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  1. Hi, I just bought TrueEarth SoCal HD, but when I load up San Diego, it causes x-plane to crash. I'm not sure why. Here's my log.txt: Log.txt And my scenery_packs.ini(converted to .txt) scenery_packs.txt I verified the files using Orbx central and everything was okay Any help would be appreciated. I'm on macOS Big Sur and X-Plane 11.52. Thank you
  2. Dear Orbx Team, i am using the volanta 1.0.0 plug-in for xplane 11.51 on a Apple M1 MBP (Arm based Chip) running macOS 11.1. Everytime i close/exit X-Plane it crashes. Only when i remove the volanta plugin, it runs/shutdown smooth again! I am not sure, if this is the right place to report such a bug, but if it is not, maybe you can kindly forward it or let me know, where to put this info!? - Many thanks!! best regards, Tom PS: log file attached (just launched xplane to main menu screen & closed it again!) volanta-crash-Log.txt
  3. Hello, cannot take a flight from LOWI sim shuts down as soon as aircraft gets to active runway, happens with P3D V4.5 default aircraft or add on aircraft in fact any aircraft. Appreciate it’s Sunday maybe hear from you on Monday to troubleshoot BR Charlie
  4. There is a tree in the corner of the taxiways on the south side of L52 Oceano that causes a crash every time I taxi passed it.
  5. Hi I installed Orbx England into P3D V4 the latest update for it too but when ever i load into the sim it crashes at 80%. I uninstalled it and its working fine again. Any help? Thanks James
  6. beaver 2 from milviz installed via orbx central and also give orbx central adm. rights but the product in fsx steam wont work. it appears in the menu of fsx but as soon as I want to fly, the simulator comes up with the beaver but disappear inmediately and crashes and put it back to desktop. what can I do it doesnot happen with other aircrafts or any other addon planes. my ordernr is 5e1b631fc9975 kind regards doeke
  7. Hey guys and gals, firstly thanks for AUv2 she looks amazing. Currently reviewing it for HeliSimmer.com and I'm having some troubles around Melbourne (haven't tried anywhere else yet) and collision boxes of all buildings. Whenever I come anywhere close to a building I immediately crash, though looking at reply you can clearly see I am no where near the buildings: I've attachment my scenery list as exported from LorbySI Addon Organizer for P3D: SceneryExport.html
  8. Hello, last week I purchased PAJN, when I load the sim Juneau makes it crash. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling, didn't help. I did some research and haven't found anything on this topic. I do use FTX Central.
  9. Hi folks, hope you can help, Just purchased ORBX True Earth GB South and after ( many ) hours of downloading, installing and converting, X-plane hangs on the runway on a new flight and promptly crashes with no info. There's a strange warbling sound, nothing much else, and that's it. Gone. X-11 is up to date, all computer drivers also up to date, ORBX all up to date too. Settings at medium to avoid any CPU / GPU issues. I'm a developer for P3D / FSX looking to convert my products to X-11, so not a newbie to sims but relatively inexperienced in using X-Plane. Install has been verified and all files present. Totally lost on this one, anybody got any ideas?
  10. Hi, Before SODE was added to ESSA, it seemed to work fine. But after, where I get to 10 miles away (just as it loads) or flying around ESSA for a few min, it crashes FSX with an “Out of Memory error”. I do understand that 32-bit programs on a 64-but system is limited to 4GB RAM but I still don’t get why it crashes. Innsbruck, Southampton and Sumburgh work just fine. The RAM I have installed is a Corsair Vengence LPX 16GB (1x16GB) @ 3000MHz. I also get these really annoying grey lines in cirtain angles (1 line in LOWI and about 10-15 in ESSA). Thanks in advance for your help, TrainNutter
  11. Hi all, I’ve had nothing but crashes since x plane 11.3 stable (I’ve never used a beta). Checked the log file and it crashes after trying to load True earth GB the sim runs fine anywhere but the UK as this is my scenery (south and central) I’ve tried different airports and different planes. Crashes all the time. Anyone aware of a fix? I’ve also updated scenery and TEGB through FTX
  12. Hi This problem appears to have been raised before but I am unsure as to how to resolve it! On a few occasions I have attempted the approach and landing in Valdez (PAVD) with the the Flight1's King Air B200 and can confirm that up to the point of touchdown the approach has been flown in accordance with Navigraph's PAVD LDA DME H approach. Immediately prior to touchdown, almost in line with the second VASI/PAPI row of lights, the rate of descent is 110 ft per minute at 105kts, gear down, flaps to approach. For some reason a crash is detected. It seems that the problem may be related to a "grass" issue which needs to be disabled in the .cfg file but i am not sure where to find that file. I have the full suite of ORBX scenery files as well as a number of airports, Global Vector, LC files etc . How do you turn the "grass" off? C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_PAVD\scenery\Orbx_PAVD_PLC_Grass_Objectflow.xml : (786) and having recently installed PAVD (August 2018) would that still be the cause of a "crash" Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
