
  13. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  14. OK - so the 20 minutes is the pure flying time. From gate to gate it's more like an hour... Preparations at Southampton What you see from the road to the south The yellow Rapeseed fields are already quite prominent (date: March 3rd) Nearly there Cheers Mallard
  15. ...in the shape of a little zippy Brazilian regional jet... Some testing at Broome, on a flight from Cardiff to Southampton and at Redding Cheers Mallard PS - no colour-enhancing this time around
  16. Well - looks like it's time to get back to "work". Must say I enjoyed checking out the screenies-forum "on the fly" every couple of days while I was away. Some great pics were posted... (Funny - I could have sworn I dropped off a different plane at the Cardiff maintenance facilities just before Christmas) Cheers Mallard
  17. Well - as I'll be away from my flightsim PC the next few days I thought I'd take the opportunity to have one of the big birds go through a C check Bringing the T7 to the Cardiff Aviaton maintenance facility No PAX and just a few whisps of fuel. Stopped on the length of a postage stamp... Open wide for a first look Hope you and yours all have a great holiday! Cheers Mallard
  18. ... a bit rainy and a bit foggy. Cardiff Southampton Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  19. A short hop from Southampton to Cardiff with an Airbus A318. Parking at EGHI Taxiing to Runway 02 Ready for takeoff Eastleigh Railway Yard Isle of Wight in the background English landscape Near Weston-super-Mare Approaching EGFF Runway 30 Spotter's view Reverse thrust Taxiing to Gate 4 Parking at EGFF Enjoy and thanks for looking! Again, you can find this bird here: http://www.rikoooo.com/en/downloads/viewdownload/6/674
  20. Seeing all those Dashes parked at Southampton I decided on trying it myself on a flight from Cardiff Some nice real weather... ...until I went through the clouds and rapidly iced up. Never had ice on the leading edges before - thank goodness the de-icer worked so well. (note the iced up FO's window) Approaching Southampton - and the outside temperatures had risen to 16°C plus again... ...but it was foggy. So much for the first landing attempt. A "colleague" was on the runway Went around - the second attempt looked better. All clear to land! Taxi to gate Parked Some slight cropping. Cheers Mallard
  21. A bit of tube-flying. Set one from Brisbane to Hervey Bay Over Caloundra Hervey apporach The second flight was from Cardiff to Inverness 'Scuse me - coming through... (That was a tight fit. Can't image a 747 using that approach to the runway) Over Wales Closing in on Liverpool Changing course just south of Edinburgh Losing altitude over Loch Ness Turning in towards Inverness Some cropping. Cheers Mallard
  22. Three more from the Cardiff test Lighting courtesy of the REX Natural Dusk-theme. Cheers Mallard
  23. Still testing Shoreham Carfiff and Dundee Some cropping, but nothing else. Cheers Mallard
  24. Some more testing - this time at Cardiff Found out how to open all the doors Cheers Mallard
  25. Parking at EGFF Takeoff from EGFF Barry Cardiff Brecon Beacons National Park River Dee and River Mersey Liverpool and Birkenhead Anglesey in the background River Ribble, Blackpool and Kent Channel Kent Channel and Walney Island Lake District National Park Channel of River Eden Firth of Forth and Cockenzie Power Station Inchkeith Island, Edinburgh and the Forth Bridges Forth Bridge and Forth Road Bridge Touchdown at EGPH Parking at EGPH I used Opus Live Weather Engine and Thomas Ruth's beautiful freeware Boeing 727 for this shots. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
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