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  1. For this flight I started eastwards from Bella Coola... ... and turned south into the first valley. And the mountains here are not only hiding themselves, ... ... they are also covered with snow and glaciers, like the Jacobsen Glacier ahead. Scar Creek Glacier lead us back down... ... to Bute Inlet. Soon we crossed the sea to Vancouver Island... ... where we look down at Nanaimo city, ... ... just before the final into that cities land airport.
  2. Terrace "international" offers 3 runways - an advantage in every wind direction, but time consuming when taxiing. It is just a short hop on a misty evening... ... to Kitimat harbour. Does not look like cruise ships here. The coastal mountains look great on the way south... ... to Bella Bella, ... ... where we turn east over King Island... ... and dive into the Burke Channel. There is a village at the channel´s end. You have guessed it already: It is Bella Coola.
  3. A lot to discover at the iconic airport Bella Coola in the Canadian Wilderness:
  4. The nice thing about flying helicopter - if you see something interesting, you can stop and look around. ORBX: NA BLUE Pacific Fjords and Bella Coola Airport CYBD
  5. Squamish to Bella Coola No shots of the approach to Bella Coola, i was happy to find the runway! Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  6. A few caps from CYBD to start the new year rolling. 1. 2. 3. 4. Exciting times ahead this year!
  7. Just installed the updated Bella Coola CYBD and I noticed that the windsock comes and goes (appears and disappears from view for a second or two everytime the wind changes). Is this normal or should it remain visible at all times? Aside from this many thanks for the wonderful updates with new installers that bring us back so many wonderful airports and regions. Brian
  8. C207 Skywagon from Port Hardy to Bella Coola Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  9. These areas were well chosen by Orbx to start conquering North america with full fat regions. Always stunning to fly there... From Bella Coola... ... across Owikeno Lake,... ... the Klinaklini Glacier... ... and passing Pemberton... ... towards Tipella. Where I found out Tipella is a "lost scenery" in Orbxworld - and it does not show up in FTXC2. So it was ugly enough NOT to get a screenie here...
  10. A very pleasant surprise yesterday to see no less than 3 airports released with the triple installer. Great to be able to fly from these airports again. Pleasing to see the list of non P3Dv2 airports slowly shrinking. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  11. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  12. Just bought with may sale, also hope to see it in P3D in future ! FSX SE - Opus FSX - Ants Drifter and CYBD Have a good flight
  13. This morning, Bella Coola Airport got a phone call from Moose Lake Lodge, that one of the tourists there is seriously ill and must be transported back to Bella Coola to visit a Doctor. Everything went well and the tourist is already on the road to recovery. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  14. Inside the cockpit with the heater on... Ready to go with the mountains watching in silence... Crisp liftoff... Aiming for the clouds... Getting an overview of things... The high road to the future... Thanks for taking the journey with me! Lucky
  15. I mean, Bella Coola and Port Hardy, with a little lake excursion in between: Then heading up south, until the fjord gets smaller... ... and bigger again, towards Owikeno Lake: Machmell River joins... ... and the western end of the lake provides a nice airfield, Rivers Inlet: Heading directly towards Port Hardy, I do not even know how these mountains are called. Unfortunately the landing was quite foggy, that means challenging and unattractive. So no Screenies...
  16. After riding the White Pass train to Whitehorse (and fixing the airport elevation there) it is now time to head back southwards in order to catch a long-distance flight into the "global region". So I joined Air Canada from Whitehorse ... ... via Skagway ... ... to Juneau. A USAF commuter was the most suitable connection ... ... via Hoonah ... ... to Prince Rupert, where I was hired by some wealthy tourists to take them across the Inside Passage ... ... over Kitlope River ... ... the Kapella River Glaciers ... ... and the Kimsquit River Log station ... ... into a nice, but slightly foggy valley: It is Bella here, and cool. And it is the last in the series of my american June purchases which I had not been visiting yet!