  13. I have downloaded base, and lc Europe but when i try to download vector , it gets to about 42 % then stops on extracting sub chunks, then when i try to exit FT central my PC crashes , and nothing is responsive , what is causing this ? i am installing on my Data drive not in program files, running windows professional 7
  14. Hi, I have a problem with my terrain textures in fresh installation without any else addon. I have all settings accord the orbx guide. I try to change my settings but without results. This not occurred every time but is to frequency and sometimes occur in the middle of the game. Normally occur after my aircraft crashed and reload the scenary. I have updated all orbx libraries, Base Package, OpenLC Europe, Trees HD, Light Configuration and EU Airport Pack. My system specs: CPU: i7 8700k GPU: AMD VEGA 56 8GB HBM2 SSD: m2 Samsung 960 evo 240GB RAM: 16GB 3000Mhz Prepar3D: v4.2.21.24048 FTX Central v3.2.5.7
  15. Hi all, I am opening this topic about the FTX GLOBAL openLC North America so find out if anyone else has recently had some issues with it. I bought it about 3 days back and installed it via the FTX Central, but the display is bad, unlike other openLC like South America, openLC Europe, etc. It shows a very poor resolution, even after following the recommended settings from ORBX. The strange thing is that it does not happen with the other products, which display well so far. My first issue was with the vector. after installing it, I could not use my Aerosoft Mega airport Prag, as objets were floating around and the elevation was biased. I had to uninstall the airport. Then I tuned the vector as recommended in the control Panel of the product on FTX central, and found out that I would have to repeat the action after each add-on installation or uninstallation. But my issue is that the openLC North America crashes all the time when I fly there, especially from KJFK; in addition to poor image issue. doesn't look like a product from ORBX when seeing the image. even the HD tress doesn't have an effect on that zone. for exemple, I bout the ESSA airport and it's just spectacular a scenery. So, I do not know if anyone can help out or if someone has had a similar issue with that very products. It would be good to share your opinion and maybe solution if you could solve it. An other question is,does anyone know if ORBX products work fine with airport products from Rikooo and A DRZEWIECKI PRODUCTS? I had the NY City add-on from the latter and it was troublesome, so I removed it, but still have airports like la Guardia, LIBERTY(new Jersey) and KJFK installed. any idea if there could be a compatibility issue between ORBX and those? I have the global base pack and FTX GLOBAL Vector, beside most openLC products, FYI. Thanks in advance. Pilotone
  16. Hi After not finding an answer with the search mode. While landing on runway of airport Broome I crash against an invisible wall shortly before touch-down. The vertical-speed cant be the problem Anyone an idea how to solve this problem without turning off crash detection? (Yes, newest version of airport installed with FTX Central 3.) Regards Pete
  17. Finally moved fully to P3D after testing all of my aircraft addons and decided to install the North America free airport pack, CEN4 (where I fly out of) and downloaded FTX 3. I allowed the installer to download and run. Launched P3D and everything was there. Looked great. Closed the program, restarted the system and now P3D crashes at launch. If I remove the scenery.cfg file, the sim boots and runs with no issues. But if I re-enable the ORBX sceneries, the program will boot once fine, then the next time crash before the loading screen. I don't have a order number because I don't have any of your payware stuff (yet) Thanks for the help scenery.cfg
  18. I hope this post is in the right section. ENSG Sogndal: CRASH when rolling on the lights on the centerline of runway. We have to be in the middle of the lights... For the attention of the lead developper Andreas Hegi. I do have crash detection ticked. Watch this explicit video I made to show this bug: (11:37) I have FTX Global BASE Pack v1.40 FTX Global VECTOR v1.45 EU Norway v1.15 ENSG Sogndal Haukasen airport v1.00
  19. So p3d crashes directly after loading screen, dosent happen in tromso area only down south?????? Diagnostic Report: ot891ef7461925fc3af23bb134cb6f025d Please Help!!!! Cant fly from Oslo Gardermoen!!
