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Found 15 results

  1. Just one from a flight between Alta and Berlevaag on the northern cape of Norway as the sun came up on this clear and cold morning.
  2. From KEGE to KSEZ with the Turbine Duke. Have a good flight
  3. Could fly here during hours and hours ! Have a good flight !
  4. Just a peaceful sunset flight over Hawaii - never really flown round there before and people say it's nice! - See for yourselves
  5. Hello Chaps, After a few months off due to various RL commitments, I'm back flying in the virtual skies. Bought me a new Beech Duke which is gorgeous! However, they now say that shes costly to run..! Never mind! A few shots from a flight from Compton down towards the south coast. I had the pleasure of flying into Compton Abbas as a student pilot IRL a couple of weeks back - my instructor said that I'd never find it. Thanks to Orbx and a fantastic rendition of the airfield, I found it first and proceeded to fly a really good circuit before touching on 26! ..My instructor couldn't believe I'd never flown in there before... Warming up at Compton Abbas High at 10k feet Gotta love that walnut dash!
  6. This evening I took a break from tubes and flew my Piston Duke again. i started at Felts and went nearly directly to First Air. On the way I noticed an interessting strip. It is 27W Lake Wenatchee State Airport. I wanted to do a touch and go but noticed that the runway was not built for this kind of operation. So I stopped, turned and took off again.
  7. The last day the weather hadnt been that nice and the forecast for the next day was bad as well. So some piloting friends and I decided to take a holiday the next day and to meet at a nice local pub here in Ketchikan this eveneing. Well, it was such a great evening with lots of great chats, jokes i laughed my head off but cant remember a single joke and lots of delicious beer and schnaps. Then the next morning (well, better afternoon) I awaked with a tremendous hangover. I had a look at my fridge and found nothing but lots of emptiness. Another glimpse into my purse revealed the same. But my stomachs growning drowned out even the sound of a starting 737. So I decided to have a look at the airport. I maybe I would find one of my fellows to bum a breakfast. But of course there were noone. meanwhile my stomachs growning reached a level that a starting Space Shutlte would get green with envy. So I decided to work today. I went to my beloved Duke, readied it and taxied to the gates. The weather was really not that nice I took a look at the Airport if there would be any customers and I was lucky. I found to guys, one from the States and a Canadian guy. Both were here for holidays and wanted to see more of this region. The problem was that both wanted to see a foreign country. So the Canadian guy wanted a flight over Alaska and the US chap wanted to sightsee Canada. Well, I was barely in the condition to do one flight let alone two. But then again my stomach bellowed. So I told both of them independantly that I would fly them. At the aircraft I assigned the Canadian guy to the left and the US guy to the right seat in my Dukes cabin. Afterwards I took off southwards. Beside the weather and my hangover It was a nice take off. After a few miles I turned left into the Fjords region. All I had to do now was to follow the white line on my GPS. But what is this white line? Well, thats the border between Canada and Alaska. I turned into the cabin and told the US chap on the right seat that he now flies over Canadian territory. I also told the Canadian guy that he still is in American territory. Well, assuming that I flew exactely over the border that was true. Luckily both were so fascinated from the great view that noone heard what I told the other. So my little trickery stood hidden. We were really lucky because the weather got better. There were no clouds at all and the sun came out so I even forgot about my hangover for a while. A few minutes later some clouds appeared close to the ground. I thought that this was again luck because that made the view even more interessting to my passengers. Well, what I havent thougt off... was that clouds and visibility are not that good friends. Basically the situation now was that I flew with a huge hangover, two passengers between two rock walls with zero visibility. So I pushed the power levers and started a steep climb. Okay, this again gave a good view, this time on a cotton wool ground. That got boring after while so my passengers started to talk to each other noticing that they are sitting in the same aircraft but both had booked different flights. So the mood cooled down. Luckily I could start the descent and approach shortly after. I again broke through the cloud layer and had Stewart in sight after a few minutes. I came in quite good and did a good landing even in my condition. After they got out they started to argue about my trickery. I was able to calm them down by promising to pay for some rounds. So we went for the next pub and, well, the beer tasted good again... Luckily my two passengers booked the flight back to Ketchikan with me the next day of course with a huge discount. But back home I had a few bucks to fill my fridge and even got wiser. I now take a close look at my fridge before meeting someone at the pub
  8. I´ve bought a new toy and did some flying which is much fun in the Realair Duke (its the piston engined). Here are two shots from a flight from Cardiff to Goodwood. So good to see the spring textures
  9. No shots of landing, went too slow and stalled before the runway
  10. G'day all, Another short flight here, flying the Turbine Duke from that seminal piece of ORBX freeware, Launceston, down to Hobart in some stunning real weather. In the past, I've always flown with a custom REX theme that I rarely change... the past couple of days however, I've started using a bit more of the functionality of REX and let it choose the sky, cloud and wave themes based on the weather along my planned route. I've been stunned to say the least, and can't believe I never bothered with this option before. While I've always been a fan of REX, I'm starting to gain a whole new respect for what it adds to the experience. Here's some screenies of the resulting conditions on Thursday evening... On the ramp at Launy, near dusk as an almost full moon rises in the East. Turning onto the VOR track down to Hobart, and appreciating the fine job Shade does of adding some contrast to the hilly ground below My favourite of the set... running around some simply stunning cloud formations that REX threw at me. I really wish I'd noted down which cloud set was installed on this flight as it was just amazing. More low cloud and scud as I near Hobart, and some beautiful rendering of the excellent AU Blue landscape in Tassie wit some Shade help. Flying the pattern for an over-water approach into Hobart, with another REX surprise in the sunset on the water. I think the water theme here is Clear Lake, looks pretty amazing at this time of day, but messes with the landscape reflections somewhat. Well, that's all for now, back to some flying for me! I hope you like them! Cheers, Derek
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