  17. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade, edited with Google Picasa
  18. Would you believe that I actually forgot that I had Bella Coola? So it's time for a visit! Glad to be back Cheers Mallard
  19. Checking out the Bella Coola area in my Bell 412 All straight and unedited v-keys... Cheers Mallard
  20. Hello everyone! I did take a short hop in the very early morning from CYBD to CAJ4. This was my first test-run with this nice plane - and i must admit: I really enjoy flying it so far very much! Now i will need to get myself some more suitable repaints for my flights though! I was trying out and testing some of the Twin Otters features and systems while on this flight and also took some shots in between. Hope You enjoy viewing them now as much as i enjoyed flying back then! Cheers, Christoph P.S.: JV's ENB Mod in use here. On taxiway ... ... turning around the corner a bit fast maybe, but okay - it worked
  21. Bella Coola Howe Peak Mt. Jacobsen and West Jacobsen Peak in the background Jacobsen Glacier Monarch Glacier Jacobsen Glacier and Talchako Mountain Talchako Valley and Monarch Glacier in the background Nusatsum Mountain and Bella Coola Valley Bella Coola Airport Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  22. Hello Everyone! Carenado’s C185 was parked in my hangar for almost a year or so I guess – maybe less, but something like that I think. But one simple question was growing in my mind: Why not doing some Bushflying again? Said so, done so … I rolled the C185 out of the hangar again and re-installed some of the RTMM (Return To Misty Moorings) sceneries from my Disk. And now guess what … I just love it! All these great freeware-sceneries available at the RTMM site are significantly enhancing the „North American Bushflying Experienceâ€! I know – many of us, or even all of us here, know RTMM – and yet I just wanted to mention it again, because there is some real great scenery-stuff available there! Furthermore this great thread, started by AlexF here … http://www.orbxsyste...__hl__eddystone … came into my mind again. I also remembered the enhanced FDE-files by Bernt Stolle for Carenado’s C185 which are available for free at the „Bushpounders Bush Flying“ website! Again: Many of You might know about or even use this specific FDE already as well for Your C185, but maybe some did not have heard about it yet …– and to them I can just enthusiastically say: Give it a try! I can just tell from my personal experience now, but: Forget all You have learnt about the C185 so far – once these new airfiles are installed, You will get a total different flying experience with this plane! And if this wasn’t already enough the C185 folder which includes Bernt Stolle’s airfiles furthermore includes some great text written by a former real world C185 pilot. It’s a very informative text and a great joy reading through it all. I then added AccuFeel Version 2 and …: Flying the C185 now is just super amazing! ... I was – again – writing far much more than intended. Nevertheless: I hope You enjoyed reading. I am simply very enthusiastic because I was so very positively surprised about the way I experience Bush Flying within FSX now, that I really wanted to share it all here with You! And sure I was also hitting the “V-Key†from time to time during my first „test-runs“ with the “new C185†and while flying over some RTMM sceneries. Everyone, please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph Radio telescopes at Tweedsmuir Peek (from RTMM) … flying into the Canadian winter landscapes … … all frozen … … some “fun†while testing the RealityXP GNS430 … … low visibility just below … … at CYBD: No need to look that angry … – all okay here! By the way: Isn’t that the wrong clothing for these temperatures? …maybe that’s why You are looking that grimly. The other day: Flying from Ketchikan to New Eddystone Rock (from RTMM) … … … the morning on the horizon … … enjoying to fly low above the water … … the visibility just got a bit worse again … … the sun – somewhere out there at least … … close the 020° radial outbound from the Annette Island VOR with having Smeaton Island ahead - just as I was hoping it to be there by judging from the VFR chart in front of me … that’s good, because it indicates that I did not take the “wrong way†… … can You see it? … … New Eddystone Rock right below us now … … landing … … what are You guys doing here? And: Is this the right season for taking that kind of boat out here?
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