  20. Hi I have been using FTX global since it was released and has been a great addition to FSX. So with the enjoyment I have had with this product I thought I would treat myself to your FTX England product. Since I purchased this and installed it I started having CTD after about 20-30 mins. I never had any CTD before and had been running FSX trouble free for many years. I have tried searching for this issue but not had any luck. I have tried uninstall and reinstall as well as making sure I followed the correct procedure for installation making sure I update the ORBX Libraries after running everything. Another strange issue with this is that the CTD does not produce any error report. Everyone says that is impossible for it to crash without an error report but I work in IT support and I know windows event viewer and windows error reporting inside out and use this to do my job daily. So the issue I get is not that it has "Stopped responding" it literally closes the process and also closes my EZCA.exe process as well. I had issues with FSX many years ago which did generate event logs showing the offending modules e.g "Uiautomationcore.dll" and these helped me to diagnose and fix issues so that I could have a trouble free installation. Now another reason why I know that it is FTX England that is causing the problem is if I remove the sceneries for England it does not crash anymore. This is a shame as I like what FTX England brings to FSX such as the much improved default airports (which are insanely better) and the improved mesh which makes the landscape feel more alive. However as soon as I turn on England scenery 20-30 mins flying and CTD turn it off and trouble free. I would love to get this working please help as I don't even know where to look without an event viewer error report.
  21. Hi all, wondering if someone can help? i am trying to fly from St Barts to try the infamous approach but the airfield seems to have some invisible objects on it. For example when taxying the aircraft suddenly crashes, or on take off it gets about 20ft airborne and crashes. There also seems to be a road running through the airport with a stream of cars using the taxyway. Even avoiding this 'road' it is crashing. Any ideas anyone? Is anyone else seeing same issue? just to confirm i am using standard FSX St Barts but have FSX Global, Vector running.
  22. Everytime I load into P3D in KJFK, or any surrounding airports up to and including KBOS, the game loads up, then freezes and proceeds to crash. This is the only location I crash at and like to perform flight to and from JFK frequently.
  23. Environment: PC INTEL XEON E5 2687 8 Core, 124GByte RAM, WIN7 64 bit, NVidia Quattro K4000, now P3D V3, recently P3D V2.5 ======================================================================================================== As user of FTX global (no problems) I installed ORBX-FTX New Zealand (North, South) with installers from Flightsim Store of Nov. 30th, 2015. Setting with FTX Central to Oceanic I experienced a very strange behaviour: Flying e.g. from NZNS to NZQN (all airplanes!) it happens on a regular base that on half way (ca. 150 nm) the camera view abruptly changes from VC inside airplane to outside showing the airplane and the landscape shortly followed by a complete reset of the simulation to the beginning of the flight. An other example will be a flight going from NZAA 05R after ca. 10nm following AKELA1Q SID the same effect. Sometimes P3D will crash completely. The problem exists with P3D V2.5 and now P3D V3. No change ! The effect doesn't depend on the airplane add on ! Is there a limited compatibility with P3D V2.5 and V3 ? FTX Global also no problem. Some airport sceneries (Fly Tampa, Aerosoft etc.) from several vendors also no problem ! What can be the problem ? Help is highly appreciated. Best Regards Thomas Burchard
  24. Hey everybody, seems like there's another flight enthusiast in Fenton, Missouri who is into Halloween: http://fox2now.com/2015/10/23/plane-crash-halloween-display-has-fenton-drivers-doing-a-double-take/ Have a great All Hallow's Eve,
  25. Hello, Hopefully someone can help. I think I broke Ketchikan Intl! I dont know what caused this problem. I was having issues (with track IR) and kept reloading the same airport within the ORBX southern alaska (@ PAKT Ketchikan Intl.) to test it. Everything had been working fine with all my ORBX scenery and I have already done several great flights from PAKT. After reloading the airport several times, it suddenly started to crash-to-desktop always within the part 88-99% loading land, air sea traffic. I reloaded from a different airport within the same Southern Alaska Scenery (PAGS) and it loaded fine. I fixed my trackir and flew to PAKT, and as soon as I got near that same airport, it crashed to desktop. I reinstalled first the alaska, with service packs, and had the same issue, so I then reinstalled all FTX products with updates, updated Libs, service packs, etc. and STILL have a crash to desktop only when loading any aircraft at PAKT, UNLESS I disable the FTX North America / southern Alaska. (It will work under FTX Global.) But again, reinstalling Southern Alaska did not fix the problem. Somehow, I might have broke Ketchikan from reloading that airport too many times too quickly?? I sent a Diagnostic report ot3a8468bf81947f49a77ef0e210bddff9
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